To be a test tube baby hollow out the family, suffering from depression! But when they have the chance, they want to try again

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To be a test tube baby hollow out the family, suffering from depression! But when they have the chance, they want to try again

In May 2021, The Lancet published a document showing that from 2007 to 2020, the incidence of infertility in China has risen from 12% to 18%, and the number of infertile patients has exceeded 50 million. Out of desperation, many families choose IVF in order to have a child. Being a test-tube baby is not a matter of seeing a doctor or taking medicine. It is not only the body that needs to go through the pain of repeated inspections, but also the psychological pressure from the outside world. What is more concerning is that it is impossible to predict the success rate. @爱爱小PAN: The biggest damage to me from the test tube is that I have a lot of mood swings, and there are pinholes in my stomach, buttocks and hands. After the third test tube, I drew blood more than 50 times. The pain in the body will pass, but the worry is that I don’t know when I can succeed, I don’t know if I will have children in this life, and I don’t know whether to give up. @王水水: It’s also the reason for my husband’s weak sperm. I’m currently on the road to the second test tube. I can’t hear who is pregnant around me. Both can be born, and I can't, but I am still looking forward to the success of the test tube. @江白: My colleague is an elderly mother, IVF, her husband's problem, but her mother-in-law still says it's the woman's problem. The birth of the child was also dangerous. Just seven months after the amniotic fluid was cut out, the amniotic fluid was black, and he stayed in the ICU for more than a month. Every family that is difficult to conceive a child has its own sadness, and it is not easy to be a mother. @Queen Lisa: My husband couldn't have a baby because of my husband, but many relatives said it was my reason. I don't know how much they said behind their backs, but it's worth having such a cute son after the test tube. @yaner: Twice to promote ovulation, 2 times of hysteroscopy, 4 times of transplants all failed, never implanted, and now I'm still conditioning my body. More than 200,000 yuan has been spent, all the savings have been spent, and more money may be needed later. Spending money is small, my mother-in-law’s attitude made me collapse for a time, and I almost suffered from depression, but with the support of my husband, I recovered. Now I am emotionally stable and waiting for the transplant. When I think of having my own child, it is worth the hardship. . @emily 爱美美: I have a blocked fallopian tube, the son of the first marriage, and the second marriage is good. I am planning to have a second child. The first plan was not painful. The examination, ovulation induction, and egg retrieval went well. I am confident in the same cycle transplantation, but no Implantation. I can't tell the reason. After all, I am not too young at 37 years old. I have exercise habits on weekdays and my body is OK, but age is the ultimate killer of test tubes. @rabbit and horse: In fact, injections and medicines seem like trivial things, but during the test tube process, the mentality is really easy to collapse, especially when I look forward to the results again and again, but they are all disappointed. I am really fed up with that kind of fear and anxiety. @我是Du Mom: I know two sisters, one has done 12 transplants without success. Another sister also suffered a lot, tried cycle after cycle, and finally became pregnant with twins. Considering her age, the doctor advised her to reduce the pregnancy, but she did not agree and insisted that both were born. I really can't say for sure about this matter. Some people try it out for hope, but some people have to turn around. @kk Love: I just experienced the second transplant failure. The doctor said that the reason is because of my age. I really don’t know if I can persist. If there are no embryos, we have to start with stimulation. Hey, no matter how much medicine you take, no matter how many injections you take, you will never feel the pain at the moment when you know you have failed. @ Eggy's Sadness: My wife and I cried for a long time after the first test tube failure. Fortunately, the second time was successful! I wanted to cry after learning that it was successful. IVF is not something you want to do, a doctor can do it. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary for both husband and wife to go to the hospital for examination and let the doctor decide whether the sign does not meet the "indication for IVF".

How do I judge whether I am suitable for IVF?

First, if the test results are female tubal obstruction, polycystic ovary syndrome, unexplained infertility, etc., and the male partner has asthenozoospermia, this can be considered. Second, the main reason lies in men. Such as severe oligospermia, weak, teratospermia, irreversible obstructive azoospermia, and spermatogenesis dysfunction that excludes genetic defects. Third, it is mainly due to genetic reasons, such as chromosomal abnormalities, family genetic diseases and so on. Families who want to do IVF can make a preliminary judgment based on the above three situations. If it is the first reason, they can consider the first-generation IVF technology; if it is the second reason, they can consider the second-generation IVF technology; yes In the third case, the third-generation IVF technology can be considered. No matter what kind of technology is used, there is no advantage or disadvantage. Couples can choose the best one according to the doctor's advice. Finally, it is about the success rate of IVF. In fact, there are many factors, but the most important reason is the age of women. According to research, the success rate of women undergoing IVF between the ages of 25 and 34 is still quite high, and it will drop significantly after the age of 35. The singleton live birth rate is generally lower than 35%. After the age of 45, it cannot be used My own eggs are used as test-tube babies, so this is why I have been advocating early pregnancy preparation, so as not to leave regrets.
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