Mom complains that her daughter who goes to college will enjoy it and dare not give more living expenses, 1500 is more or less

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Mom complains that her daughter who goes to college will enjoy it and dare not give more living expenses, 1500 is more or less

Statistics show that most college students in China spend an average of 1,000-2,000 yuan per month. Freshmen go to school one after another to report, and many parents start to worry about how much living expenses are appropriate for their children? There are some parents around Tang Mom who have been reading the article about the new student strategy online before the school starts, but they have not been able to make up their minds in the end. Some parents of students say that 800 yuan can also have a surplus; while some parents complain that giving their children 1,500 yuan is still arguing that they are not enough to spend. So parents are even more troubled. Even the students themselves are not sure how much money they should bring. Why is the gap between them so big? Sugar Mom will come and tell you in detail.

Daughter who complains about going to college will enjoy it, parents dare not give more living expenses

A mother shares online that her daughter goes to college The living expenses of the daughter are already in the second year of sophomore year, and the monthly living expenses are 1,500 yuan. The mother-daughter duo have negotiated that if the living expenses exceed the budget, the family will not provide more, and the girl needs to find a way by herself. But some time ago, in a video of her and her daughter, she saw her daughter turning on the air conditioner in the bedroom. She feels that the weather in Tianjin does not require air conditioning, and she thinks that children today will really enjoy it. In addition, the girl also spent 300 yuan to buy birthday gifts for her classmates. After only a few days have passed since the start of school, one third of the living expenses have already been spent. The girl did not ask for living expenses during the video with her mother, but her mother was very entangled. I was worried that the rest of my daughter's living expenses would not be enough for this month's spending, but I passed it on to him, and I was afraid of spoiling my daughter.

Should I transfer more living expenses to my child? People who come here give advice

For the living expenses of 1,500 yuan, many students say that it is just right. Saving a province is enough to spend in school, but if you encounter a classmate's birthday, it may be a little tight. If a mother is worried that her daughter will not have enough money to spend, she can wait until half a month or 20 days later to ask her, so that the girl will not continue to be extravagant just because she has a clue. But there are also some students who feel that 1,500 yuan is too little for living expenses. Many parents give their children 2,000 yuan. When they are outside alone, all kinds of expenses must be counted, and they can't just give their children money for meals. In fact, college students spend a lot of money outside, which is not necessarily a waste of money. Parents have no other expenses for their children in school. In fact, they need money everywhere.

1500 a month is not enough? Where does the student's money go?

The child of Tang Mom's relatives was admitted to college this year. The child said that he would spend less every month, 1,000 yuan was enough. After going to school, he found that his thinking was too simple. Food expenses account for a large part. Although many university canteen dishes are very cheap on the Internet, most of the school canteen stalls are contracted to catering companies. Take the second school of relatives’ children as an example. Three meals a day are eaten in the school cafeteria. Breakfast costs about 5 yuan, and lunch and dinner are about 10 yuan. , at least 25 yuan a day for meals. It is impossible for children not to eat fruit for a whole semester at school. The price of fruit is generally high, or to eat some snacks. It is not too much to spend about 30 yuan a week. Then the living expenses for a week are about 25×7+30=205 yuan, and the required food expenses are about 878 yuan per month based on 30 days. The cost of living expenses, such as telephone bills, bus fees, and water and electricity bills for dormitories, must be borne by the students themselves, including the air-conditioning fees mentioned by the previous girls, which will also account for part of the monthly expenses. When the weather is hot, bathing is more frequent. I buy consumables for cleaning and hygiene products every month, and girls buy hygiene products. These small things that are visible and invisible need to be spent. On average, it is 200~300~ yuan per month or even more. many.

After entering the university, they also need to spend on learning

College students will also need to spend in some club activities or participate in other competitions and competitions cost. Such as the CET-4 and CET-6 test and the computer grade test. It is also very expensive to print and copy the materials in the pre-exam period. Here we calculate it according to an average of about 30 yuan per month. Stationery is also one of the consumables. Nowadays, stationery is getting more and more expensive, and it is also a lot of expenses when accumulated, that is to say, learning is also spending money. The above expenses are the necessary expenses of a college student under normal circumstances, and the expenses for leisure and entertainment and love are not calculated. Generally speaking, about 1100~1300 yuan per month can meet the basic needs of children. If there is a gap, it is related to the living standards of the brothers in the school and the personal habits of the students. But it can be seen that if the monthly living expenses are less than 800 yuan, the child may be able to eat enough, but life at school may be more difficult. Going to college is something to be happy about. You don't have to quarrel over living expenses. Parents are eagerly looking forward to their children going to college. People are happy, but in the end, there are constant quarrels over living expenses. From the perspective of the child, parents need to spend money on food, clothing, housing and transportation, and it is not the child who asks for it excessively. Of course, students should also control their own expenses. Even if parents give a lot of living expenses, they may be able to save a fortune before spending planned money. For children with less self-control, it can be divided into a monthly payment for living expenses once a week, so that the child will not spend too much money in his hands. Candy's mother said in her heart: When students ask their parents for living expenses, they should respect their parents. Parents should not be arrogant when giving their children living expenses, or criticize him every time they give living expenses. [Today's topic] What do you think is the appropriate monthly living expenses for college students?
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