The "lies" that the mother-to-be said during pregnancy, the family has been deceived, don't easily debunk her words

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The "lies" that the mother-to-be said during pregnancy, the family has been deceived, don't easily debunk her words

The "White Paper on Maternal and Infant Health" pointed out that among all 266 pregnant women surveyed, all pregnant women over the age of 29 to 35 have psychological anxiety. Among them, 33% of women over the age of 35 have psychological anxiety beyond the normal range. Expectant mothers experience many changes during pregnancy. In addition to emotional ups and downs and significant physical changes, they may also become liars. This is not because the mother's character has deteriorated. Sometimes it is because of helplessness. Many people have been deceived by the lies of the mother-to-be.

Mother-to-be wants to eat meat, but after her husband buys back the ribs, he feels that the house doesn't taste right

Mother-to-be Xiaoling has been pregnant since her pregnancy She was waiting at home to give birth, and her husband did not go to work until after he had cooked all day's meals in the morning. Xiaoling only needed to heat up by herself. But her husband didn't know that what Xiaoling wanted most was not big fish and meat, but a bowl of hot "noodles" that she was thinking about. One afternoon, after my husband came home from get off work, he found that the food he had cooked had not been eaten up, so he asked Xiaoling if she didn't like it. Xiaoling nodded, indicating that she wanted to eat meat, and asked her husband to buy some spare ribs. The husband did as he said, but when he came home with the spare ribs, he found that the smell in the house was a little off. He saw Xiaoling busy in the kitchen, walked in and bumped into Xiaoling who was eating instant noodles, and immediately grabbed the noodles seriously. Looking at Xiaoling's move, he was a little angry but very distressed. It was Xiaoling who was angry, she actually lied to deceive herself and ate junk food at home. What is distressing is that since the pregnancy, my wife's diet has completely changed, and it is normal to crave instant noodles.

The lies that my mother told after she was pregnant, only those who come here understand the feeling

Secretly eating barbecue, instant noodles and hot pot, etc., many The mother-to-be lied to her family during pregnancy, saying that she had never eaten these foods, but in fact she had eaten them many times. In addition to secretly eating food that is forbidden by the family, the mother-to-be also talked about the following aspects, see what happened to you? I like both sons and daughters. During pregnancy, mothers are often asked whether they are pregnant with a boy or a girl. When outsiders guess, the mother-to-be will laugh and say, I like both sons and daughters. In fact, every mother has expectations for the baby's gender in her heart, and she will lie and say she likes it just because she is worried that others will blame her. People who lied and said that they were not hard or not afraid said that pregnancy is very hard, and even if there is no pregnancy reaction, the inability to move will bring great trouble to women. Especially when they are about to give birth, most primiparas are very nervous and afraid, but expectant mothers usually do not admit their feelings. On the one hand, she was afraid that others would say that she was hypocritical and timid. On the other hand, mother's love had indeed made her overcome many difficulties. Thinking that the baby is about to be born, she doesn't care no matter how hard it is.

Some expecting mothers will lie and say that they are not pregnant, many people do not understand her

Sugar mother saw her neighbor more than 2 months ago His face was not good, and his nose became bigger, similar to the changes I had when I was pregnant, so I quietly asked him if I was pregnant, but the neighbors repeatedly denied it. It was not until a few days ago that I saw the neighbor again and found that she was already pregnant. The neighbor seemed a little embarrassed when we met, and asked me to explain that she was not more than three months pregnant at the time, and the family did not let her say it. As a visitor, Tang Mom, of course, understands the feelings of the neighbors. For example, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, they are reluctant to tell others. Some expectant mothers are pregnant with five or six people, and as long as no one finds her belly, they will not say it. Pregnancy is a happy event, but it will bring a lot of troubles to her. Expectant mothers want to protect their privacy, and at the same time do not like to be asked by others. No one has encountered this situation, and usually does not understand her very well, but women who feel the same way will understand her mood.

A mother-to-be may tell lies during pregnancy, don't expose her easily

In addition to nourishing the body during pregnancy, the mother's mood is also very Most importantly, she lied to avoid the blame of her family and the suspicion of outsiders. If the family finds out that mom is lying, what they should do is to care about why she lied, instead of blaming her blindly. For example, if she has snacks she wants to eat, what ideas will she have, as long as it is not harmful to her and the fetus, she can properly satisfy the wishes of the expectant mother. The mood during pregnancy is good, both adults and children benefit, and severe postpartum depression is less likely to occur after childbirth. And when outsiders find out that my mother is lying, there is no need to expose her and ask the truth, or keep discussing with others, expectant mothers. An unintentional sentence from an outsider may affect my mother's mood for a long time. She doesn't want to let others know if she doesn't say it, so as not to affect everyone's relationship because of one sentence. Candy's mother's heart: after a woman is pregnant, my family may be imprisoned to a certain extent because of excessive concern for him, which will cause the mother-to-be to lie to relax herself. Mothers-to-be remember that you should never lie about the actual feelings of your body. Every little detail of pregnancy is related to two people. [Today's topic] What lies did you tell when you were pregnant? Has anyone dismantled you?
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