Can pregnant women miscarry if they eat crabs? Baby eating crab will hurt the stomach? The truth is...

time:2022-11-27 author:Fever
Can pregnant women miscarry if they eat crabs? Baby eating crab will hurt the stomach? The truth is...

It's crab season again. However, many pregnant mothers and children are excluded from the group of eating crabs, because it is said that "eating crabs is easy to miscarry", or "crabs are cold, and the child eats it and hurts the stomach." Can pregnant women and children eat crabs?

Is it true that pregnant women eat crabs and miscarry?

Regarding the rumor that "pregnant women eat crabs, it is easy to miscarry", in fact, it is the same reason that children cannot eat crabs: crabs are relatively cold, and pregnant women eat cold things and are prone to miscarriage. In fact, on the one hand, there is no difference between cold and hot food. On the other hand, there is no reliable evidence to show that pregnant women will really miscarry after eating crabs. The most important reason for pregnant women to miscarry may also be embryos. Chromosomal abnormalities, or the cause of the pregnant woman's own body. That is to say, if the embryo itself is not well developed or the body of the pregnant woman is not suitable for pregnancy, no matter what you eat, there is a possibility of miscarriage. Therefore, mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding can eat crabs, but they need to be eaten scientifically and in moderation. If the mothers themselves are allergic, then try to refrain from eating crabs. If it is the first time to try it, it is recommended to eat a small amount first to see if you are allergic to seafood, and pay attention to desensitization. There are also raw or undercooked crabs or seafood, such as drunk crabs, drunk shrimps and some sashimi. These whole or half-raw foods are likely to be infected by bacteria, parasites, etc. Pregnant women will eat them for themselves and The baby is at risk, and in severe cases it can lead to stillbirth.

How old can a baby eat crabs? how to eat?

Crabs are high in protein and low in fat. The protein content of crab is several times higher than that of pork and fish. It also contains more calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins. And as mentioned earlier, food is not divided into cold and hot, so it is absolutely possible to eat crabs for babies. Under normal circumstances, you can eat crabs after adding complementary food to your baby. When adding to the baby for the first time, follow this principle: only eat a small amount for the first time, and then observe for 2-3 days, and then start to increase the amount after there is no allergic reaction. If you find allergy symptoms, then stop adding. When eating, pay attention to the crab meat processing and the baby's swallowing ability. For example, the crab meat can be made into crab meat paste, crab meat paste or minced crab meat; A burden on the baby's digestive system.

Notes on eating crabs

1. Be sure to buy live crabs. When buying crabs, be sure to buy live ones, because after the crab dies, or when When it is on the verge of death, the bacteria or viruses in it will multiply, and then penetrate into the meat, making the meat quickly mushy and soft, and people are easily infected by these bacteria or viruses after eating. 2. In this way, you can first look at the appearance of fresh crabs. When you look at the crab shell, it is shiny black and green, which means that it is a good crab with thick meat, and vice versa. Secondly, you can look at the navel. If the tail you choose is protruding, the iron skin becomes iron spot color, and the inside is usually "paste yellow and full of meat". Third, look at the leg hair. More leg hair indicates that the crab is more energetic. In addition, you can pinch and shake the crab to tease the crab and see its reaction. If the crab's claws are firm and swing by itself, it means that it is a live crab, and if you turn it over, it can also be turned over quickly. 3. Cook at high temperature and heat thoroughly. In addition to buying live and fresh crabs, you can also cook them alive. Give the baby crab, try to steam or boil it, do not dip it. When steaming, it is best to face the belly up to prevent the crab roe from flowing out. Although pregnant mothers have no special requirements for cooking, they must cook at high temperature. It is recommended to cook for at least 15 minutes after boiling water to ensure hygiene and safety. 4. These parts of crabs cannot be eaten. If you eat river crabs, it is best to remove its gills, stomach, and hearts, because these crabs like to eat some rotten animals, body surfaces and gills , Gastrointestinal tract, especially easy to gather pathogenic bacteria, so it is best to dispose of these parts before eating. After all, both pregnant mothers and babies can eat crabs, but no matter how much you like to eat, don't be greedy! There are also cooked crabs that should be eaten as soon as possible. If they cannot be eaten, they should be sealed in time and refrigerated in the refrigerator.
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