"Since grandma passed away, our family's Chinese New Year and festivals are no longer lively"

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"Since grandma passed away, our family's Chinese New Year and festivals are no longer lively"

Text | Cheats Your parents are there, there is still a place in life, but when your parents are not there, there is only a way back in your life. Mother is here, home is! Mother is here, brothers and sisters are family, mother is gone, brothers and sisters are relatives. When I was young, I didn't understand these words. Over the years, as I grew older and married, I gradually understood these words. Especially a while ago, I heard a friend say something, and suddenly broke the defense. "When my grandmother was still there, several aunts brought their children to my house during the New Years and festivals. There were more than a dozen people in the family. It was lively and lively. At noon, the uncle's house also came to have a reunion dinner together. I can chat with cousins ​​and sisters I don’t see very often. So in the past, during the festivals, unless there were special circumstances, I would definitely go back to my hometown”, because I was greedy for this kind of excitement. But since my grandmother passed away, my aunts and uncles have never come during the festivals, and the young people have stopped eating at home after delivering gifts. Hey, since grandma passed away, our family's Chinese New Year and festivals are no longer lively. "After listening to my friend's words, I couldn't help crying. This is a true portrayal of how many families are there. As long as my parents are there, my hometown is always lively and full of fireworks. When my parents are not there, my hometown slowly falls down. Brother Sisters are also slowly breaking up.

Parents are the backbone of siblings and the bridge between them

As long as parents are there , No matter where or how old children are, there will always be thoughts in their hearts, wanting to go back to their parents. Therefore, only parents are still there. During major festivals, brothers and sisters can easily take time to go home for reunion. Children can still get together. It can be said that parents are the backbone and bridge of communication between brothers and sisters. But once parents are gone, brothers and sisters have their own families, their own children and grandchildren, and their life focus has long been It is placed on their own small home. During the festivals and major events, there is no call or expectation from their parents, so they will stay at their own home and wait for their children and grandchildren. Gradually, as they get older, it becomes difficult to move. , brothers and sisters are more difficult to move around, only the younger generation begins to walk on behalf of the older generation.

Parents are gone, and many contradictions have been resolved. Everyone just runs their own small family.

When the parents are there, there may be conflicts between brothers and sisters. When outsiders see jokes, everyone hides the contradictions in their hearts and maintains a superficial harmony. Especially when parents live with their sons and daughters-in-law, there may be conflicts between their married daughters, their sister-in-law, and their younger siblings. It may be that the married daughter returns to her parents’ home. I always look at the face of my sister-in-law or younger siblings, but in order not to embarrass my parents, I have to swallow my anger. It may also be that the daughter-in-law who lives with her mother-in-law is always angry with her sister-in-law, and everyone is dissatisfied with each other. But the parents are still not It's so tearing up, and the parents are gone, everyone doesn't have to be angry with each other, and the married daughter doesn't have to go back to her parents' home, anyway, to go back to her parents' home. Everyone did not disturb each other, and gradually cut off contact. After the parents were gone, the brothers and sisters who usually had a good relationship would still communicate with each other on major festivals. If the relationship is not good in ordinary times, it is estimated that they will come and go. [Topic discussion: You are right How do you feel about this phenomenon?】Senior nursery teacher, psychological counselor. Understands parenting and psychology, and also pays attention to the mother's self-growth and family management, and strives to be a caring person for mothers. Welcome to [Parenting Cheats], what you want to know Parenting care, growth and development, family education, mental health, you can find the answer here!
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