When the baby enters the "anal desire period", the mother has to endure when she is crazy, which has a profound impact on the physical and mental health of the baby

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When the baby enters the "anal desire period", the mother has to endure when she is crazy, which has a profound impact on the physical and mental health of the baby

It is said that being a mother treats "cleanliness", which is not true at all. After becoming a mother, many people's habit of cleanliness disappeared, and they also began to study the baby's "Baba" and pay attention to when the baby pulls "Baba". "Baba" is a top priority in the eyes of mothers. Studying the baby's "Baba" is not the "bad taste" of being a mother. From the child's "Baba", mothers can know a lot of information about their children. Therefore, many mothers are looking forward to the fact that when their children can urinate and defecate by themselves, they will no longer have to suffer from the stench of "baba". Who knows, there is also a "disgusting" anal sex period that greets them. After dragging her son Haohao to 2 years old with "a handful of shit and a handful of urine" and teaching the child to go to the toilet independently, Baoma Qianqian felt an unprecedented sense of ease. She thought that after the child knew how to pee and urinate, she would be relieved, and she would no longer have to deal with the "baba" that covered her buttocks. But the child's transformation surprised her. Haohao is already a big baby of more than 2 years old. He has long mastered the skills of using the toilet on his own. Recently, he has caused a headache for the whole family. Haohao doesn't know why he has recently developed a bad habit of "holding back feces and urinating". Pulled on the pants. Bao Ma Qianqian never imagined that she would have to wash her "baba" pants for her 2-year-old baby. While washing the smelly "papa pants", Qianqian wondered: her son has long been able to urinate on his own, why has this ability started to "degenerate" recently? After some research, Qianqian came to a conclusion: Haohao must be naughty, deliberately holding back the urine, really a "bear child". Qianqian made up her mind that she must "teach" him a good lesson when Hao Hao "replays the old trick" next time. It didn't take long for Haohao to wet his pants again, and he was still playing with his own "excretions". This made Qianqian, who had just finished washing her pants, irritated. She slapped Haohao's ass and yelled at him, "You try to pull on your body again! Let's see if I don't beat you!" Haohao, who was studying his own excrement, burst into tears with a "wow" in the face of his mother's beating and scolding. I thought that after this lesson, Haohao would restrain a lot, but what Baoma Qianqian didn't expect was that Haohao's ability to use the toilet has deteriorated even more, and it has degenerated to the point where he will resist when he sees a small toilet, and he will not live or die. Urine on the toilet. This time, Bao Ma Qianqian was completely helpless, and hurriedly asked her best friend who had already had a second child for advice. After chatting with her girlfriend about her baby's behavior, her girlfriend told Qianqian a new word "anal desire period", which well explained Qianqian's son's recent performance. It turned out that the child always likes to hold back feces and urine, and always pulls "baba" on his body, because he is going through a very special period. Famous psychologists call this period the "anal period." This behavior of the child is the same as the oral period of "everything can be eaten" when he uses his mouth to explore the world. The seemingly disgusting "anal period" is actually a necessary period for the development of children. During this period, the child will experience a feeling by controlling his bowels and bowels, that is, holding back feces and urine. Whether the child can successfully pass the "anal period" is not only related to the mother and father washing a few "papa pants", but more importantly, it is related to the physical and mental health of the child.

Parents do these points well, which can help their children go through the "anal sex period" smoothly

※Do not interrupt the child's urination and defecation behavior. Some parents see that My child will be very anxious when his face is flushed because he is holding a bowel movement, and he hastily reminded the child to look for the toilet. Some parents even hold their children directly on the small toilet and force them to urinate. Parents should respect the law of the development of the child's defecation system, and should not arbitrarily interrupt the child's urination and defecation behavior. If you treat the child roughly, it will undoubtedly interrupt the child's "anal period" experience, and the child who fails to pass this period smoothly may have problems in personality. For example, it develops into an excretion-type personality during the anal desire phase: sloppy, disorderly, and presumptuous, or develops into a constipation-type personality during the anal desire phase: cautious, clean, and stingy. ※Don't take the child's "anal desire period" as a disease. Some parents attach great importance to the child's "lapapa" situation, and even require the child to complete defecation at a specific time every day. After entering the "anal period", the child will form a unique set of defecation rules by himself. He may not be able to defecate at a fixed time under the expectations of parents as before. Some parents will pay too much attention to the changes in their children during this period, and treat their children's "anal desire period" as a disease. There was once a mother who was "smart but misunderstood by cleverness" when she observed her child's defecation behavior, she thought that her child had constipation problems, and forced the use of Kaisailu to relieve her child. This behavior has great consequences for the child. Harm, not only destroys the child's self-defeating system, affects the child's "anal desire period" experience, but may also make the child rely on Kaisailu to defecate. ※Facing the child's "pants-wetting" behavior with a peaceful mind When the child's behavior of peeing his pants occurs, the first reaction of many parents is to blame the child, thinking that the child's "ignorance" has increased the workload for themselves. In fact, this is not the child's intention. If parents want their children to go through the "anal desire period" smoothly, they must learn to endure and face them with a calm and peaceful attitude when facing the behavior of their children repeatedly wetting their pants.

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Compared with the child's healthy personality, it's not a big deal for parents to wash a few more "papa pants" of. And if you want your child to go through the "anal sex period" smoothly, the attitude of the parents is the key. (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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