How many pounds and how many taels of newborns indicate IQ? Not a superstition, many studies have confirmed

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How many pounds and how many taels of newborns indicate IQ? Not a superstition, many studies have confirmed

Text|After the birth of Ying's child, the mother may hear the child's cry for the first time, and then the midwife will tell you whether it is a boy or a girl, and how many pounds or two! #讀 Zero Zero Plan# And a child's birth weight is a few pounds and a few taels, this number is really very important, not only related to the child's health, but also to the child's IQ!

A large number of studies have proved that the birth weight of the child is closely related to the child's IQ

"Foreign Medical Maternal and Child Health Care Volume": the gestational age of the child At the same time, the lower the birth weight, the lower the IQ score! The "Journal of Aeronautics and Astronautics" also conducted a related study and found that birth weight and children's IQ are positively correlated! A study done by "Chinese Journal of Child Health Care" found that the number of children in the low birth group was significantly more than the control group in terms of language, operation and total IQ less than 90. That is, the lower the birth weight, the greater the impact on IQ. "Education and Teaching Research" found that low birth weight has a negative impact on an individual's acquired academic performance. Foreign scientists have found that low-born children have poor reading ability at the age of 5 and lower academic performance at the age of 10! "Journal of Nursing Research" found that birth weight can predict IQ in adulthood, term infants weighing 2500 grams to 4200 grams have normal or high IQ in adulthood, while newborns greater than 4200 grams have slightly lower IQ in adulthood ! That is to say, if a child is born with a low weight, it will lead to a low IQ of the child. This low IQ phenomenon will not only be reflected in the child's childhood, but even affect the child's academic performance as an adult. Within a certain range, the heavier the child's birth weight, the higher the IQ. Of course, if the child's birth weight exceeds 4,200 grams, which is 8 pounds and 4 taels, the impact on the child's IQ will become negative! Therefore, during pregnancy, we must eat more food that does not grow meat, and while controlling our own weight, we must also ensure that the fetus grows vigorously, so as to facilitate the development of the IQ of the fetus!

Why does a child born with two pounds suggest IQ? These reasons are very realistic

★The baby's birth weight represents the nutritional status of the pregnancy period. All the nutrition of the baby during the fetal period comes from the mother. The baby's weight at birth can reach 7 catties or even 8 catties, indicating that the nutrition in the fetal period is relatively sufficient. And nutrition is not only used to grow weight, but also to grow the brain of the fetus. Newborn babies have a larger head when they are born, because the head accounts for a larger proportion of the total body weight than adults. ★Birth weight is closely related to the weight of the child's brain. A child born with 5 pounds and a child born with 8 pounds must have a huge difference in the head circumference of the brain and the weight of the brain. A child's brain heavier means better nervous system development.

As a mother, if you want to make your child smarter, you should pay attention to these things during the fetal period

The first thing : Folic acid supplementation in the first trimester is indispensable for the development of the fetal nervous system. Severe lack of folic acid can lead to neural tube defects, so we start taking folic acid during pregnancy and continue to eat it until the end of the first trimester. After the end of the first trimester, there is no need to eat folic acid alone, but if the mother has folic acid in the comprehensive nutrition tablets during pregnancy, she can continue to supplement it. The second thing: prevent iron deficiency in mothers Iron deficiency during pregnancy will not only affect the health of the mother, but also affect the development of fetal nerves, especially in the third trimester, the fetus must take in a large amount of iron from the mother to meet the needs of Growth and developmental needs in the first few months of his birth. Once the mother is deficient in iron, it will affect the iron intake of the fetus, affect the development of the fetal nervous system, and affect the IQ. Therefore, when the mother was doing the obstetric examination during pregnancy, the doctor said that she had anemia. Those who should take iron supplements should take iron supplements, and those who should be adjusted in the diet should be adjusted. The third thing: the mother should monitor the growth and development of the fetus through B-ultrasound. During pregnancy, the mother needs to have 4-5 B-ultrasounds, especially the B-ultrasound in the second and third trimesters, which can reflect the growth and development of the fetus. During the B-ultrasound, the doctor will tell you whether your fetal development matches the gestational age, or is older or smaller than the gestational age. The mother should adjust her diet according to the doctor's advice, so that the child's growth and development will be normal and not. Being overweight is more conducive to raising a smart child. The fetal period is a critical period for the development of the baby's nervous system. It is necessary to ensure adequate nutrition and not allow the child to be overweight in order to raise a healthy and intelligent child. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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