Su Min drove home for the first time in two years, and her husband threw a bowl: I still know how to come back! 58-year-old aunt: divorce

time:2022-11-27 author:Baby bones
Su Min drove home for the first time in two years, and her husband threw a bowl: I still know how to come back! 58-year-old aunt: divorce

Wen|Jing Ma 01 A 56-year-old aunt who has worked hard for half her life, is not tall, does not look outstanding, has no culture, and has no ability. The pension is only 2,380 yuan. It is a lot of money in China! Most people feel that the hardest days are over, and the rest of the days will be just fine. But the 56-year-old Su Min felt that she had never lived for herself in the first half of her life. She had retired, her daughter's two children had grown up, and her relationship with her husband was at odds. The rest of her life should be lived for herself! #58-year-old self-driving travel aunt Su Min decided to divorce# She has always wanted to go to the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and she also made various preparations, saving money to buy a house, and driving her own car in the autumn, Traveling alone with a futon. And when she was on the road, she was still fumbling to shoot videos to tell the netizens what was on her mind, because she was very sincere and touched the hearts of many women! When she first set off, her daughter was Su Min's fifth fan. Two years later, her fans on all platforms have reached more than 2 million. And there are many businesses looking for her to shoot commercials. She even accepted the commercials, published a book, learned to surf and learn English to do live broadcasts, and bought her long-cherished RV! 02 Now the daughter is in charge of editing the video for her, and the son-in-law is her manager. It can be said that she fled the family in disgrace two years ago, but when she returned home two years later, she belonged to her hometown. Because she is not only the old man who only takes 2,380 yuan of pension every month, she has her own fans, her own way of realizing it, and even brought her daughter and son-in-law to the media! During these two years, she has not communicated with her husband. Su Min, who came back home for the first time two years later, said the first sentence after her husband saw her, "You still know that you can't get along when you come back. Come back?" He even threw the bowl and lost his temper in the video, and said to the camera: I am not afraid of what to shoot, and what to shoot! It means that when he first escaped from the family, he didn't know whether he would continue living with her husband in the future, but seeing her husband's attitude, 58-year-old Su Min decided to communicate with her husband about divorce and let each other be free. Su Min also mentioned that if her husband does not agree, she will also appeal for divorce! Su Min mentioned that the car was bought by herself and would not be given to her husband, but the house could be given to her husband if he wanted it. Many netizens agreed with Su Min's decision one after another. As soon as she came back, her husband was eccentric, cold and violent, and he really should leave. Some netizens said: After the divorce, I found that I didn't need to give the old man old age, which is so cool! For a 58-year-old aunt to have the courage to file for divorce, it is really the awakening of female consciousness! Netizens support Su Min one-sidedly because she has suffered too much in her marriage before. Now she has found the direction of her life through self-driving tours. Not only does she live on a pension of 2,380 yuan, but she can also receive advertisements by shooting videos, and she can earn money while driving by herself. This kind of lifestyle can be said to be too much cool!

Actually, the decision to divorce through Su Min should be a warning to those in our marriage

★Marriage cannot be considered so clearly Su Min returned home after two years of self-driving tour, and her husband even fought with his wife because of the toll! Su Min also mentioned: During the marriage, she and her husband are both AA, and even the cost of having a child is AA! You must know how much damage it is to the body when a woman provides a uterus to give birth to a child and breastfeed to raise a child. As a result, her husband is still making AA with her on this matter. Such a marriage is really heart-breaking. ★Emotional value needs to be provided in marriage Su Min also mentioned that her husband talks to her in a condescending, high-flying manner. Living with him, she is like a nanny. The emotional value can also be very disappointing for women. Topic: Do you support Su Min's divorce? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: If you miss the best childbearing age, don’t give birth? Study: Older mothers are more likely to have smart babies What is the last age a woman can give birth? Doctor: If you are over this age, it is best not to give birth
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