Do you really understand the meaning behind "happy childhood"? Mom: I would rather force my child to read

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Do you really understand the meaning behind "happy childhood"? Mom: I would rather force my child to read

Colleague Xiao Zhang graduated from 985. He has been the kind of child forced by his parents to study since he was a child. When talking about happy education, Xiao Zhang said: "I am very grateful to my parents for forcing him to be admitted when he was in school. Key universities, otherwise it will be difficult for him to find a better job." Xiao Zhang said: "When I was young, I also hoped that my parents would give me back a happy childhood. I didn't need to do homework, I didn't care about my grades, and I just had to play happily every day. Being a parent is all you need to do. When I studied hard and asked me to get high marks, I used to resent my parents because of it, but when I grew up, I realized that the so-called happy education will only make people enjoy the happy time in those few years. We have to move forward with a heavy burden because of the happiness of those years.” The method of educating children has always been an enduring topic, and a well-known theory from the West circulating in the education circle is happiness education. Nowadays, many families are reluctant to force their children to study hard, and prefer to let them have a happy childhood. It is because everyone realizes that the joy of childhood can have a great impact on life. Children who have a happy childhood are psychologically healthy, and being forced too much can easily lead to various defects. But do you really understand the western theory of happiness education? In fact, happiness education is the same as the famous "N-head music" theory. Let cheap and low-level pleasure make people give up their efforts. Although happy education can restore children's happy childhood lives, the purpose of using this educational theory in the West is to cultivate cheap labor. These children who have received a happy education will enter the factory as workers in the future, and the education of Western elites has never been happy. It can be seen that happy education brings only short-term happiness to children.

What misconceptions do parents have about happy education?

Now that parents are suffering themselves, they also want to send their children to cram schools, spend a lot of money to send them to expensive schools, and endure hardships and suffer by themselves. Many people feel that the cost of raising children is very high, and their own Also anxious. Parents who don’t want this anxiety are very advocates of happy education, and really believe that happy education can bring children a healthier and happier mind. There are many misunderstandings among these parents for happy education. The first misunderstanding is that they think that if you want your child to be happy, you don't need to ask your child's grades. But happy education doesn't mean that you don't need to learn anything, it will only make children waste. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make children happy. Parents can try to let children learn with interest, so that they are also happy in the process of learning. Many children have lost their freedom under heavy pressure, spinning like a spinning top every day. Parents feel that this goes against their children's nature, and in order to release their nature, parents conduct happy education and let them do whatever they want. But after doing whatever one wants, it is followed by self-indulgence. When many of the children's behaviors are out of control, parents will find that the child's growth path becomes more and more tortuous. The second misunderstanding is that democratic education and happiness education are actually tied together. If parents want their children to have a happy life, they must learn from Western countries to educate their children about democracy, and they cannot force their children to do things they don’t want to do. Basically no one would object to this theory. But it turns out that many choices of children are mostly wrong. If parents follow their children's wishes too much and listen too much to their ideas, it is easy for children to indulge themselves. After all, their three views are immature, and it is easy to make wrong decisions because of their immature ideas. I believe that there are many young people around you who regret the beginning. They often regret that they did not study hard when they were young. Some of my friends also questioned their parents why they didn't push themselves hard in the first place. If they can push themselves, their future life will achieve a qualitative leap. The voices of these young people are telling parents that forcing their children is the way for ordinary children to achieve a leap in class, and it is the only way out for children.

What skills do parents need to master when forcing their children to learn?

1. Forcing children to learn things of interest The word forcing itself has a bad connotation. When forcing children to learn, it is difficult for everyone to think of how to make the persecution easier. If you want to force children to learn, Parents need to understand that persecution is necessary. Because human nature is lazy, in order to prevent children from being affected by inertia, they must be forced to learn what they are interested in. Some children know what they are interested in, but they delay the learning process because of playfulness. The daughter of my colleague has liked English very much since she was a child, and she can learn oral language faster than anyone else. But later, the study of spoken English was abandoned because of playing games. If colleagues do not push the child, it will be difficult for the child to rely on his own strength to get back on track. 2. The time for forcing children to study should be moderate. When forcing children to study, parents also need to let their children combine work and rest. They cannot force their children 24 hours a day without interruption, otherwise they will eventually cause their children to become rebellious. Encourage your child to learn efficiently by forcing them to complete tasks when they should. Do not allow children to be lazy just because they are spoiled, this will make children develop the habit of cheating and cheating. If the child's homework can be completed within two hours, parents must force the child to do the things that should be done quickly and accurately within two hours. When the children are done, let them rest. This is the correct persecution. 3. Forcing children to persevere Many children's original intentions in learning are good, but they cannot persevere because of lack of perseverance. At this time, the persecution of parents has become the driving force for children to keep learning. You know, learning itself is boring, never happy. Since they cannot persevere on their own, parents can only make their children not give up easily through constant persecution. Conclusion: The philosophy of life is that the first is bitter and then the sweet, how can you see the rainbow without experiencing pain, and the process of learning without pain, how can children achieve a leap in class in the future, and how to live a better life! Those parents who advocate happy education should really think about it, let the children be happy for a few years, how regretful they will be when they lose the opportunity? (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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