After 30 years, you will understand the difference between a family with a second child and a single child

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After 30 years, you will understand the difference between a family with a second child and a single child

With the opening of the two-child policy and the three-child policy in the past two years, many families are considering whether to have a second child. For the young parents born in the 1990s, they are not too old. They feel that they can still think about this issue after a few years of struggle. For parents born in the 1980s, most choose not to consider it. Because of the pressure of life, busy work, and worsening physical condition, I have no energy to raise my second child at all. If there are two children in the family, they will take care of each other, and they will not be particularly lonely. It is difficult for children from only-child families to have contact with other friends before going to school. Even after going to school, it is only a friendship between classmates, which cannot be compared with family affection. There are two children in the family. The children have been together since childhood. Even if they quarrel occasionally, it will be fine. When they grow up, their relationship will be very good, and they will help each other in everything.

Which is better for a second-child family or a first-child family? There are pros and cons

1. Parents who have a second child are under great pressure. The older generation will say that having one child is also raising, and having two children together will take care of them. That being said, only those who have experienced it themselves can understand how tiring it is to have two children. Many mothers with a second child say that after giving birth to their second child, they can only choose to take care of the baby full-time at home. Every day is the cries of two children arguing and arguing. To reason with the children and let them help and love each other, the old mother will almost feel depressed. Mom has to take care of the baby at home, do laundry, cook, do housework, how tired and tired, can't eat well every day, can't sleep well, it's better to go out to work and relax. Having an extra child now is not as simple as when we were young, just adding a pair of chopsticks and a bowl. There will be a lot of pressure on children to go to school, employment, and marriage in the future. If two sons are born, the pressure on parents will also be greater. If you want to have a second child, you must first consider whether your body is healthy, whether it is financially allowed, and whether the elderly on both sides can help bring the baby. These comprehensive conditions are met to ensure that after the child is born, there will be a good growth environment, and having a second child is not as simple as imagined. 2. The only child has a happy childhood, but is lonely. The children of the one-child family can enjoy the love of their parents, as well as the old people on both sides, in their childhood. They are also rich in material conditions and have a very happy childhood. Families with many brothers and sisters will naturally have poorer material conditions. When we were young, the classmates from the only-child family in the class were very good in material conditions. They ate snacks that we had never seen before and wore very beautiful clothes. If there is only one child in the family, there is basically no need to consider spending money, because parents will try their best to meet the requirements of the child, which is different like our family with many children. When shopping, we have to hesitate for a long time to buy a piece of clothing, because we know that the material conditions of our home are average. My friend's daughter has already gone to college. Every time the mother and daughter make a video, the daughter will say, "Mom, turn the camera over, I'll take a look at Mimi." This is a kitten that my child raised when he was in high school, his name is Mimi. A friend said that because there was only one child in the family, she was very lonely since she was a child, and she wanted to find a playmate. At her daughter's strong request, a friend bought this kitten back for her. After her daughter went to college, she missed Mimi the most. Friends said, it can be seen that a child is too lonely. Years later, after the only child started a family, their material conditions are better than ours, because the parents will wholeheartedly help this child, not only to buy them a house and a car, but also to help take care of their grandchildren. Good conditions will give their children a lot of pocket money. Families with many children are different. Parents support two children to go to school and arrange marriages for their children. There is no material comparison with a one-child family. 3. After 30 years, the difference between the second child and the one-child family will be big. But after 30 years, the only child will see the disadvantage. The only child may want to marry far away, which is a difficult thing. As parents, they will also object because they feel that they have only one child and are very dependent on the child, so the only child will lose a lot of freedom because of this. The only child encounters difficulties without the help of his biological brothers and sisters. No matter what, he can only rely on his own efforts. Parents are getting older every day. If the old man is in poor health and needs to be taken care of, the only child will be busy. Some only children work while taking care of their parents, so they don't have that much energy at all. I often see families with only one child, the elderly are sick, the son is serving his parents in the hospital, and the daughter-in-law is taking care of the baby at home. The young couple is very tired. At this time, the elderly will sigh, it is better to have a family with many children, and the children can take turns to take care of their parents. For families with many children, when parents are sick and hospitalized, siblings can take turns to take care of them. When there is difficulty, the family can sit down and discuss and find a solution to the problem together. The parents of the second child are first bitter and then sweet. When their children were young, they had to endure hardships and burdens. When I am a little older, when the New Year is coming, it is very lively. The whole family sits together to eat and chat, which is very warm. When something happens to the old man, the children will be around, and there will be a happy old age. Conclusion: Family conditions should consider having a second child. One child and two children are similar now. When the children grow up, there will be a big difference, especially after 30 years, the parents are older and there are more children. family has an advantage. What do you think? 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