As the saying goes, opening a book is beneficial; the books you read and the words you read will eventually become part of you

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As the saying goes, opening a book is beneficial; the books you read and the words you read will eventually become part of you

During the short holiday, I watched Dabao swiping short videos in a boring way again, so I suggested that he should either find a book at home to read, or go to the bookstore together. Dabao plausibly said that those books that were once never tired of reading have become "banned books" in a blink of an eye. What books do you still read? I know, he is talking about some books that have been taken off the shelves recently, such as "Mi Xiaoquan" and "Ma Xiaotiao". This series of books used to be in his class when he first entered school Children are eager to read, and if they are borrowed in the library, there is also a "hard to find" grandeur. In fact, for books, I have always thought that "opening books is beneficial". But all the books you have read and the words you have read will eventually become a part of you, or spiritual resonance or emotional satisfaction. This is the charm of books, but also the charm of words. But now reading quietly has become a luxury idea for many people.

First, the advent of the video era

With the advent of the "fast food" era, more and more people like it Video, vividly displayed, highly concentrated content, brings people a different audio-visual experience, fascinating. For example, Dabao once "watched" 5 movies in an hour. I said he was "watching the flowers", but he thought he was "using the effective time on the edge of the knife, and condensing the essence." I don't think so, even if it is a commentary movie, it is the essence in other people's eyes, and the concentration in other people's hearts. A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts, how can you be sure that other people's summaries are your true feelings? Just like a pony crossing a river, after all, you still have to walk through the river yourself to truly know whether the river is dangerous to you, right?

Second, the era of listening to books is coming

Compared with reading books, "listening to books" has also become a kind of more and more people who are busy working and studying Amateur choice. The so-called listening to the book is to use the form of listening to replace the traditional reading. And often "listening" is also a highly concentrated product. The essence of a book is selected and excerpted by different people, and finally written, and then output by voice. We can learn efficiently "at a glance and ten lines" without flipping the book. , comprehend the essence of a book. Even when Dabao was in a hurry to use some kind of material, for example, some time ago he needed to quote the content in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", so he used the mode of listening to the book + playback at double speed, and in just about an hour, he had already compiled "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". After going through it again, I found the information and content I wanted. But when I asked him about some of the details in the book, some classic wars, and some of the characters he created, he didn't know anything about it. But he also has his own reason: "I just need to find the part I need. The other parts, let's talk about it when I'm free! It's a long time anyway." ? The result of shorthand must be quick forgetting, the storyline that cannot be connected, and the characters of the story that cannot be clearly defined. How can we truly "take the essence and discard the dross"?

Thirdly, the quality problems of books emerge in an endless stream

Recently, whether it is from students' textbooks or the recommended reading lists for students, there have been such and other problems. It caused a shock in the education world, and relevant experts and relevant departments carried out fast and efficient rectification. Some books that children liked in the past have also been removed from the must-read list, and they are far from the world of children due to inconsistency in content. Some parents will think that since books are like this, they should not take good care of their children except for the books required by teachers and required for exams. Avoid such and such problems. In fact, doing so is really "abandoning food because of choking". The power of books lies in teaching children to understand what is right and wrong. Only when children have learned enough can they truly know what is right for them, what is not suitable for them, what is right, and what is wrong. Before the child can really distinguish, the power of the parent cannot be underestimated. Parents need to know what books their children are reading and what texts they are reading, and it is best to read them in advance or know what they are. When appropriate, do some small activities such as family book clubs to guide children to a correct outlook on life and values. Recently, Dabao was impressed by Mr. Dong's demeanor in the live broadcast room. In fact, Dong Yuhui's charm lies in that he has read too many books and has enough energy output, and after reading his books, you will really understand the meaning and true meaning of reading. We do not need to read for the sake of reading, but to find another self in the book, to discover another self, or to carry out an internal inspection and soul washing of ourselves. The purpose of reading is to build a small world with your own reading. In this small world, you can reconcile with yourself and the suffering of life, try to understand the complexity of the world tolerantly, and actively Think rather than blindly follow, so that you can become more wise, calm and open-minded. So, my child, please never give up on books and never give up on reading!
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