Psychologist: Still dressing your kids in old clothes? You may not know the truth

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Psychologist: Still dressing your kids in old clothes? You may not know the truth

In the opinion of many people, wearing old clothes for the baby can just make the baby understand the importance of diligence and thrift, and carry forward this virtue. And psychologists have recruited thousands of people to conduct research. These people grew up wearing old clothes when they were young, and therefore had psychological problems. They asked these people to comment on what they thought of wearing old clothes. By the end, psychologists had rummaged through thousands of comments and found one truth: Never give your kids old clothes. Because these thousands of people wear old clothes from childhood to adulthood. When they grow up, they have the money to buy the clothes they want, but because they always wear old clothes when they are young, there is a kind of compensation mentality. They will buy clothes for themselves too much, but they don't know how to be frugal, and their psychology will never be satisfied.

Parents wear old clothes for a reason

There are still many parents who wear old clothes for their children. In addition to frugality, there are the following reasons, let's take a look. Now the economy is developing rapidly, and many parents have a good income. But they still wear some old clothes for their children. The reason why these well-off parents wear old clothes for their children is that they are influenced by some local customs. In some areas, there is a saying: wear old clothes for children, so that the children will be healthier; there is also a saying, wear old clothes of better children, so that their own children can inherit the advantages of these children. . This is also the reason why many people, although their family conditions are good, still ask some relatives and friends for old clothes after they have children. Some parents think that children grow up faster, and there is no need to spend time on their children's clothing. After all, children grow up every once in a while, and clothes will soon be eliminated. They despise their children's growth and feel that children have little aesthetics and do not need to dress up. The clothes can be worn. If the children of relatives and friends have leftovers, they will also use them for their own children. It is understood that the influence of the family of origin also affects the way parents treat their children. Some parents grew up wearing other people's old clothes. When they grow up, although they do not approve of this practice, they will continue this practice. Maybe many parents feel that wearing old clothes for their children has no effect, after all, they have come here since they were young. But according to a well-known psychologist: parents should not wear old clothes to their children, and the impact on them is unpredictable. First, it affects peer relationships. Humans are visual animals, and so is the world of children. They yearn for beautiful people and things. If a child always has a bad appearance and wears tattered clothes, it will directly affect his peer relationship, and even be easily rejected by his classmates at school. Second, it affects self-confidence. A child who only wears old clothes and seldom wears new clothes, although he has grown up healthy, his self-confidence will also be affected to a certain extent. Seeing that the children of other families can wear new clothes, he will also have a feeling of envy and jealousy in his heart. This not only has a certain negative impact on his psychology, but also affects his self-confidence. Because of this, he will feel very inferior in his heart, and this inferiority will always accompany him even when he grows up, and it is difficult to be erased. Finally, it affects aesthetics. Children only wear old clothes since childhood, and parents rarely buy new clothes for him, which will directly affect his aesthetics. Once a child's aesthetics are set, it is difficult to correct them when they grow up. This has a great impact on him, and everyone should pay attention to it.

When wearing old clothes for your baby, you should also pay attention to the following points

Although many people wear old clothes for their children due to family factors, this point Unavoidable. So, if you wear old clothes to your children, you should also pay attention to the following points. Note 1: Listen to your baby's opinions. I believe that many people wear old clothes to their children, and they will directly deny the children's opinions. Even if we want to dress our child in old clothes, we need to listen to him more. We can put these old clothes in front of him and let him choose. If he can accept it, we will wear it to the child, so that it will not have a negative impact on him, and the child can wear old clothes happily. Note 2: Avoid wearing old clothes given by others. Many parents will directly let their children wear them to school or go out. But some clothes look so outdated that when a child wears them, outsiders can see that they are old clothes. And the child's companions sometimes point in front of him, which will directly affect his self-confidence, and his self-esteem will be greatly affected. So we wear old clothes for our children, and we should avoid wearing them outside as much as possible. If we take our children out or go to school, we should give them new clothes. Note 3: After cleaning and disinfection, when relatives and friends send old clothes, many people will directly give them to children to wear, even without washing, and feel that the clothes look clean and suitable for children. However, after being stored for many years, it is easy to breed bacteria, so if you wear it directly to your child, your child will easily get skin diseases after wearing it. The old clothes sent by relatives and friends must be cleaned and disinfected first, and then some older clothes will be eliminated before giving them to children. In this way, we can avoid adverse effects on the child, and also allow the child to dress healthily. Conclusion: Wearing old clothes for children for a long time has a great impact. If the family conditions are not very poor, it is recommended that you try not to let your children wear old clothes. You can buy two sets of new clothes for your children to wash, which can also avoid waste. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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