If the child has indigestion, feed Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets, in fact, you may be harming him

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If the child has indigestion, feed Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets, in fact, you may be harming him

She was a guest at a relative's house two days ago. After the meal, she took out a plate of children's stomach and digestion tablets and distributed it to the children. She also said that her children often eat it, which can help digestion. The children also cooperated very well, and they all chewed and swallowed. After all, this tablet is sweet and sour, like candy, and it is not unpleasant to eat. In life, there are many parents who like to eat Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets for their children like relatives. Many parents believe that giving their children some Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets can promote digestion and prevent indigestion. Children's digestion and absorption is good, on the one hand, it can promote growth and development, and on the other hand, it can prevent diseases. Babies often experience indigestion because their stomachs are not fully developed. At this time, the baby is either nausea and vomiting, or diarrhea, and sometimes abdominal pain, constipation and other symptoms. It is understandable that the baby is not feeling well, and the adults look worried and want to take medicine to prevent the disease. However, prevention by eating Jianweixiaoshi tablets is not a good way. This is mainly because the Jianwei Xiaoshi tablet has a certain effect on promoting digestion, but it can cure the symptoms but not the root cause. It is okay to use it as a treatment for a baby with symptoms of indigestion, but it is not necessary to take it for a long time to prevent the disease. The human body has the function of self-protection. Under normal circumstances, the various organs of the body can fully meet their own physiological activities. So as long as we eat normally, our digestive system can completely digest and absorb food without discomfort. The baby's stomach is still developing, so there will be indigestion. But as the baby grows and develops and the digestive system develops, this condition will naturally improve. However, if the baby is often given medicine to help him digest, it will inevitably make the baby dependent and affect the development of the baby's own gastrointestinal function. In addition, if the baby often has indigestion, or the baby's indigestion lasts for a long time and the symptoms are severe, it may indicate that the baby has other diseases, and eating Jianweixiaoshi tablets will delay the disease. To prevent indigestion in your baby, parents can make efforts in the following aspects: First, if the baby has not been weaned, it is best to insist on breastfeeding. Breast milk is not only easy to absorb, but also avoids food allergies, making it the best food for babies. In addition, do not add complementary food to your baby too early, it is best to start adding complementary food at 4-6 months. At the beginning, complementary food is mainly nutritious, light and easily digestible. Secondly, for babies who have been weaned, parents should pay attention to developing good eating habits for their babies.
  • Eat on time, try to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at a fixed time.
  • Don't let children play or run around while eating.
  • Eat small, frequent meals, not too much at each meal, let alone overeating.
  • Eat a light diet without too much oil and sugar.
Third, in addition to paying attention to diet, parents should also develop good bowel habits for their children. Make sure your baby has a bowel movement at least once a day. If the child has irregular bowel movements, parents can help the child to have a bowel movement by adding fiber-rich vegetables to the diet or performing abdominal massage. Fourth, parents should pay attention to keep the baby's abdomen warm and not let the baby's stomach get cold. A cold tummy can also cause gastrointestinal upset, leading to diarrhea or bloating. Fifth, parents should spend more time with their children and communicate with them more. Children's tension, anxiety, fear and other emotions can also lead to indigestion. Parents usually need to help children to relieve these bad emotions, so as not to affect the children's health. It is very normal for babies to get sick during the process of growth and development. In the process of fighting against diseases, the body's resistance is also continuously strengthened. If parents use drugs to prevent the baby from getting sick, it may be self-defeating. Not only does it not prevent diseases, it also affects the physical development of the baby. Jianweixiaoshi tablets are medicines. For drugs, parents still need to establish the awareness of correct medication and standardize medication, in order to truly escort the baby's health.
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