The habit of reading begins during pregnancy, and novice parents know it well, but it is difficult to cultivate

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The habit of reading begins during pregnancy, and novice parents know it well, but it is difficult to cultivate

Bing Xin opened "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" at the age of seven. From then on, she fell in love with reading, and only then did "Leisurely Love", "Fantastic Stars", "Superman", "Spring Water", "The Past" that we see today... ...Mr. Yu Qiuyu has been a "bookworm" since he was a child, and later wrote the famous "Cultural Journey", "Glacier", "Empty Island", "What is Culture", "Chinese Context" ... Bai Yansong in the program He said that his life development was largely due to reading the books of Zeng Guofan, a famous scholar in the late Qing Dynasty when he was young, and he took a lot of detours in his life... The number one winner of the college entrance examination in the past years is all a child who loves to read and holds books in his hands. , and it is also a time for them to recharge their spiritual food. Think about it, this year's national first-volume Chinese college entrance examination composition - "Dream of Red Mansions", if the child does not have the habit of extracurricular reading, it is difficult to get a high score on such a topic. I remember my graduation defense, and I also chose "A Dream of Red Mansions" as the defense topic. At that time, my instructor said: "You really need to read the original work several times, don't copy some of the content from the Internet, just put it in, and the defense is In academic discussions, you have to really understand!” Therefore, reading is a very important thing, and books are the crystallization of human knowledge and thoughts. We let children read to improve their ideological realm.

How can children who love to read not be excellent?

I always see some articles that say "Children who are fed by famous books", "Children who are fed by ancient poetry", "Children who are fed by DK books", of course, the content is nothing more than It is to praise the benefits of reading. I don't know what you think about it, but I'm sure of it. These classic books, children read from childhood, vision, thinking, cognition, will open a big gap with ordinary children. First, reading makes people think better. Han Han once said: "People who like to read since childhood must like to think since childhood." The truths in the book and the author's experience will make us learn to reflect, so that we can build our own thoughts in thinking and experience. . Second, reading can promote brain activity. Anyone who exercises regularly knows that as long as you keep moving, your body will become healthier and stronger. But if you don't exercise for a long time, you will become weak and sickly. Reading and exercising are the same thing. When I was a child, I always heard teachers say to classmates who don't like to study: "Read more and use your brain more, so that your head will not rust". The teacher's words don't sound right, but it's the truth. Frequent reading will stimulate brain movement and promote brain nerve activity. In this way, some elderly people will not be so susceptible to diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. Finally, children have more vocabulary skills and perform better than their peers. I have seen such a set of data on the Internet. Starting from kindergarten, if a child reads 20 minutes a day, he will hear 1.8 million words a year. By the sixth grade of primary school, he will have accumulated 851 hours of reading time, and in the test, they will also exceed 90% of their peers. This set of data shows that children who insist on reading every day have a lot of vocabulary accumulation, so their expression and comprehension abilities are relatively higher than their peers. It is difficult for such children to be outstanding.

Reading starts during pregnancy

"The 1000-Day Reading Effect" wrote: Experiments have found that not only the newborn baby can read, but also in the mother's womb Children can also participate in reading. So, read to your children from a young age. Before birth, you can read some famous novels, nursery rhymes, prose, etc. to your baby during prenatal education to cultivate reading habits. I remember that when I was pregnant with a baby, the doctor would also tell me to do prenatal education, listen to music, read books, etc. One of my early childhood education teachers and friends also told me that reading prenatal education is the earliest early reading, but don't underestimate reading prenatal education during pregnancy, it is very helpful to the baby's perception, emotion and social development. . After the baby is born, if you also plan to cultivate the habit of reading, you can do it by reading, speaking, and singing, because the newborn's vision development is not particularly good, and it is difficult to see the picture on the book. When the baby is about 6 months old, you can interact with him and read some picture books, children's song books, picture books and the like. You might say, how to choose, do you want to buy a lot of books? I don't recommend doing this, you can choose from several categories, such as nursery rhymes, essays, bedtime stories, all are fine. When I was pregnant with my baby, I bought a book of children's songs and nursery rhymes, and I read a few songs every day. This nursery rhyme book is still my baby's favorite. Before going to bed at night, during lunch break at noon, or even taking him to his grandma's house, he would carry this book with him. There is also a set of "40 Books of Bedtime Stories", which he likes very much. Since he bought it about 8 months ago, he still flips it frequently. The content of this set of books covers children's character development, habit formation, social interaction and self-care ability and other topics. A book is the size of a palm, and it is a thin dozen pages. It can be finished in 3 or 4 minutes. Sometimes when we go out on a trip, the child will ask to take it, stuff it in his suitcase, and let me read it to him before going to bed at night. Now, he basically tells all the stories in it, often holding a book and telling it to me. It is also because of this set of picture books that his self-care ability and character have been well developed. When he went to kindergarten, he was often praised by the teacher, saying that he had a good relationship with the children and that he was still the teacher's little helper! Conclusion: The sooner you develop the reading habit, the better. You think that it is very early to cultivate children's reading habits at the age of 3 or 4. In fact, it can start during pregnancy. The sooner you develop it, the stronger your child's interest in reading will be, and it will be difficult to think whether you will be excellent in the future! (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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