Children's ADHD is increasing, doctor: Don't give these seven kinds of snacks to children, don't be careless

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Children's ADHD is increasing, doctor: Don't give these seven kinds of snacks to children, don't be careless

Text | Jingma's colleague's sister and brother-in-law are both graduate students of 985 famous universities, but their 8-year-old daughter is a proper student. The teacher said that the child is very smart, but he doesn't pay attention to the exam, and he is very careless. Later, her mother took him to the hospital for a checkup, which was found to be attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD. The doctor suggested that the child can be given some sensory training. The mother took him to do sensory training, only to find that the teacher was busy all day with all the courses. Many children like this did not listen carefully in class, took exams or missed words. Missing questions, poor academic performance, these children are caused by hyperactivity! The doctor also mentioned that the hyperactive children are not only related to genetics, but also related to the children's current diet. #讀 Zero Zero Plan# In the past, the post-80s generation did not have many snacks. They could only eat some corn, sweet potatoes, etc. as snacks, or seasonal fruits. But today's children are much happier than before, and there are all kinds of snacks, but these snacks are not very good for children's health. Especially in children with ADHD, if they are not careful in their diet, the symptoms of hyperactivity may become more severe.

ADHD is increasing, doctors remind: these seven kinds of food should not be eaten by children

The first kind: milk tea is now on the street There are all kinds of milk tea in the alleys, and many times the milk tea used is not real pure milk, but may be all kinds of creamers. Creamer is actually trans fatty acids, and milk tea also contains a lot of sugar. The staff of Cangzhou Consumer Rights Protection Center once purchased 5 cups of hot-selling milk tea in the store for testing and found that the sugar content of milk tea was 40.8 g/L, 44.8 g/L, 49.7 g/L, 51.5 g/L respectively. liters, 67.2 g/liter. That is to say, if you drink a large cup of these milk teas, the sugar per day has far exceeded the daily intake of sugar recommended by the World Health Organization of 25 grams. ADHD is associated with too much sugar in the diet, and a high-sugar diet can lead to an insufficiency of neurotransmitters such as catecholamines leading to hyperactivity. The second type: various sugar-sweetened beverages The first ingredient of sugar-sweetened beverages is generally water, and the second is white sugar, which is also a food with a lot of sugar. Sugar-sweetened beverages contain not only sugar, but also various pigments and additives, which are all predisposing factors for ADHD and are not conducive to children's health. Type 3: Cakes Cakes are made of flour and eggs, but they also contain a lot of white sugar and cream. Whether it is sugar or cream, the trans fatty acids in it are not conducive to the development of children's brain and nerves, and may cause ADHD. Type 4: Instant noodles Instant noodles contain a lot of trans fatty acids, and there are also a lot of additives. Children eating instant noodles will also affect brain development and lead to the occurrence of ADHD in children. No. 5: Spicy sticks of 50 cents are a good childhood memory for many people, but the large amount of additives in spicy sticks is not good for children's health, and may also stimulate children's ADHD attacks. Type 6: Jelly Various kinds of jelly are also a kind of food that children like to eat very much, but the jelly of various colors is not a pure natural pigment, mainly artificial pigments are added. Too much artificial coloring can also affect the child's brain health and stimulate the onset of ADHD. Type 7: During the production of popcorn popcorn, part of the lead in the production equipment will become gaseous lead, which will lead to an increase in the lead content of popcorn, and will damage the child's brain and affect the child's nervous system. ADHD attacks. In addition to popcorn, preserved eggs and canned products may contain lead, parents should pay attention. If a parent finds that the child is inattentive, often lost, misses homework, skips and misses words when reading, it is recommended to take the child to the hospital to check for ADHD. If the child has ADHD, parents should encourage more and scold less! (The pictures are all from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement) For more exciting content, please click: Leukemia "prefers" children, the doctor appeals: Don't use "poison bowls" for children to eat again Leukemia "loves" children more! Doctor: Three types of food are the culprits, don't buy them
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