Nutritionist: Three types of "fake milk" have been blacklisted, parents should not buy it no matter how much the child likes it

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Nutritionist: Three types of "fake milk" have been blacklisted, parents should not buy it no matter how much the child likes it

Text | Jing Ma, we say "a glass of milk strengthens a nation", that is because milk contains high-quality protein and calcium, which can promote the growth of children's height, and also make children's bones stronger and make children's physique better ! #讀 Zero Zero Plan# Both Zhong Nanshan and Zhang Wenhong advocate drinking milk. Drinking milk can enhance your physique and make you grow taller! Because drinking milk is good for health, we will find a dazzling variety of milk, different brands and different types when we go to the supermarket. Many parents see that as long as their children like to eat, they will buy them back, but they find that their children do not grow taller after drinking the purchased milk, but they are picky eaters and anorexia, and their physique has deteriorated. In fact, it is very likely that the parents bought "fake milk". As a nutritionist, Jingma also observes various types of milk when she goes to the supermarket, and finds that there are three kinds of fake milk in the supermarket, which are very large and the prices are relatively affordable. But these "fake milk" are really not good for children's health. No matter how much children love to drink it, parents should not buy it.

Three kinds of "fake milk" parents should be vigilant, do not buy it for their children, it will not help grow taller

The first kind : Milk drinks, such as the "sour and sweet I like to drink" that we heard in advertisements, these yogurt, we all see that they are milk, but in fact they are not milk, but a drink! Some even use children's slogans, such as children's AD calcium milk! How to identify this fake milk? Mainly look at three points: Point 1: Look at the label As long as you see the word "drink" on the label, it is definitely a milk drink instead of milk. Point 2: Look at the ingredient list. The first thing on the ingredient list is "water", which is definitely a drink, and it is followed by a lot of additives. Point 3: Look at the nutrient composition table. The protein content of milk drinks requires 1 g/100 ml, while the protein content requirement of real pure milk is 2.8 g/100 ml. Therefore, if the protein content does not reach 2.8g, it is basically fake milk. The second type: various modulated milks such as oat milk, banana milk, black sesame milk, these modulated milks seem to have higher nutritional value, but in fact it is better to drink milk powder directly for children, the nutritional value of milk powder will be higher . Most of the modulated milk will add white sugar. Sweet and sweet children really like to drink it, but it is a kind of damage to the children's teeth. Many parents do not have the habit of gargling after drinking milk for their children, which is easy to cause tooth decay, and sugar-containing modulated milk can also cause children to become obese, which will affect their appetite for other foods. How do you see if it's modulated milk? First, look at the product type. If the product type is written as modulated milk, then it is modulated milk. Second, look at the ingredients list. The ingredients list of modulated milk generally contains water, sugar or honey and other sugars, and other ingredients will be added. Third, look at the nutritional composition of the nutrient composition of the modulated milk. Generally, the protein content will be relatively low, about 2.5 g/100 ml, which is lower than that of pure milk. The third type: high-calcium low-fat milk If the child's weight is normal, it is not recommended to drink high-calcium low-fat milk, unless the child is overweight or obese, the doctor recommends drinking it. The calcium added to high-calcium low-fat milk is actually a milk mineral salt, because minerals are added to the milk, in order to prevent sedimentation, the food additive gellan gum and sodium hexametaphosphate are also added. Some also add a small amount of sugar for taste. Therefore, it is not recommended to give children high-calcium low-fat milk.

Nutritionist's suggestion: There are mainly two kinds of healthy milk for children, don't choose the wrong one

The first one: pure milk The ingredient list of pure milk is "raw milk", and the higher the protein content in the nutrient list, the better. Some proteins on the market have a content of 2.8 grams, and some can reach 3.6 grams or even 3.7 grams. The higher the protein content, the more high-quality protein the child will consume by drinking milk. The calcium content of pure milk should be at least 100 mg or 120 mg. If there are two kinds of pure milk, and one has a calcium content of 120 mg, it is recommended to choose 120 mg. Children with high calcium content can consume more calcium. The second type: low-sugar yogurt yogurt is actually pure milk fermented with lactic acid bacteria. However, when choosing yogurt, try to choose yogurt with less sugar content, mainly because of the relatively low carbohydrate content in the ingredient list, and the second is to look at the ingredient list with as few additives as possible. When choosing milk for children, be sure to avoid choosing three kinds of fake milk, and learn to choose two kinds of good milk. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: Are all pure milk the same? wrong! Choose milk to be more knowledgeable, choose the right milk for children to grow taller Dispel the rumor that student milk is "fake milk", causing children to grow taller? Both types of student milk are nutritious
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