Whether the relationship between husband and wife is deep or not, the following occasions at home are exposed clearly, no one can deceive

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Whether the relationship between husband and wife is deep or not, the following occasions at home are exposed clearly, no one can deceive

Text | Cheats Jun Marriage is a lifetime of practice. Most couples come together because of love and form a family together, and they have three meals in one house and four seasons. Home is the best testimony of family life and married life. When we go out of the house, each of us will pack up and dress up, put on a mask, more or less disguise ourselves, and act for others to see. And when he gets home, he takes off his clothes to reveal his truest appearance. That's why the family has witnessed the truest appearance of each person without reservation, and recorded every bit of the relationship between the husband and wife. Therefore, the relationship between husband and wife is not deep, and home is the best testimony. Whether the relationship between husband and wife is deep or not, the following occasions at home are clearly exposed, and no one can deceive.


The fireworks in the world are the most soothing to the hearts of ordinary people. Although a porridge and a meal are ordinary, they are the most real life. When marriage is implemented, it is nothing more than being able to eat together. The kitchen is the place with the most smoke and temperature. There, a bowl and a spoon, a pot of rice, fried rice, oil and salt make up the day after day of a dull life. The husband and wife are in the kitchen every day, from pots and pans, firewood, rice, oil and salt, to make three meals a day that suit the family's taste. No matter whether the room is big or small, the decoration of the house is gorgeous or simple, as long as there are fireworks in the kitchen, someone is cooking at the meal, can serve hot meals, and the family can eat at the table, this life is full of Bentou, this marriage is practical warmth and sweetness. But if the house is bigger and brighter, but the kitchen is a cold pot and a stove, the fire will not be turned on for ten days and a half months. I have a hard time believing how long a marriage like this can last and how loving a couple like this is. Because married life is like firewood, rice, oil, salt, and steam. If the kitchen is not on fire, the day is cold. There is no warmth in family and marriage. Where do such couples come from?


The most private place in the bedroom, but also the most witnessing place of marital relationship. I heard many friends around me say that marriage has become like this somehow. Obviously they are husband and wife, the closest lover lying on the same bed. But now that they are all cleaned up, they are lying on the bed with their backs facing each other, playing with their mobile phones, knowing that he is behind them, but it seems like a galaxy is separated from them. This is a true portrayal of how many couples are in the bedroom. The closest thing is not a partner, but a mobile phone. I would rather spend all my time on my mobile phone, and I would rather talk all night with those invisible and intangible people on the mobile phone, but I don’t want to reach out and give a hug to the people around me, but I don’t hesitate to ask the people around me for a topic. Obviously it should be the warmest night time, but some couples live as divided and alienated like shared roommates. This is the night time when all kinds of sounds are constantly heard, and only the sound of the phone vibrating is occasionally heard. Such marriages and partners only consume each other's trust and dependence. When each other is silent and silent, the fate of husband and wife is coming to an end. And a really good couple, even if they are busy during the day, pack up at night and go back to the bedroom, they will create their own time for the two of them. Even if there is no major event, just talk about what I saw and heard on the way to work today, and some trivial things are also fun to share. What matters is not what you say, but what I want to hear and what you want to say. Simple interaction is the best nourishment for marriage. [Topic discussion: How do you feel about the current marriage? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological consultant. He understands parenting and psychology, and also pays attention to the mother's self-growth and family management, and strives to be a caring person for mothers. Welcome to [Parenting Cheats], you can find the answers here for everything you want to know about parenting care, growth and development, family education, and mental health!
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