Do you put water or milk first when your baby prepares formula? Parents doing the reverse order will hurt the child's spleen and stomach

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Do you put water or milk first when your baby prepares formula? Parents doing the reverse order will hurt the child's spleen and stomach

Text | Mother Ying 01 After Dongdong's caesarean section gave birth to the child, the child's A's score was unsatisfactory, and she needed to be admitted to the neonatology department. The child was admitted to the neonatology department for a week. Give your child milk powder. After giving birth, Dongdong felt sorry for the child. She couldn't eat or sleep well every day. In the end, her breast milk became less and less. As a result, after the child was a month old, she was weaned directly to drink milk powder. #讀 Zero Zero Plan# Dongdong also simply went to work and threw the child to the grandparents. When the grandparents took the child, they were very casual. To prepare milk powder for the child, Dongdong told her grandparents that it is enough to put two spoonfuls of milk powder and 60 ml of water for the child each time. The two elderly people did follow Dongdong's request, adding 60ml of water to two tablespoons of milk powder each time, but they put milk powder first and then water every time, so the child always had diarrhea after eating, which was uncomfortable. 02 The old man felt that the child should be fine, so he did not send him to the hospital for a long time. When he was sent to the hospital later, the doctor said that the child had enteritis and needed hospitalization. The doctor asked the child's feeding situation in detail before knowing that every time the old man made milk powder, he put milk powder first and then water. The doctor said that this preparation method is not correct. The osmotic pressure of the milk powder will be higher and the concentration of the milk powder will be higher. Children who often drink this kind of high-concentration milk powder when they are young will harm the health of the body. When Ying's mother went to the countryside to give lectures to parents, she would ask her father to demonstrate how to prepare milk powder. Many fathers have a misunderstanding when preparing milk powder, that is, put the milk powder first and then the water! Dad thinks that putting milk powder first or putting water first is not a big problem. In fact, when children are young, formulating milk powder is very particular!

Do you put water or milk first to prepare milk powder? Mom, don't get the order wrong, otherwise the child will be the one who will be in trouble.

★ The ratio of water and milk that affects the osmotic pressure of the milk powder is required, and the osmotic pressure is normal when the ratio is correct. It is recommended to put 30 ml of milk powder in a level spoon. In fact, put water first and then milk. If you put milk first and then water, the amount of water will be reduced, and the osmotic pressure will become stronger, which is not conducive to children's digestion and gastrointestinal health. ★Nutrition will be affected. Put the milk first and then the water, which will cause the milk powder to be easy to agglomerate during the preparation process. The agglomerated milk powder is not easy for the child to digest. So when making milk powder, put water first and then milk. Parents, don't make the wrong order! And when you put water, you must follow the required scale. For example, if you put 30 ml of water, parents should put 30 ml of water, and then put the bottle in a position that is balanced with the line of sight to see if the water is placed in the 30 ml position. Then slowly add the milk powder to dissolve slowly.

Parents should avoid these three misunderstandings when feeding children with milk powder, otherwise it will easily hurt the child's stomach

Myth 1: Frequent milk changes are different The formulas in different brands of milk powder are different. If the child has no special circumstances before 6 months, it is best not to change the milk powder. Because the child is prone to gastrointestinal discomfort as soon as the milk powder is replaced, if the child's gastrointestinal tract is relatively poor before 6 months, frequent replacement of the milk powder will easily affect the child's gastrointestinal health. Misunderstanding 2: Do not pay attention to the concentration of milk powder preparation. For example, when preparing milk powder for children, put milk powder first and then water, or suggest a flat spoonful of milk powder, but only put half a spoonful or a full spoonful, which will destroy the milk powder. concentration. If the milk powder concentration is too low, it is not conducive to the child's nutrient absorption, and the milk powder concentration is too high, which will hurt the child's stomach. Misunderstanding 3: Improper storage of milk powder. For example, if the child's milk powder is not closed in time after opening, it is easy for bacteria and viruses to enter the milk powder, and even insects enter the milk powder can. Or put the baby's milk powder in a place exposed to sunlight, which can easily lead to the deterioration of the milk powder. There are also some parents who put milk powder in the refrigerator, which causes the milk powder to be wet and caked. These are not the correct storage methods. The storage of milk powder should be stored in a cool and dry place. It is best for children to be breastfed. If there is no way to breastfeed, when formulating milk powder for children, be sure to put water first and then milk, and avoid several misunderstandings of milk powder feeding. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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