Returning to the workplace after giving birth to a baby

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Returning to the workplace after giving birth to a baby

In today's society, in order to live, many mothers have to return to the workplace after giving birth. At this time, they have a special status - nursing mothers. At the same time of work, it is also the responsibility of breastfeeding the baby. This is indeed a very hard thing. Some mothers have difficulty in balancing the two, which is also very distressing. Since graduating, Xiao Li has been developing her career well, and her position in the unit has also been promoted again and again. For her own career, she did not choose to have children a few years before her marriage. She didn't have her own baby until her thirties. After the baby was three months old, Xiaoli returned to work. Because the baby is too young and has not been weaned yet, every day Xiaoli's mother-in-law brings the baby to her to feed her, twice a day, almost without interruption. In addition to breastfeeding, she also has to endure the discomfort of breastfeeding. Whenever she is free, she has to take time to go to her office to pump milk. Besides going to work every day, she also has to worry about the child's feeding problem. Xiaoli feels really tired. I want to wean the baby quickly. In 2020, my country conducted a survey on urban women. The survey showed that about 70% of the mothers went to work on time after taking maternity leave. Among these groups, 26.1% of the mothers joined breastfeeding. Among them, women in Beijing account for the highest proportion, reaching 50%. These data also show us how difficult it is for women in the workplace.

Points to pay attention to as a breastfeeding mother

I believe that every mother wants the best for their children as breastfeeding It is really a helpless move for the family, because they have no way to balance raising a baby and working to make money. So, if you want to be a "nursing mother", there are a few points that need to be paid attention to. 1. Be prepared in advance Before the maternity leave is over, mothers will start to consider the issue of bringing their babies after work. Generally speaking, in-laws bring the most babies, and mothers are the most at ease, so leave it to them , both husband and wife can go to work with confidence. But if the parents of both husband and wife can't take care of them and want to hire a nanny to take care of them, mothers must keep their eyes open and go to a professional and reliable intermediary company to find them. You can usually install a camera at home and see the nanny on your mobile phone at any time. The dynamic of bringing a baby, so that you can feel more at ease. 2. Solve the separation anxiety of the baby. Before going to work, many mothers are most reluctant to part with the baby, and the baby is very reluctant to leave the mother. From birth to the end of the maternity leave, the baby stays by the mother's side, and has to be separated from them all at once. Many babies Separation anxiety occurs, and crying is severe, which distracts moms from thinking about their kids during work hours. Therefore, at home, family members should take turns taking care of the children as much as possible, so that the baby is familiar with each family member. Practice the separation from the baby in advance, so that the child can adapt to the life without the mother in advance.

Things to prepare ahead of time for nursing mothers.

Among the milk-carrying families, in addition to the problems that mothers need to overcome, the most important one is the problem of their own breast milk, which needs to be solved by mothers themselves. Generally speaking, when deciding to be a milk bearer, mothers need to prepare the following things. 1. Breast pump is an indispensable item for breastfeeding mothers. Some mothers will start using it after the baby is born. Anyway, this thing does solve their milk blockage. Breastfeeding problem. It is recommended that mothers prepare an electric breast pump, which is convenient to use, saves trouble, and can save time and improve work efficiency in the workplace. 2. Breast milk storage is the problem of storage after breast milk is pumped, so breast storage also needs to be prepared. Mothers can choose some breast storage devices with better sealing, safe material and suitable for freezing, which can make breast milk better. storage for your baby's emergencies. But be careful not to choose metal products as much as possible, because metal products will absorb the nutrients in breast milk, resulting in the loss of breast milk nutrition. 3. Portable thermal insulation products Breast milk also needs to be stored in time, otherwise it is easy to cause bacteria to grow, so mothers can choose a good portable thermal insulation bag with its own refrigeration effect, which will be more convenient to use. 4. The length of maternity leave for each mother is different. Some mothers go to work early. At this time, breast milk secretion may be strong, so some cleaning products of your own, especially the anti-spill pads, must be prepared. Well, to prevent some embarrassing situations from leaking milk. It is not easy to coordinate breastfeeding and work at the same time. Many mothers will feel very uncomfortable when they first return to the workplace. Therefore, before going back, all the things that should be arranged should be arranged in advance. Breastfeeding mothers can try to do these things well. 1) Let the baby adapt to bottle feeding in advance; 2) Pay attention to the storage time of breast milk. Generally speaking, frozen breast milk can be stored for 3-6 months, and refrigerated breast milk can be stored for up to 48 hours; 3) Try not to use glass materials Store the container or it will crack easily in the refrigerator. Disposable milk storage bags or bottles are relatively the most convenient. Conclusion: The rise of the milk-carrying family actually shows the helplessness of more mothers. With the improvement of living standards, the cost of raising children is also increasing, and it is difficult for the family to rely on fathers to make money to support the family. In order to provide a good economic condition for their children, parents have to give up some things, make more money, and ensure a good living environment for their families. Nursing mothers will encounter more pressure than ordinary people at work. Therefore, their families should be more understanding and tolerant towards them. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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