What happens to the internal organs of the mother during the tenth month of pregnancy? A high-definition comparison picture tells you

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What happens to the internal organs of the mother during the tenth month of pregnancy? A high-definition comparison picture tells you

Wen|Jing Ma There are three kinds of people in this world, one is a man, one is a woman, and the other is a pregnant woman, because a pregnant woman means that two people exist together! #讀 Zero Zero Plan# But there are still many people who think: "Pregnancy is actually a matter of letting nature take its course, and it is also a very easy thing". As everyone knows, pregnancy is a very big burden and impact on the mother's body! What we can see is that the mother's belly is slowly getting bigger and the movement becomes inconvenient, but what we can't see is a small embryo growing up in the mother's belly. Originally, there was no room in the mother's stomach, but she had to squeeze out space to make way for the fetus!

How is this space squeezed out? What kind of squeeze will the mother's internal organs be? A high-definition comparison picture tells you

★The bladder is slowly being squashed. A very obvious physical change in the mother during pregnancy is that she always feels frequent urination and urgency. Whenever she wants to go to the toilet, she must go to the toilet immediately. Because the mother's organ that holds urine is the bladder, which has been compressed by the gradually enlarging uterus, the space has become much smaller, resulting in limited urine storage, so the mother will frequently want to go to the toilet. Many mothers are impressed that after giving birth, doctors and nurses will urge mothers to go to the toilet and urinate quickly. Because the bladder that has been compressed by the uterus will slowly return to the pre-pregnancy level, the sensitivity of the bladder will decrease at this time, and the urethra will also have a certain impact during childbirth, so let the mother urinate as soon as possible. Avoid triggering urethritis. ★Before the pelvic floor muscle relaxation, actor Tang Wei's partner Lei Jiayin broke the news that when she was acting with Tang Wei, she always went to the toilet frequently, which made it difficult for herself to enter the play! In fact, the reason why Tang Wei has to go to the toilet frequently is because of the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on her physiology. In the TV series "Female Psychologist", the second-born mother accidentally leaked urine on the way to send her daughter to school. This embarrassing scene stung the hearts of many mothers who have given birth to children. Because the mother will put pressure on the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy, and the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles will gradually deteriorate under long-term pressure, causing the mother to leak urine easily. For example, when coughing or laughing too loudly, or with too much force, it is easy to leak urine. ★Spine deformation Many mothers have a very obvious uterus enlargement in the middle and late pregnancy, which will pull on our spine, causing the spine to bend forward involuntarily. This will disrupt the balance of the body, cause the center of gravity to move forward, and pull the muscles in the back, causing the mother to feel back pain or back pain. After giving birth, if the mother does not return to normal posture in time, this kind of back pain may continue. ★Intestinal dysfunction mothers in the early pregnancy, it is easy to reduce the secretion of digestive juice due to the increase of hormones, and have a bad appetite. It is normal for them to be unable to eat in the early pregnancy. In the second trimester, although the appetite is better, but eating a little will make you full, especially in the third trimester, you will be full after eating a little, but you will be hungry again. Mainly because the mother's stomach and intestines will become smaller after being squeezed by the enlarged uterus, so she feels full after eating a little meal, but her body needs a lot of nutrients, so she is hungry again after a while. In addition, more nutrients are needed, and the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract slows down, so the mother will also have constipation. Gastrointestinal disorders are mainly reflected in the easy to eat a little and feel full, stomach bloating and indigestion, and constipation. Many mothers suffered from hemorrhoids caused by constipation during pregnancy, and the hemorrhoids were not relieved after giving birth. ★Lungs and hearts are compressed. Many mothers feel that when they are not pregnant, they have no problem walking up to the 5th floor, but when they are pregnant, they feel out of breath when they walk up to the 3rd floor, and sometimes they feel uncomfortable when walking a little faster. . That's because the enlarged uterus will put pressure on the heart and the lungs. In addition, after pregnancy, the mother's entire blood volume increases, and the amount of ventilation required also increases, causing the mother to often feel short of breath. promote. After reading this comparison chart, we can clearly know that for mothers, pregnancy is not just as simple as an enlarged belly, but also causes a series of changes in the mother's internal organs. For mothers, the whole pregnancy period is very hard. of. Therefore, as human beings, we should thank the mother who gave birth to us! (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: Pregnancy Food Black and Red List! How to eat during pregnancy is more conducive to the health of the fetus, mothers should know that from pregnancy to pregnancy, the five types of pregnancy tests are "intelligence quotient taxes", wasting money and making pregnant women anxious
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