A few years ago, my mother-in-law did not ask, what should I do if the baby grew up and came to be close again? Mother's three principles are very wise

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A few years ago, my mother-in-law did not ask, what should I do if the baby grew up and came to be close again? Mother's three principles are very wise

Text | Cheats-kun knew a friend who came from a distant marriage. After giving birth, my mother-in-law was in good health when she was young, but she just ignored it. After my friend's husband took care of her confinement at home for more than ten days, she had no choice but to go to work in another place. Before leaving, she asked her mother to take good care of her daughter-in-law. My friend's mother-in-law agreed well. But as soon as the son left, he didn't care about anything. The friend's parents were far away, and the friend didn't want them to worry, so he didn't tell him the situation. So for the rest of the month, there was a mother and a baby waiting to be fed. My mother-in-law and my friends still live in the same city, and I have never seen it, and I have never taken the initiative to call and ask about myself and my children. While collapsing, the friend tried to take care of the child while recovering. At the hardest time, he looked at the window and wanted to jump off for a hundred times, but he couldn't bear it for the sake of the child, so he brought the child up. After the child went to primary school, a friend found a job. During this period, my mother-in-law stayed in the hospital once. After that, my mother-in-law's attitude changed, especially for the children. She often called friends and said that if she was too busy, she could pick up the children and take care of the children. She would buy a lot of things to see the children on Sundays and holidays, and would also give the children red envelopes and bring them with them. Children go out to play. The friend watched all this with cold eyes, and when facing her mother-in-law, she still had the courtesy. A few years ago, my mother-in-law didn't ask, what should I do when I grew up and came to be close again? Mom's Three No Principles are very wise.

Do not encourage, do not block, do not reject

My friend said, I understand my mother-in-law's thoughts, and now she wants to get close to and please the child. I do not encourage, I will not take the initiative to tell the children, let the children get closer to their grandparents. The child is not stupid. Who treats him well is clear in his heart. The person who really loves him, even if I don't say it, the child will be close to him from the bottom of his heart. I will not stop it either. If the child is willing to get along with his in-laws, I will not stop it. I respect the child's choice, and I will not complain in front of the child how wronged I used to be and how bad the mother-in-law treated us. I don't want the grievances between my mother-in-law and me to affect the children. Some things children have their own judgment. Of course, I will not refuse all kinds of in-laws to please the children now. If it is true that the child will have grandparents in the future, it will be better than none. It is also good for the child to have more love. Whether it is late love or not, it is better than nothing. If it is fake, the child is not stupid. At the beginning, I was very sympathetic to my friend's experience. During the difficult years after giving birth, my in-laws could help but stand by. After so many years of hardships alone, my friend finally brought up the child, the child is sensible, the in-laws are getting older, and their health is not good. I know that I can’t do without the help of young people in the future, and I want to enjoy the grandchildren. When the family is happy, I want to pick the ready-made fruit. Don't talk about friends, I'm an outsider who can't be angry. But my friends taught me a vivid lesson by not blocking, not encouraging, and not rejecting these three principles, and it also reflected the great wisdom of a mother.

Adults' grievances should not affect children

Many mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law have conflicts in their lives, some of which are even so old and dead . But I think no matter how the adults make troubles, it is best not to bring children into the grudges and entanglements between adults. It is even worse for children to be involved in the adult world prematurely. At the same time, don't reject others' goodness to your child for your own sake. As parents, we want more people to love our children, and it's better to love a child than to hate it. Of course, gossip, except for those who only speak ill of their mother. [Topic discussion: Do you have such grandparents around you? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological consultant. He understands parenting and psychology, and also pays attention to the mother's self-growth and family management, and strives to be a caring person for mothers. Welcome to [Parenting Cheats], you can find the answers here for everything you want to know about parenting care, growth and development, family education, and mental health!
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