How painful is it to strip the placenta by hand? Netizen: The doctor put his hand into the uterus, it hurts more than the opening of the cervix

time:2022-12-09 author:Emergency treatment
How painful is it to strip the placenta by hand? Netizen: The doctor put his hand into the uterus, it hurts more than the opening of the cervix

Wen|Mother Ying gave birth to a child in 10 hours to outsiders, but it is actually divided into three stages of labor. The first stage of labor is the cervical dilation period that many mothers are particularly impressed by. It usually takes 11 to 12 hours. At this time, because the contractions are more frequent, many mothers will feel very painful! The actual birth is in the second stage of labor, called the "delivery period," which usually takes two hours. After the baby is born, everything is not all right, because the placenta needs to be delivered immediately. This is the third stage of labor. Generally, it takes 10 to 15 minutes for the placenta to be stripped and delivered, but no more than 30 minutes. Most lucky mothers are able to go through the third stage of labor smoothly, but there are also mothers who do not go well when they reach the third stage of labor. For example, the placenta has not been peeled off for a long time, or when the placenta is delivered, it is found that it has not been delivered completely, and there is still a remnant of the placenta in the uterus. At this time, the doctor can only perform hand placenta removal! That is, in a painless state, the doctor reached into the mother's uterus and stripped the placenta! The whole process is quicker, but there are a lot of steps.

What steps does a hand stripping reel go through? After reading distressed mother

The first step: Disinfection of the vulva Disinfect the vulva first to prevent infection. Step 2: Carrying out stripping, the doctor supports the abdomen with one palm, and the other palm together in a cone shape, directly extending into the uterine cavity, with the palm facing up to the mother's belly, fingers close together, and the ulnar edge of the palm to gradually move the placenta from the edge to the uterus The wall is separated, and the palm of the abdomen is assisted to press the uterine bottom to allow the placenta to be better separated. Note: The operation must be gentle, to avoid forcible peeling, to prevent the rupture of the uterus. Step 3: Check the integrity After removing the placenta, slowly remove the placenta to check whether the removed placenta is complete. If it is not complete, you need to enter the uterine cavity again with bare hands to remove the remaining placenta and fetal membranes. Step 4: Incomplete removal of the placenta to clear the palace If the residual placenta cannot be completely cleaned out, it may be the placenta accreta that needs to be cleared from the palace. And because the uterus will continue to contract after childbirth, manual placenta removal also needs to be carried out quickly. Therefore, if there is no time for anesthesia, it can only be done forcibly! Director Tang, director of the obstetrics department of Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center, used 3D animation to describe the process of removing the placenta by hand. This process makes people feel pain across the screen! Netizens said: It is not easy for a woman to give birth to a baby!

How painful is hand removal of the placenta? Take a look at the personal experience of netizens

Netizen @ Jinger: Three or four doctors take turns to help peel, and even use duck-billed pliers to go in with pliers to cut and remove those that cannot be removed. 40 minutes is comparable to half a century, and the whole process of pinching Holding hands, it hurts so much both physically and mentally! Netizen @東小东: The placenta is missing a piece, and it really hurts more than giving birth to a baby. Netizen @滝年: It hurts so much that you doubt life, the doctor who hurts can't listen to anything I say! Netizen @Creme Pudding: The pain is really indescribable, the whole delivery room can hear my ghost crying and wolf howling! Netizen @? ? ? ? : Both babies are peeled by hand, it really hurts more than when the baby was born! Why can't the placenta be delivered naturally and need to be manually stripped? It may be that the mother has experienced miscarriage before, so as a woman, if you don’t want to have a child, you must remember to use contraception!

Mothers are pregnant and have children, these pains can be alleviated or avoided, what to do

Hemorrhoid pain mothers must prevent during pregnancy For constipation, we usually eat vegetables and fruits, and we also need to move around frequently and do some exercise during pregnancy, so as to make our intestines work better and avoid constipation. As long as there is no constipation, it is not easy to have hemorrhoids. In case of hemorrhoids, don't be afraid of the doctor, you should see a doctor. ★Back pain Many mothers say that it is easy to have back pain during pregnancy and postpartum. This may be because we have not supplemented enough calcium during pregnancy, so we should pay attention to calcium supplementation during pregnancy. In addition to drinking milk, we can also supplement calcium piece. In addition to calcium supplementation, you should also pay attention to the correct sitting posture. When sitting in the seat, you should straighten your back and put a pillow behind you. It is recommended to practice some yoga during pregnancy, which is very helpful for relieving back pain. ★Pain in vaginal delivery Now many hospitals have painless delivery, so if the mother is afraid of pain during vaginal delivery, it is recommended to start painless delivery when the cervix is ​​opened two to three fingers. Pregnancy and childbirth is a test for a mother. At this time, you need the care and love of your family, especially your husband, so I am grateful to the person who gave birth to children for you! (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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