19-year-old girl gave birth to twins, paternity test found two fathers, doctor: extremely rare

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19-year-old girl gave birth to twins, paternity test found two fathers, doctor: extremely rare

Text | Jingma 01 According to a report by the "Daily Mail" on September 7, a 19-year-old girl in Brazil gave birth to twins last year! Eight months after the twins, he wanted to find out who the father of the children was, so he took a paternity test. It turns out that the fathers of these two children are not the same person! The doctor mentioned that this phenomenon is very rare, there are about 20 such cases in the world. It's called "half-superfertilization". 02 This reminds me of what Deng Yajun, director of the Beijing Zhongzheng Forensic Appraisal Institute, mentioned before. I have really encountered two such cases in my career for many years. The probability that the twins are not the same father, she said that the probability is true Also very low, even lower than winning the lottery! Twins are different fathers need to meet the conditions must be fraternal twins. Some twins look very similar because they are the same egg and the same sperm that become two children during the differentiation process! So they have the same gender and look very similar, because their genetics are the same! Some twins don't look alike, even dragons and phoenixes, so these are fraternal twins, that is, two children formed by the union of two different eggs and two different sperm are fraternal twins. If the mother releases two eggs during ovulation, and sperm from two different people enters the mother's body within a very short period of time, it is possible that one egg fuses with the sperm of one person, and the other egg combines with the other person. The sperms combine, so the twins are not the same father! Many people will envy the mother of twins, thinking that if you give birth to two at a time, it will be done in one time. As everyone knows, mothers who are pregnant with twins will work harder and experience more difficulties.

Mothers with twins work harder than mothers with singles, and they are born to be grateful to their mothers

Pregnancy in the first trimester The reaction is more severe in the first trimester, and many mothers will have a pregnancy reaction of poor appetite and inability to eat. If she is pregnant with two children, the mother's pregnancy reaction will be more severe, and it is very likely that she will vomit when she drinks water. At this time, the mother must pay attention. If the vomiting is too serious, go to the hospital for examination, otherwise the urine ketone body will increase, which will affect the development of the fetal nervous system. ★Mother's weight grows faster Two children and one child need very different nutrients, and two children in the mother's womb will also cause the mother's weight to gain too fast. We suggest that if the mother is pregnant with a single child, it is enough to gain 20 pounds in weight, but at least 30 pounds should be added when pregnant with twins, so as to meet the needs of fetal growth and development. Moreover, the mother's weight increases rapidly, and the pressure on the mother's whole body will also be greater. For example, the pressure on the mother's knees will be greater, it will be more inconvenient for the mother to move, and the mother is more likely to develop gestational diabetes, or gestational hypertension and other pregnancy complications, for the mother to have a pregnancy There are more things to be afraid of. ★Mother needs to do more obstetric examinations. If it is a single child, about 10 obstetric examinations are enough for the whole ten months of pregnancy, but if the mother is pregnant with twins, it may be 15 or even 16 obstetric examinations. Because twins are more prone to various problems, mothers need to be more cautious, check more items, and check more frequently. And if we want to go to the hospital for an obstetric examination, we need to go to the hospital to register and wait in line to find a doctor, all of which require time and energy. ★The discomfort of twin mothers during pregnancy is more obvious. Pregnancy discomfort is caused by various problems in the mother's body due to pregnancy, such as back pain caused by pregnancy, indigestion caused by pregnancy, flatulence, constipation caused by pregnancy, and hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy. , sleep disturbance caused by pregnancy. These pregnancy discomforts, the mothers of twins have to bear more seriously! Xie Na mentioned before that she couldn't sleep at all when she was pregnant with twin daughters. She often went to the garage at night, and could only narrow her eyes a little while sitting in the car. So twins seem to be able to give birth to two at a time, but in fact, it is very stressful for the mother. (The pictures are all from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement) For more exciting content, please click: Paternity test when registering, twins "same mother and different father", appraiser: I have seen two cases of neighbors: "The older the son, the less likely it is Like a father", a 40-year-old single father became depressed after a paternity test
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