What do you think of the fact that the teacher of a primary school in Jiangsu mistakenly sent the "gift receipt record" to the class group?

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What do you think of the fact that the teacher of a primary school in Jiangsu mistakenly sent the "gift receipt record" to the class group?

#Error sending and receiving gift records until group chat teacher was suspended# This statistical table of the suspected gift list is reminiscent of make-up classes. In the years when training classes were popular, some voices on the Internet claimed that some teachers held training classes by themselves. They did not teach key content in the class, but they would teach it in the after-class training class. Some children are targeted by teachers because they do not attend the teacher's training class. Now there is this clearly marked parent gift list. I mean, if this is really a gift list, the purpose of this teacher's record is to calculate how much the "sideline" income is in a year, or to see if there are no students who have not "give the gift" ”, and then tit for tat behind their backs? Either way, it sends chills down your spine just thinking about it. So, individual teachers were originally so greedy for money and power? not necessarily! After all, human beings are inherently good. But what causes people to fall?

1. Power

Right is a good thing, it can do anything. No matter what family background, background, or education a person is, once he has the power in his hand, he has the super power to call the wind and call the rain and do whatever he wants.

2. Money

Money is a powerful thing, it can make ghosts run the mill and make people slaves, willing to spend their lives and work hard for it. With money, you can stand above the ground, you can get more high-quality resources, you can get in touch with more powerful characters, and then you can become a character who calls the wind and rain, and has more "power" to manipulate others. "Money" and "Power" complement each other and achieve each other. That is to say, "money" is equal to "power", and "power" is equal to having "money". Therefore, countless people want to become powerful and rich people. Money gives birth to power, power gives birth to money, and life grows endlessly.

3. People

Those who are oppressed by power and money have to look at the faces of "quan" and "money", listen to "quan" and "quan" and "money" The words of "qian" and the execution of the orders of "quan" and "qian", if they are not discerning and obedient enough, when "quan" and "qian" show their power, the little scoundrel may be "ashes". In order to "save their lives", the little guys had to bow their heads to "quan" and "money". Some hooligans see that they can't provoke people with "power" and "money", so they choose to take a detour; but the little hooligans who know the general situation are willing to give their "money" to those who seek "power" to take care of them . This dedication cannot be stopped, and those who taste the sweetness of "money" and "power" desire more and more. Repeating this, a vicious circle is formed: everyone forgets their original intentions, forgets to do business, and is controlled by "power" and "money" all their lives, and they completely become their puppets. The "teacher" mentioned in the news is the person who controls the "power". His task is to teach and educate the gardener and cultivate talents for the country, but he forgets his duty and concentrates on using his power to make money. And individual parents have also become helpers to fuel this bad ethos. They secretly gave gifts and money, so that teachers who could not keep up were completely lost. In fact, if the teacher is upright in body and mind, and no one is used to it, the teacher is the teacher, and the parents are the parents. Together, there will be hope for children and education. But if teachers are not teachers and parents are not parents, what kind of children will our children become? Where is education heading? So for the sake of children and education, this muddy water should be cleaned up completely.
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