I don't want to go to school after breaking my knee. Is my child "too squeamish"? Sensitive children need more care

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I don't want to go to school after breaking my knee. Is my child "too squeamish"? Sensitive children need more care

The heart of the child is sensitive, and it is open to receive all that is good. Every child's growth and development will go through a sensitive period. During this period, parents need to pay extra attention and attention. Many parents often think that the child is squeamish when they encounter the sensitive period of the child. They are usually dissatisfied with their children's performance, and parents sometimes have wrong educational methods. To truly help children grow, they need to pay serious attention to their children's psychological development.

Break the knee and don't want to go to school, is the child "too squeamish"?

Sugar Mom was asked by one of her daughters' parents when she was tutoring several children in sandplay. It is said that the child cares too much about the opinions of others, and is sensitive and cowardly. As a recent example, a child once injured his knee and cried to his father. The father made a joke to make his daughter happy, but the child felt very sad that the father did not care about her. Later, because the wound on the knee was ugly, the classmates would laugh at them, and they would not go to school for a few days. This sensitive type of child pays attention to details, especially the emotional expressions of others or interpersonal relationships. They like to meditate, or like to ask a lot of questions. Whether they are reacting to fear, anger or anger, all emotions are stronger than the average child. To deal with this type of children, parents must pay attention to the methods and methods. Sensitive children need more care from parents.

The characteristics of sensitive children are different from other children. Parents should first understand the characteristics of their children.

Sensitive children are especially easy to capture. Changes in other people's emotions. For example, when parents talk to other children, they are very gentle, but they are very impatient when watching their own studies. Or when they talk to their parents about their troubles and pain, they don’t hear the answers and care they want; or they always feel ridiculed and neglected when they get along with their peers. When many parents are raising their children, they think that children with sensitive traits are cautious, introverted, timid, weak, and out of place compared to other children... They think such children are unhappy, uncreative, not smart enough, and very Worry about their performance in group life. But I would advise all parents not to put your own evaluation labels on your children. Many parents don't pay attention to protecting their sensitive children's hearts and judge their children in front of others at will, for example: "My children don't like to talk, my children don't like to play with children, my children's reaction is too slow... .." The labelled sensitive children will show lack of self-confidence, upset, and inner restlessness under the cue and influence of their parents. Parents need to understand the uniqueness of sensitive children in order to protect them. As a parent, raising sensitive children can be one of life's greatest challenges and happiest tasks. If parents focus on their differences, they will be better able to grasp the conflict and actually solve the problem. Parents must have the courage to accept their children's innate personality, and not always label their children negatively, so as to find a good model for getting along with their children and cooperating with each other, so as to truly understand their children's needs and help them grow physically and mentally.

Accept the nature of children, accompany them to channel their emotions, parents' understanding and support are the biggest backing for children

It is necessary to accept children Nature, when he is troubled by other people's opinions, when he is sad and crying because of sensitivity, he tries to understand his emotions, and stays with him for a while before starting the task of counseling. Create a calm atmosphere, gentle rules, don't put too much pressure and force. He may be more demanding of himself and hope to do his best to do things well. Parents should provide support, accept his temporary withdrawal, and must not resort to aggressive tactics. When children are affected by external voices, they need to guide them and use facts to prove whether other people's words and deeds are correct, and if they are wrong, ignore them. It may be because the timing is not right, the results are not good, or each person's personality is different, etc., we must dig deep into the reasons, let the children understand the reasons behind, and then judge right and wrong, will establish a clearer self-awareness, have a strong sense of self. of self-support. When children feel wronged in their interactions because of their sensitivity, they must be taught to refuse and express themselves bravely. Teach your child that it is allowed to put their own feelings first, and that refusing others is not selfish. Don't forget about yourself in caring for others and make yourself sad. You must also understand that you can express yourself bravely, and you will receive a response from the other party, making communication easier and more transparent.

Learn to appreciate your sensitive children, discover their potential, and open their eyes and hearts

These children are sensitive Many potential advantages will be found. For example, their carefulness will make them good at spotting mistakes and avoid making mistakes; they will also be more responsible and responsible than other children in doing things, and can concentrate and concentrate on what they are doing. They often ponder what's inside and may be a little thinker who matures mentally earlier than their peers. When you take a closer look at sensitive children, you will find that their temperament is different from other children. So even if your child has a quiet personality, is shy, doesn't like to communicate with you, doesn't have many friends, only likes to draw, read, and doesn't like sports... But he should still be the perfect child you admire the most. . Therefore, it is necessary to help them face themselves well, use their own sensitivity, and become a child with strong insight, more mature mind, good thinking, concentration, and strong logical ability. When there is a chance, parents should take their children out to gain more knowledge and broaden their horizons, which will help children become more confident, have the courage to open themselves up, and believe that they have the potential to face the reality and the future. Take the opportunity to take your kids out more, because travel is always a great way to gain insight. Leaving the original environment, children have to mobilize all the power of perception to explore and learn by themselves. Don't worry that the child is too young to remember anything, and don't worry that the child has a few days less time for cultural lessons. Because the experiences during the journey bring spiritual growth to the children and will not be easily erased. Take time to read with your kids, because reading is a low-cost, but most worthwhile investment. Every book is a new treasure house. Reading is the easiest way to gain knowledge and the most convenient way to see the world. It is also very important for them to take more children to make friends, which not only allows them to be better at expressing themselves, but also allows them to know what they think from their friends. Written at the end: Caring for sensitive children takes more patience and energy, but sensitive children usually return more to their parents. Four tips for parents: listen attentively, accompany patiently, praise and encourage, and discover potential. May your sacrifices be exchanged for the healthy growth of your children. [Today's Interaction] What kind of character does your child have, and what kind of problems have you encountered in your education? #autumn life punching season#
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