What exactly is a "milk powder companion"? Does it really improve indigestion?

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What exactly is a "milk powder companion"? Does it really improve indigestion?

People have a "soul mate", coffee has a "coffee mate", and I don't know when, even milk powder has a "milk mate". Open some e-commerce platforms for a search, and instantly pop up many kinds of "milk powder companions" with prices ranging from dozens to hundreds. Many merchants claim that "Milk Powder Companion" is rich in scientifically matched nutrients, which can improve the baby's gastrointestinal function and solve the problems of the baby's easy to get angry and indigestion when drinking milk powder. Does "Milk Powder Companion" really work so well? Or is it just a marketing gimmick?

01What is Milk Companion?

"Milk powder companion" is a new word that has gradually become popular in recent years. It is not a professional term, but a name "created" by businesses for marketing. At present, there is no product registered as "Milk Powder Companion", but merchants will vigorously advertise the product in the copywriting promotion of the product, and the main promotion points of different products are different, and the ingredients and nutritional ingredients will also be slightly different. But looking at the "milk powder companions" on the market, most of them focus on "preventing anger", "relieving indigestion", and "improving intestinal function". Some also advertise that "Milk Powder Companion" is a pure natural fresh fruit formula, free of additives, preservatives and artificial sugars, which can help babies improve their own resistance. To put it simply, the so-called "milk powder companion" in the propaganda is to supplement the insufficiency of milk powder, clearing fire, detoxifying and nourishing.

02What are the ingredients of Milk Companion?

Is "Milk Powder Companion" really so amazing? We can tell from its composition.
  • Sugar
The main ingredient of "Milk Powder Companion" is sugar, including refined sugar such as white sugar, glucose, maltodextrin. Sugar is an "empty energy" substance, which simply means that it has only energy and a single nutrient. Babies often drink "Milk Powder Companion", which will increase the intake of carbohydrates, and it is easy to gain weight and overweight; secondly, the taste of "Milk Powder Companion" is easy to develop the baby's excessive love and dependence on sweetness, resulting in a partial eclipse; Finally, "milk companions" increase the risk of tooth decay in babies. Many parents feel that baby teeth need to be replaced sooner or later, so they do not pay attention to the baby's dental caries. But the hidden dangers of dental caries should not be ignored by mothers and fathers. a. Affects the baby's chewing of food and nutritional intake; b. Affects the growth of the baby's permanent teeth, which are a group of permanent teeth that grow between the ages of 4-10; c. May cause chronic apical inflammation, which may cause Infection occurs in other parts of the baby's body; d. Affects the baby's pronunciation and aesthetics, makes him feel inferior, and affects his development when he grows up.
  • Plant raw materials or extracts
"Milk Powder Companion" often adds some plant raw materials or extracts, including hawthorn, lotus seeds, malt, honeysuckle, lily, chrysanthemum, orange peel, Poria cocos, etc. are claimed to be able to clear fire and digest food when they are sold. But there are many hidden pits. First of all, "Milk Powder Companion" is marked on the product packaging as a solid beverage, which belongs to food, not health care products or medicines, so it does not have the therapeutic effect claimed by the merchant. Secondly, most of these ingredients are homologous substances of medicine and food, such as honeysuckle, lily, chrysanthemum, lotus seeds, etc. Adults may be fine, but infants and young children are not fully developed, and long-term consumption may affect their health.
  • DHA, taurine and other nutrients
During infants and young children, DHA and taurine play an important role in the development of children's intelligence and vision. However, breast milk contains enough DHA and taurine. If the child is breastfed, there is no need for additional supplementation. At the same time, the vast majority of regular formula milk powder is also added with DHA, taurine and other ingredients that meet the corresponding national content requirements, and formula milk powder is a product designed on the basis of simulating breast milk ingredients, and its nutritional content has been very close and satisfied. Nutrition for infant development. Adding "milk powder companion" to milk powder to feed the baby will destroy the original nutrients and proportions in the milk powder, thereby affecting the baby's absorption of nutrients, or causing excess nutrition, which will affect the baby's development and growth. Finally, the vast majority of milk powder companions on the market are still implemented in accordance with solid beverage standards, and are not as strict as infant formula milk powder, infant cereal supplementary food, etc. In other words, milk powder companion is a kind of ordinary food. The so-called heat-clearing and detoxifying, indigestion-relieving and other effects are more gimmicks created by businesses. The essence is a "pit". Mom and Dad still need to keep their eyes open to avoid being deceived.
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