Children still can't wipe their own ass? Check out this guide now

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Children still can't wipe their own ass? Check out this guide now

When the children were young, they fed them into their mouths, helped them get dressed, and wiped their bottoms again and again. Every time they completed something, they felt very satisfied and fulfilled. But when the child grows up, we have to start "lazy" and let the child learn to eat and dress by himself, including wiping the buttocks. Different from eating and dressing, wiping the buttocks is performed in a place that you cannot see, and wiping the buttocks also requires pressing, twisting, wiping and other actions, which requires a lot of fine motor movements and hand strength.

When can a child try to wipe his own ass?

In fact, there is no standard answer to this question. It mainly depends on two aspects, one is the "lazy" degree of the parents, and the other is the acceptance degree of the children. If you have been "impatiently serving" your baby's shit, every time the baby shouts "Mom come and wipe my butt" on the toilet, you have to let go of everything, even if you are still eating, you can only Put down my job, there is only one thought in my mind, when can I escape from these nightmares that have brought me? Then at this time, you can start thinking about teaching your child to wipe his own ass. Of course, when teaching children to wipe their buttocks, they also need to consider their own acceptance. Each child's acceptance level is different, and you can't force the child too much. It is best to teach the child in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, so that the child is more willing to accept.

How to get kids interested in butt wipes?

As the saying goes: Interest is the best teacher. If the child does not take the initiative to become interested, parents can also cultivate the child's interest in wiping the butt. Parents can consciously read picture books about butt-wiping with their children, such as "I Will Wipe My Butt by Myself", "Yeah, Pulled Out the Banana Boat", "Yeah, Poo", etc., and can learn about the past life of "poo" with their children In this life, I can learn how to wipe my butt by the way. When watching cartoons or in daily life, if you see a child wiping his butt by himself, parents can also emphasize this behavior and tell the child: watching this child can wipe his own butt without the help of the parents, it is really amazing! After talking for a while, intentionally or unintentionally, you can ask the child in a side-by-side manner: Do you want to try to wipe your butt by yourself? Just like the children in picture books or TV, if you wipe your butt clean by yourself, you can get up and play immediately without waiting for your parents or teachers! When the child has a certain interest and willingness to wipe the buttocks, they can start practicing!

How do I properly wipe my ass?

Adults always feel that cleaning their buttocks is a natural thing, and they don't even need to think about it, but for children, every step needs to be explained clearly and repeatedly demonstrated. ”, such as not cleaning the butt, leaving residue on the hands, or paper clipping in the buttocks. Before wiping your butt, choose the right toilet paper. Too hard toilet paper will hurt your butt, too soft and easy to penetrate, and it can't be fluorescent. Conditions permitting, it can also be wiped with cotton soft towel or wet towel. After preparing for so long, we are about to officially start learning!
  • The first step is to fold the paper in half. This action looks simple, but if you don't teach it carefully, the child will be messing around.
  • The second step is to tell the child what rubbing is. You can let the child wipe the table and the bench after folding the paper, let him experience the feeling of wiping things. You can also find a doll, get the doll's butt dirty, let him wipe the doll's butt first, and find the feeling and method of wiping the butt.
  • The third step is to press the folded paper vertically into the buttocks seam. After pulling the stinky, the buttocks will be wet, and pressing the paper in will absorb the wet part.
  • The fourth step is to wipe the dirty part. When rubbing, draw a semicircle on the buttocks with your hands, hold down the "chrysanthemum", and rub a semicircle on each side. This avoids rubbing dirt from one place to another. Pay attention to wipe from the side of the butt to the bottom of the butt when wiping, try not to put your hand in from the front to wipe.
  • The fifth step, change a piece of paper and wipe it two or three times in the direction from front to back until it is clean. Be sure to wipe from the front to the back, especially for girls. If you wipe it backwards, it is easy to bring the dirt near the genitals, which is easy to get germs and even get inflamed.
  • The sixth step, which is also a very crucial step, is to check to see if the buttocks are wiped clean and whether there is any residual toilet paper in the buttocks seam.
While wiping the buttocks can be done easily for adults, it may not be so easy for children, and it may even take about half a year of training. As long as children make a little progress, they should be encouraged and motivated, so that they have a sense of accomplishment and feel that their efforts are worthwhile. Don't scold if you don't finish well at first, or waste a lot of paper, it takes time to practice. The child will be very concerned about his mother's evaluation of him. If he keeps criticizing him and makes him feel intimidated, he will not be willing to do it by himself. Let's review again, the whole process of teaching children to wipe their buttocks: 1. Cultivate children's interests: a comprehensive combination of picture books, animation, life, etc. 2. Disassemble into small steps: prepare toilet paper, fold in half, and wipe buttocks in all directions 3. Check 4. Be patient with demonstration teaching 5. Give more practice to children 6. Give more praise and encouragement superior. If you encounter skills that your baby can't learn in the future, you can try these 6 steps!
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