Research: Children brought up by this person in the family will have higher IQ and higher achievement! not mom and grandma

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Research: Children brought up by this person in the family will have higher IQ and higher achievement! not mom and grandma

Text | Yingma's research results from the University of Peru in the United States show that children brought up by men have higher IQs, they have better grades in school, and they are more likely to succeed in society! The German philosopher Fromm said that the father is one of the children's mentors, and he points the children to the way to the world. The BBC tracked 11,000 babies and made a high-scoring documentary "The Biological Significance of Fathers" that also mentioned that children brought up by fathers have stronger emotional intelligence and social skills, and language skills will be stronger! So who in the family is more suitable to bring the child? It is not a grandmother or a mother, a father with a child is more conducive to the child's IQ development, and also contributes to the child's achievement in adulthood! # Yaozero Zero Plan#

Why is the father the best person to take care of the baby? There are several reasons to tell you that mom should let go.

Reason one: Dads are relatively rational and rational when they take care of their children, they can let the children know that crying is useless. Children begin to learn to deal with their emotions and begin to deal with things in the right way. So the child's emotional intelligence will be higher. Reason 2: Dad doesn't have so much nonsense. Mom is easy to keep nagging with children, but when dad talks to his child, he just has one thing to say, and he also uses some interesting and humorous language to communicate with his child. The study "The Biological Significance of Fathers" found that children who frequently played games with their fathers scored higher on language tests a year later. Reason 3: Dad is more at ease to let the child try the 6-year-old Rong Rong. Seeing that there are children riding bicycles in the community, he is also eager to ride a bicycle, so his mother bought him a small bicycle, but he could not get in the car. After a careful fall, he no longer dared to ride by himself! Mom took him out to ride for a week and he didn't dare to ride, and then simply said I don't want to ride anymore. And one weekend when his father took him out, he kept encouraging him and let him go quietly. Soon Rongrong learned to ride a bike. Dads believe more in their children's abilities, and are more willing to let their children explore. So following the father's child, he can be braver and faster to try and explore. Reason 4: Dads don’t help their children socialize. When dads take their children out, they often play with their mobile phones or do other things by themselves. If children want to play with other children, they can only go by themselves. Play with kids. However, if the child taken out by the mother finds that her child wants to play with other children, the mother may take the initiative to take the child to the child and ask if we can play with you. But fathers rarely have such an operation, so children can only rely on themselves to deal with children, which will have greater benefits, let children know how to communicate and how to achieve their own goals. Moreover, when a father finds that his child is playing with other children, he will not follow the child step by step, which will allow the child to be more open to get along with other children, which is more conducive to the formation of his social skills. Reason 5: The father's hands-on ability will be stronger. The children brought by the father like to start hands in front, let the children learn from the back, and he is willing to let the children do it. When a mother takes her child, she is afraid that the child will get dirty, or the child will not know, so she will always help the child to make decisions, and even help the child to do it. Therefore, the children brought by the father will have stronger hands-on ability and the desire for self-exploration, while the children brought by the mother will have relatively weak hands-on ability. The above five reasons lead to the children brought out by fathers with higher IQ, stronger language ability, stronger hands-on ability, stronger desire to explore, and higher IQ of children. For girls, it is more important to be led by their father. Research has found that the earlier the child leaves the father, the earlier the child goes through puberty, looks more mature, and is more likely to fall in love. Therefore, if there are daughters in the family, it is even more necessary for the father to bring more children.

Let the father go to take care of the baby, and the mother should also prepare for these

Preparation 1: From the time the baby is still waiting to feed, To get dad involved in parenting, when a mother is breastfeeding, she only needs to breastfeed herself. It is best to exercise dad to do other things, such as changing diapers, bathing the child, and coaxing the child to sleep. . These things are done by the father, and gradually become familiar with it, the father knows how to get along with the child, and the child also likes to play with the father. The children brought by the father are smarter. It does not mean that the father only plays with the child once in a while, but the child likes to play with the father very much. The father often brings the child to have such a benefit. Preparation 2: Rest assured and let the father take care of the child. Many times, the father does not take the child, but because the mother is worried, the father simply stops taking it. Many men are impatient. This is the way I take the child. If you can't accept it, I won't take it. So mothers have to learn to shut up and let their children play with their fathers. Fathers with children not only make the children braver and smarter, but also free the mother's hands, and also avoid the psychological problems caused by the physical and mental fatigue caused by the mother's long-term parenting of the children. Therefore, it is not the mother or the grandmother who is most suitable to take care of the child in the family, but the father. This person must be used, and this person must not be forgotten. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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