"Pseudo compound surname" has become a new trend. Parents of the post-90s generation think they are very "fashionable", and the teacher expresses that it is a headache

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"Pseudo compound surname" has become a new trend. Parents of the post-90s generation think they are very "fashionable", and the teacher expresses that it is a headache

Nowadays, the post-90s with trendy ideas and concepts have become parents. They have always maintained an open mind when it comes to naming their children, and this has also made some "novel" naming methods a new trend. "Compound surnames" are relatively rare in life, and at the same time have their inherent "noble" characteristics, so some parents born in the 1990s began to think about "compound surnames", so "pseudo-complex surnames" became popular. When Kong was born, the "four-character name" took a different approach. Lan Lan has been pregnant for more than 8 months, and she is anxious as she sees that she is about to give birth. However, unlike what other pregnant women worry about, Lan Lan's "anxiety theme" is not the pain of childbirth, but the "difficulty in naming the child". Lan Lan complained: "My husband's surname is Zhang, but this surname is too common. We want to give our child a loud and distinctive name, which is not easy." In addition, Lan Lan itself is also a serious novel. Lovers, she thinks, "It's actually quite fashionable to give a child a name similar to a compound surname. Although it's not an orthodox compound surname like Shangguan and Ouyang, the four-character name sounds very expensive." Dang Lan After Lan shared her thoughts with her husband, Lan Lan's husband said "simply", "Why don't we call our child 'Zhang Wang Li Zhao'! This pseudo-complex surname sounds great!" Knowing that her husband is there Making fun of himself, Lan Lan said angrily, "I'm not joking with you." Seeing that her daughter-in-law was a little unhappy, her husband quickly explained, "Actually, based on my experience as a primary school teacher for many years, the compound surname you mentioned takes the form of a compound surname. The name method is not feasible. First, the four-character name will increase the child's writing burden, and secondly, the too strange name will easily cause trouble for the child." "There are two examples in our class, a student named ' Xiahou Zixuan', at first I thought it was a compound surname, but it turned out that my father's surname was Xia and my mother's surname was Hou. This child is often nicknamed by classmates. Therefore, I don’t think it is necessary to pay attention to special names for children, as long as they are pleasant and practical.”

"Pseudo-complex surname" sounds very "special", but teachers don't like it

Some parents give their children "four-character names" in order to pursue the form of "complex surname", although the four-character name looks very "" Special", but this kind of name is not mainstream after all, which is also easy to let children get "more attention". After the child goes to school, the four-character naming method will also bring more "troubles" to the child and the teacher. For example, children are likely to be the target of ridicule and nicknames by classmates, which also increases the burden of teachers' daily management. In addition, when teachers ask questions in class, in order to avoid disrupting the classroom order, they usually deliberately avoid students with special names. There are also teachers who deliberately avoid students with four-character names simply because they feel troublesome.

Which "pits" are parents likely to step on when naming their children?

The naming method of "pseudo compound surname" may seem very ingenious, but for children, this ingenuity may not necessarily give them a "good name". Taking the combination of parental surnames as an example, although the child's name has the surnames of both parents, it seems very meaningful, but it will inevitably lead to misunderstandings in the daily address. For example, the child's name is "Lin Zhaoni", Usually everyone calls her "Zhao Ni", which can easily lead to misunderstandings on surnames for unfamiliar people. Some parents think that a more complicated name will look more cultural, so when choosing a name, they have a soft spot for uncommon characters and Chinese characters with more strokes. However, complex names like this can easily increase the child's writing burden, and also increase the risk of mispronunciation and miswriting of children's names. When the child grows up, there may be unnecessary troubles due to the "complexity" of the name when applying for various documents. Some parents pursue "unconventional" when naming their children. For example, according to media reports, some fathers named their children "King of Glory" in order to pay tribute to their favorite online games. Apparently such an unconventional name does achieve an effect beyond a common name, but it certainly doesn't seem like a good name for a child to like. In addition, problems such as "homonymous" and "slippery" also make many parents who pursue the meaning and profound connotation of the name "invincible". Although the meaning of the name is there, the "practicality" is ignored in the pronunciation, which also makes the child's use of the name more troublesome.

In choosing a child’s name, take these aspects into consideration

1. The “meaning” and “pronunciation” of the name pay attention to the meaning and connotation of the name, and more It is easy for children to feel the love of their parents, but if the pronunciation of the name is not taken into account, then the best meaning will be covered by the "homonym". Therefore, when choosing a name, parents should not only pay attention to giving the name a deep connotation, but also ensure that it is easy to read without criticizing the homophonic sound. 2. Don't artificially raise the "difficulty of use". Whether it is in writing or reading, the name of "difficulty" will cause some troubles outside the situation. Therefore, in order to ensure the basic usability and practicality of the name, parents should try not to pursue too much "difficulty" when choosing a name. Tips: Consider not only the writing and reading pressure of children and others, but also the occasions when names are used. 3. Try not to take "single-character" or "multi-character". For common surnames, taking "single-character" is prone to duplicate names, which will increase the inconvenience of children's names. And the "multi-character" naming method like "four-character name" will increase the child's burden of use because it is too special. Therefore, in general, the "three-character" naming method is more suitable for common surnames, and parents do not need to be confused by "pseudo-complex surnames" in order to pursue the form of "compound surnames". A name is a child's "code name" in social activities, and a good "code name" needs to have basic characteristics such as practicality. When parents name their children, in addition to some "added value", they also need to consider the most basic practical issues. The naming method of "Boren's Eyeballs" is not necessarily suitable. Conclusion: The naming method of "pseudo-complex surname" provides new ideas for parents to choose names, but if parents pay too much attention to "form" and ignore other more important attributes, it is very likely that the gains will outweigh the losses. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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