3-year-old fosters attachment, 6-year-old establishes rules, 12-year-old shows value, and there are not many parents who are all right

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3-year-old fosters attachment, 6-year-old establishes rules, 12-year-old shows value, and there are not many parents who are all right

The neighbor's mother said that her baby is impetuous and can't calm down no matter what she does. Half-hearted, I made a test paper last Sunday and spent the whole morning. She couldn't help but say a few words about the child. Unexpectedly, the child jumped high and even yelled at the old mother. The mother was very anxious and said that now the child cannot be beaten or scolded, like a hedgehog covered with thorns. The little baby was originally a well-behaved child who was loved by everyone. Why did he become more and more disobedient as he grew older? In the final analysis, it is the failure of parental family education. Father and mother are the first teachers on the growth path of a child. If you want your child to become better and better, the way parents teach is very important. This shows that family education is very important. Professor Li Meijin once said: the growth of children is staged, and for babies of each age, parents should focus on the education methods and make choices. For babies under the age of 12, parents should pay attention to 3 points, which is a successful tutor.

3-year-old attachment

There was a saying on the Internet that whoever slept with the baby from a young age is his child. This makes a lot of sense. Before the baby is 3 years old, it is the window period of security. This period is the best time for parents and babies to establish a close relationship. The baby's sense of security comes from this attachment, and if the parents leave the child for too long, it will cause irreversible damage in the baby's heart. Before the baby is 3 years old, parents should take their children by their side no matter how difficult and hard life is too bad. Before a baby is 3 years old, if he is separated from his parents for more than two weeks, his heart will feel abandoned. This trauma can be very serious, and the younger the baby, the more damage it will suffer. The age of the child is getting older, but the distance between the baby and the parents is a little bit estranged, because there is little communication between the parents and the baby, and the child will not tell his parents what is on his mind, let alone listen to them. Parents are educated for their own guidance. I once saw such a story about a little baby who was brought up by his grandmother since he was a child. In daily life, I have a detached relationship with my mother. As the child grows older, the mother feels that she is a failure, and even bursts into tears at the child, but the child's unapproachable behavior continues unabated. Before the age of 3, parents should accompany their children more and hold their babies more often. This is also the premise and foundation for parents to educate their children in the future.

6-year-old rules

Many parents think that their children are still young and don’t need to care about many things, and they will naturally become sensible when they grow up. However, the age group to establish a sense of rules for children should be 6 years old. Parents send their children to various remedial classes and interest classes, but neglect to set rules for their children. Professor Li Meijin said: Before the baby is 6 years old, what adults say is like gold. After the child is 6 years old, what parents say is garbage. With the growth of age, the child's sense of independence gradually increases. Parents should establish the idea of ​​abiding by the rules for their children, and give guidance and education at any time in their daily life. After consolidation, the baby will become a disciplined child. One time I went to a wedding. During dinner, there was a 4-year-old baby on the table, who kept turning the table to play, causing everyone to not eat well. The child's mother smiled and said, "Don't take offense at the baby's small size, there is no intention to educate the baby at all. Parents should pay attention that when the child has a budding sense of independence, they begin to cultivate the sense of rules and regulations for the child. As a result, the child will become better and better. In this way, the baby can better regulate his own emotions, and have standards for the formulation of behaviors, so that the child's future life will not be deviated.

12-year-old valued

children may be interested in a certain thing, but may not be able to persevere for a long time. If the child has a clear value recognition knowledge, but it will provide them with long-term motivation. Parenting experts believe that the age of 12 is a critical stage in establishing a child's value system. Parents should observe carefully in their daily life to discover the advantages of their babies. And clarify these small advantages and highlights to help children build a value system. Children have established their own value system and will take the initiative to arrange their own study and life. Even without the supervision of their parents, they can become more and more independent in their future lives. Parents should observe what their children are best at, rather than sending them to various interest classes to learn what their children don't like. Some babies like musical instruments, while others are keen on sports. As a parent, it is the responsibility of guiding the baby. They will have their favorite hobbies and hobbies. Parents should not obstruct them, but give their children appropriate support, so that children can achieve something in their own interests and become more and more confident. Parents should respect their children and let them learn to understand and improve themselves correctly, so that the baby will become more and more excellent and confident in the future growth path. Conclusion: If parents want to cultivate excellent children, they can follow these suggestions from Professor Li Meijin, and give them love and acceptance. Only children who are immersed in love can become better and better. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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