How much influence do parents have on their children? A messy home can't raise a good baby, don't let it go

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How much influence do parents have on their children? A messy home can't raise a good baby, don't let it go

Introduction: Nowadays, parents pay more attention to their children's education. Parents who hope that their children will become dragons are more and more hopeful to see their children become talents under the coercion of education involution. But it has to be said that parents are their children's first teachers, and they are also the people who have the greatest influence on their growth. Rather than placing their educational hopes on famous school teachers, parents should put their educational perspective on themselves. A good family education environment is the key to truly enabling children to win at the starting line. In fact, this is not a "high-level" thing. It is not only related to the parents' educational level and family economic conditions. Sometimes it is only a small matter such as keeping the room clean and tidy. It is also a very important part. A "messy" home cannot raise excellent children, and the truth of "one house can't sweep the world without sweeping it" is timeless. Linlin is a full-time housewife, and her busy housework and childcare make her overwhelmed. Her son, who was in elementary school, was invited as a parent by the teacher. Lin Lin knew that she was going to be "trained", but she could only go there. The teacher put the child's messy test papers in front of Linlin, "I'll never see such a dirty test paper again. Even if the child's answer is correct, our teacher may not be able to see it." Hearing the teacher say this, Lin Lin explained embarrassedly, "This child's paper is really not clean enough, I will definitely tell him later!" However, Lin Lin's reaction was not convinced by the teacher, "Actually, not only is the test paper dirty, but the child's homework is also written. It's a complete mess. I think children are just at the stage of developing good habits, and we parents should set good rules for our children and set a good example." "Sometimes I saw that the children's schoolbags were also messy, and we parents should pay more attention to them. Details, try to create a clean and tidy atmosphere for the children, which will also help the children to cultivate their inner order." The teacher's voice was not loud, but he successfully "beat" Linlin's heart. Thinking of the "dirty, messy" environment at home, Linlin felt that the teacher's words were clearly hitting her in the face. Linlin's home is not small, but she neglects to clean the room, but she always "can't walk" in the room. Although her husband and children have "protested", she feels that "it's okay to be messy. Not dirty anyway." Obviously, it is this "fucking" attitude that affects children. It is said that children are a mirror of their parents, and it is easier to raise sloppy children in a messy home.

A messy family can't raise a good baby

Zeng Guofan is a very representative figure in modern Chinese history, except for his amazing In addition to his management skills, he is often praised for his family motto for his descendants. In Zeng's family motto, Zeng Guofan specially emphasized the importance of "cleaning", and even urged his younger brother to pay attention to cleaning, otherwise he would be "the icon of a prodigal family". After his son Zeng Jize got married, Zeng Guofan asked him to clean the courtyard and house every day. Later, Zeng Jize became a famous diplomat in modern times, and his determined and introverted nature naturally benefited from the family motto of "cleaning diligently". In the process of children's growth, the influence of "atmosphere" on them is very obvious. Parents do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the home environment, which will subconsciously bring a messy atmosphere to children. Especially in the critical period of children's habit formation, messy rooms can easily form an unorganized environment for them, and the disordered arrangement of items will make children lack the necessary awareness of storage and organization. The cleanliness of the house requires long-term maintenance to be maintained. If parents are lazy in cleaning, then children with a strong sense of imitation will naturally follow suit. Lazy temperament realizes the intergenerational "inheritance" between parents and children through the sloppy family environment, and a perfunctory attitude to life can easily make children realize that they can live by.

There are two kinds of "chaos" which are also worthy of parents' caution

In addition to the messy family environment, the "chaos" in daily life is also worth parents Pay more attention. Some parents have the habit of staying up late to sleep, but they hope that their children can go to bed early and get up early. Obviously, this double-standard family rule is difficult to implement and implement. Children are influenced by their parents to go to bed late and get up late, which not only affects their normal physical development, but also is not conducive to their development of self-disciplined living habits. In addition, the "disturbed" parental education style can also have a negative impact on children. Parents' educational concepts are inconsistent. When exporting educational concepts to children, parents cannot reach an agreement, which not only easily makes children feel confused, but also is not conducive to the implementation of children's education. Some parents advocate the family education model of "one sings the white face, the other sings the red face", but in fact, to get to the bottom of it, such an inconsistent educational attitude will still make children try to test their parents' bottom line, and they are more inclined to stand on their side. .

Parents who want to raise excellent children should not be "lazy"

1. Paying attention to order in life A well-organized lifestyle can not only help the family The living quarters of members are cleaner and tidy, and time waste caused by clutter can also be avoided. A well-organized lifestyle can infect children subtly. Children who come out of such a family environment not only have strong self-care ability, but also have a stronger logical ability and inner sense of order. 2. Maintain self-discipline in living habits Self-discipline can allow people to achieve more achievements in a short period of time, but it is not easy to achieve self-discipline. In life, self-disciplined living habits can bring positive psychological cues, and maintaining self-discipline in living habits can make children feel a sense of achievement in self-control, and with parents as role models, children will be more aware of perseverance in self-discipline . 3. Advocating the consistency of educational concepts A chaotic life atmosphere will disturb the sense of order and atmosphere in the environment where children live, while inconsistent educational concepts and methods will make children feel confused and tangled. Therefore, in the family education environment, parents should always remind themselves to be consistent with their words and deeds when educating their children, and maintain a consistent educational principle. A good family environment is based on a clean and tidy residence, and a good family education environment is inseparable from the orderliness of parents' life and the consistency of education. While providing a living environment for their children, parents should also remember not to affect their children's positive attitude towards life because of their "disregard". Conclusion: The clutter in the room seems to be a small matter, but it also confirms the lack of orderliness in parents' living habits and attitudes. And well-organized parents can bring their children a better environment for growth, and this has nothing to do with the family's economic conditions. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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