How to feed water more scientifically for babies under 1 year old? Babysitter: Look at three signals

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How to feed water more scientifically for babies under 1 year old? Babysitter: Look at three signals

Newborn feeding is a topic that many new mothers pay attention to, especially how to drink water, how much to drink, and how much to drink. These problems are not too big, but they are very troublesome. My cousin's baby is 6 months old, and it's time for the maternity check-up, so she's going to work. My cousin had to pick up her mother-in-law from her hometown to bring the baby, and she still had to do her work. After all, there was a lot of pressure to survive. One day after my cousin got off work, I found that my mother-in-law had been drinking water for the baby, and the bottle filled with breast milk was hanging on the air. My cousin asked, why don't you give milk to the baby? My mother-in-law said that if you want to drink water, you have to drink milk. My cousin asked for a while before I found out that my mother-in-law feeds the baby half and half, that is, one meal of milk powder and one meal of water. It is no wonder that the baby has not grown very much recently, and how can it be possible to drink so much water? But my cousin also knew that if she told her mother-in-law so directly, she would definitely not listen. So I took a half-day leave and took my mother-in-law and child to the hospital, under the pretext that "the child should have a child health checkup". After arriving at the hospital, while the mother-in-law went to pay the bills, the cousin told the doctor truthfully that the mother-in-law gave the baby water. As a result, the doctor severely criticized her: "The old man does not know scientific feeding, don't you know? Now the child's development is lagging behind, and the height and weight are not up to the standard. I thought it was caused by insufficient breast milk at first, and I want you to give Mixed feeding baby, I didn't expect you to be so outrageous, can such a small child drink so much water? Within one year old, mainly milk, I told you before I was discharged from the hospital, don't you remember?" In one scene, the mother-in-law who came back from paying the bills bumped into her. The mother-in-law said aggrievedly: "It's not her fault, it's mainly because of me. I used to feed my son like this when I was a child!" The doctor turned around and said earnestly, "Don't worry about it. Who's reason, can't be fed like this in the future, the baby's development is lagging now, and breast milk and milk powder must keep up. Fortunately, you told me in time, otherwise it will take a long time, and the baby will be water poisoned, and it will be too late to say anything! " After listening to the doctor's words, the mother-in-law told her cousin that she would not feed the baby like this in the future. She also asked her cousin if the baby would be thirsty if she didn't drink water. Your breast milk is also very abundant. Can you not drink water? My cousin called me over because I am a babysitter, and I have served hundreds of mothers and newborns. I have a deep understanding of early feeding. After listening to the whole story from my cousin, I also felt a chill on my back. Fortunately, I found out in time. Otherwise, if you feed the baby with water for a long time, there may really be many health risks, including the "water poisoning" mentioned by the doctor.

Babies under 1 year old should drink water or not, look at three signals

70% of the human body is water, while infants and young children are Reached 80%, this amount is very need to replenish water. However, breast milk contains a lot of water, and babies who generally drink breast milk do not need additional water. But there are also special circumstances, such as being sick, having a fever, rising temperature, etc., and it is also necessary to properly hydrate the baby. See the following three signals for details. Signal 1: Urine If the body is dehydrated, the amount and color of urine will change significantly. Therefore, you can usually judge whether the baby needs to be hydrated according to the frequency of urination and the color of the urine. In infancy, the bladder capacity is small and the metabolism is strong, and the baby may urinate 20-25 times a day; around one year old, urinating 15-18 times a day; 3-6 years old, urinating 6-8 times a day. The caregiver observes the baby's urination daily, and a sudden decrease in urination may be a sign that hydration is needed. There is also the color of the urine, if it is dark yellow and the smell is aggravated, it is also a signal of hydration. Signal 2: The elasticity of the skin The baby is dehydrated, and the elasticity of the skin will also deteriorate, and there may even be dandruff. Our teacher taught a method, which is to use the thumb and index finger to pinch the skin of the back of the baby's hand, and then release it suddenly to observe the flattening speed. If it slows down significantly, it may be necessary to replenish water. You can also try it at home. Signal 3: Look at the mental state. If the baby is short of water, there may be lack of energy, less tears, etc., and there are some relatively professional performances, you can consult a doctor. For babies with mild dehydration, in addition to timely replenishment of water, they should also contact the doctor in time and conduct further examinations if necessary.

In addition to feeding water directly, the following methods can also be used to replenish water

Some babies do not like to drink water, but if it is a hot summer, or the baby is really dehydrated Now, what should I do? Two ways are provided below. Method 1: Eat fruits with high water content, such as grapefruit, strawberry, cantaloupe, peaches, etc., all of which can be eaten by babies over 6 months old. They can be made into puree or juice, which can be drunk by the baby and can also be replenished. some moisture. My eldest family likes to eat fruit very much, and eat it with fruit every day for breakfast and dinner. I don’t usually drink a lot of water, but because of the fruit supplement, it can also meet the body’s need for water. Method 2: The body will sweat after taking the baby to exercise more, and you need to add water at this time. Some babies don't like to drink, so you can give him a different cup, such as a learning drinking cup, a duckbill cup, a straw cup, etc., see which one he likes, and try which one. After exercising, not only the baby needs to be hydrated, but also the caregiver. Seeing you drinking, your baby can't wait to try it. Broken thoughts: The physique of the baby in infancy is not very strong, and the wrong feeding method will seriously affect the normal development of his body. Therefore, if you encounter unclear problems in feeding, you should consult a professional or doctor, and don't be self-righteous to feed or drink your baby. This is not a trivial matter! (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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