More than 500,000 children in China have precocious puberty! The culprit is not soy milk and fruit, parents should reflect

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More than 500,000 children in China have precocious puberty! The culprit is not soy milk and fruit, parents should reflect

Text|Professor Wang Yunfeng, chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics at Jingma my country-Japan Friendship Hospital: The prevalence of precocious puberty among children in my country is 0.43%, and it is estimated that there are more than 500,000 children with precocious puberty in China!

The harm of precocious puberty to children is very obvious, parents should be aware of it and help children stay away from precocious puberty

★ affect children's growth and precocious puberty The child's bone age will also advance. Originally, the child's height can grow to 16 years old, but precocious puberty will cause the child's height to stop growing at the age of 14, which will make the child's height significantly lower than that of children of the same age. # Yao Zero Zero Plan# ★Affects the child's character. For example, in the third grade of elementary school, the child is only 8 years old. If he has precocious puberty, menstruation, and secondary sexual characteristics, then he will become a more maverick in the class. People are easily ridiculed or ostracized by other classmates. This can lead to low self-esteem and loneliness in children. The incidence of precocious puberty in children is getting higher and higher, which is related to the child's dietary environment. Some parents say that they can no longer give their children soy milk. In fact, the plant hormones in soy milk have no effect on children's precocious puberty, while the high-quality protein and calcium in soy milk can promote children's height growth. So soy milk does not cause precocious puberty in children. There are also some parents who say that many fruits are now out of season and cannot be given to children. In fact, the amount of fruit that children eat every day is not a lot, about half a catty, and not all the fruits we buy in the market are out-of-season fruits, and the impact on children's precocious puberty is relatively small. .

The culprit of precocious puberty is not soy milk, but these, parents should be clear

The first one: high-calorie food , For example, fried chicken fritters and so on, our body has three major energy-supplying substances, namely carbohydrates, protein and fat. Among them, fat provides the most energy, and burning one gram of fat can provide 9,000 calories. If you often give your child high-fat food, such as fried food, fried chicken, fried dough sticks, etc., then the child will invisibly ingest a lot of fat, resulting in a higher energy gain in the child's body. If these energy is not consumed, it will be converted into fat and accumulated in the child's body. The child has many fat cells and is prone to precocious puberty. China Maternal and Child Health once investigated and analyzed the status of precocious puberty in children aged 4-10 years old in Baoan, Shenzhen, and found that the detection rate of precocious puberty in overweight and obese children is 3.67%, while the detection rate of precocious puberty in children with normal constitution is only 1.54%, that is, obesity The risk of precocious puberty in children is 2.38 times that of normal children. So we have to control children to eat foods that are too high in fat. The second one: milk tea and sugar-sweetened beverages will not only make us fat, but too much sugar can easily lead to obesity in children, so we must control sugar for children at ordinary times. Sugar control can not only prevent children from precocious puberty, but also greatly help children's health and height growth. The third: Avoid giving children various supplements such as bovine colostrum, even royal jelly and other supplements. In fact, it is easy to cause precocious puberty in children. These nourishing foods are no problem for adults to eat, but for children, they are a poison. Fourth: Avoid sleeping with the night light on. Last year, a 7-year-old girl in Changsha, Hunan Province, her mother found that her breasts were starting to develop, so she took her to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that the child had signs of precocious puberty, mainly due to Because the child often sleeps with the night light on at night. Fifth: Avoid the use of inferior toys and stationery. Many products used by children, such as strollers, crawling pads, and some stationery will contain plastic products, and in plastic products, some unscrupulous merchants will use phthalates. Acid esters are added to children's toys as plasticizers. Phthalates act like estrogen in humans and animals, and can interfere with endocrine and cause precocious puberty in children. When parents buy stationery, toys, even strollers, shoes, and plastic items for their children, they must choose a large manufacturer, and try to avoid buying some irritating toys for their children. In addition to avoiding the above items that cause precocious puberty in children, you should also pay attention to observation. If a girl in the family develops breasts before the age of 8, suddenly grows taller, and has menstruation, you should take the child as soon as possible. Go to the hospital to check. (The pictures are all from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement) For more exciting content, please click: CCTV Exposure: An artifact for parents to facilitate children's precocious puberty, which will lead to precocious puberty in children. Parents quickly throw away 530,000 children with precocious puberty! Parents keep in mind the "ten do's and don'ts" to help children grow in height
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