The performance of the baby's high IQ, how many of your baby's? If you want to raise a smart baby, this content has to be read

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The performance of the baby's high IQ, how many of your baby's? If you want to raise a smart baby, this content has to be read

When it comes to parenting children, we care not only about their academic performance, but also their IQ. Many people secretly compare their children's IQ with that of others. Now this child has become more and more introverted, and everyone hopes that their children can come out on top in all aspects. It is undeniable that IQ is really important for children, but many children's high IQ performance is often ignored by us. I have seen a related report, an 8-year-old child's IQ is as high as 145. Everyone wonders what kind of family does such a child come from? Why do you have such a high IQ and feel envious at the same time. The reporter also interviewed the child's parents, the child's parents said: "In fact, our children are nothing special. There were always many strange questions when they were young. Every day, they asked why they couldn't play. But we will answer him patiently, never hinder him from taking risks, give him more trust, and he will have a better room for development." After listening to the parents' answers, many people fell silent. In fact, every child is very special. If a child has the following characteristics, it means that his IQ is very high, but it is often ignored.

Children have high IQ performance, how many do you have in your family?

Expression 1: Strong expressiveness Some children are born with strong expressive ability. Even when they can't speak, they will babble all day long. Parents feel that such children are annoying, just like chattering. If a child has a particularly strong ability to express, and has endless words to say every day, he can always express himself freely in front of his parents. Such a child's IQ is often very high, and everyone should pay attention. Performance 2: Strong destructive power For many parents, the destructive power of children is too strong, which is also a headache. The toy I just bought for him will be destroyed by him in a short time. If the child is very destructive, don't worry. Strong destructive power means that his hands-on ability is very strong. Such a child will have a high IQ and will have a strong destructive power. Performance 3: Strong memory Maybe in the eyes of many people, children are still young and are more likely to be fooled. However, some children have strong memory skills, and it is difficult for parents to fool them. For example, the promise of the child, sometimes we forget, but the child remembers it clearly. Such a child with strong memory ability shows that the brain is well developed and has good memory storage ability. Such children are also very intelligent and should be cultivated carefully. Many children have high talents and high IQs. However, parents do not notice the performance of their children's high IQ, and often do something unintentionally to affect their children's IQ. As a result, children's IQ will become lower and lower. Do not do the following things to children, it will only affect their IQ development. 1. Often scolding children A well-known brain scientist once said: Children who are often scolded by their parents will have poorer IQ development, and over time will also affect their brain development and thus affect their IQ. 2. Often ignore the baby 3. Often hinder the baby Because of the fear that the child will be injured, he hinders them from various adventures, and even locks them at home, preventing them from contacting the outside world. This will also affect their IQ development, so that no matter how high the IQ is, it will gradually become lower.

Small tips to enhance children's IQ, parents should keep in mind

If you want your children to have a high IQ, parents must nurture them carefully. The following little tips to enhance children's IQ, parents must keep in mind, and use them in peacetime and when they get along with their children, so that they can have a high IQ. First, develop an interest in reading. The so-called book has its own golden house, and good habits should be cultivated from an early age. When children are young, we can cultivate the habit of reading. If the children do not know words, we can also read the content of the book to the children and tell them more stories. As long as they can cultivate their interest in reading, they can also increase their knowledge savings, which can not only improve their IQ, but also increase their connotation and experience. Secondly, do more handicrafts with your baby. The so-called ingenuity, in order to let the child's IQ develop well, let the child be more hands-on. It can promote brain development and make children's brain development better. In our free time, we can do handicrafts with our children, which is a very meaningful thing. You can make toys or something with your child, which will not only let the child understand the importance of environmental protection. At the same time, it can also exercise their fine hand ability, which can also exercise their thinking ability and make them more intelligent. Finally, give more recognition and encouragement. In fact, most of the better children live in a life environment that is recognized and encouraged. If we only judge our children negatively and scold them often. Then, no matter how high a child's IQ is, it will gradually become low. In the process of their growth, giving them more recognition and encouragement can help them grow, enhance their self-confidence, and make them have a high IQ. Conclusion: If parents want to make their children have high IQ, as long as parents do the above three aspects, they can effectively promote their children's brain development, so that they can have high IQ. How many of the performances of the high-IQ babies shared today are in your family? (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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