Families with two boys double the "challenges" faced by parents, and three tips for you

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Families with two boys double the "challenges" faced by parents, and three tips for you

Introduction: A British parenting website once conducted a questionnaire on 2116 parents. The results showed that the combination with the highest family happiness index was two daughters, the second combination was a boy, a girl, and two daughters. The son's family happiness index ranks third, which coincides with the ideal structure of a second-child family in my country.

Parents face "challenges" to raise two boys

When it comes to boys, most people think of being naughty and troublesome , too worried, it is undeniable that boys are energetic, more active than girls since childhood, and there will always be "surprises" in life that parents cannot guard against. Raising boys is relatively more labor-intensive. If a family raises two male babies, it is indeed not an easy task for young parents. Regardless of whether they will start a family and start a business for them when they are adults, the parenting link alone is not a small "challenge". In a family with two boys, parents should feel this way. Fighting is the daily life of the two children, and they can't tell whether they are joking or really turning their faces. They are usually energetic at home and run around. There are very few quiet times. The elder brother always wants to control the younger brother, and the younger brother is always imitating the elder brother, and he also tries his best to "defeat" the elder brother. Facing the daily battle between the brothers, the parents are at a loss and have endless judgments of right and wrong. With two babies at home, the happiness is doubled, and the parenting effort is doubled, especially for the parents of two male children, parenting needs more methods.

Three tips for parents with two boys

Each child has a unique personality, and parents should continue to raise the level of parenting and face it positively The various challenges of raising two baby boys create a warm and harmonious atmosphere for the children to grow up. Compared with girls, boys are more worrying for their parents. Parents have the right parenting methods, and the relationship between brothers is more harmonious and the family is happier. Tip 1: Two children should be treated fairly with the Golden Eagle Cartoon TV's parent-child parenting variety show "Falling in Love with Kindergarten". One episode recorded a family with two boys. A little boy named Lu Yichen entered kindergarten. Tell people around you that your father loves his younger brother more than him. As an older brother, his younger brother also ranks last in his heart. In the show, the father is very strict with the eldest Lu Yichen, but clearly prefers his younger brother. In the daily life of the two children, they are often "incompatible" and have to be separated. Lu Yichen is led by his mother, and his younger brother is led by his father. This situation has a lot to do with the parenting style. In the program, the teacher organized a link to assemble the fire truck in order to bring the relationship between the father and son closer. The father's attention was almost all on his younger brother throughout the whole process. Doted on, always worried that he will be bumped. Although his elder brother Lu Yichen is only a 3-year-old child, he also needs the care of his parents. He is strict with himself and favors his younger brother, which causes a gap in his heart, and transfers all his dissatisfaction to his younger brother. The program observer said that it is normal for two children in a second-child family to have disputes, which is also entirely due to the parents' educational methods and concepts. For the eldest, who originally enjoys the love of his parents, but is shared by his younger brother, if the parents' differential treatment cannot be balanced, causing the two children to be jealous of each other and hostile to each other, the relationship will naturally not be harmonious. Different treatment by parents will make the neglected party naturally jealous and have a rejection mentality, which will lead to contradictions and is not conducive to the establishment of brotherly intimacy. Tip 2: Correct response and coordination of conflicts Two boys live together every day, and it is inevitable that there will be frictions, and even conflicts will continue every day. When there is a conflict, if the parents handle it well, it provides an opportunity for the children to understand and understand each other. Hu Ke, who has two boys at home, has a way of educating his children that can be called "textbook" level. In one show, because of a little conflict, brother Anji chased his younger brother with a broom, and his younger brother Xiao Yuer was frightened and cried loudly, but Hu Ke patiently comforted him. The younger brother, and comforted him, saying that the older brother was teasing him, how could he really have to beat him. Neither criticizing An Ji nor comforting the younger brother, the older brother soon stopped chasing the younger brother, and both brothers laughed happily. Another time in the car, Anji stole something from his brother, and Xiaoyuer cried immediately. Hu Ke, who was driving, did not accuse his brother nor comfort his crying brother, and chose to be silent. Seeing that their conflict did not get the attention of their mother, the brothers both quieted down and reunited immediately. Hu Ke handles the conflicts between the two children, and listens to whoever is right. The two brothers receive equal love and have a very close relationship. Parents don't have to be too nervous when there is a conflict between their children, they should actively face the correct response, and they will not be partial or demanding. Tip 3: Set rules Parents can make rules. For example, children often have disputes or fights. Parents should carefully observe the cause of each conflict, make targeted rules, and determine penalties. Whoever violates the rules first can be punished for helping mom with housework, not watching TV, or copying, etc. With the rules, both of them will restrain themselves. Conclusion: The method of educating children is that every family moves forward through exploration and grows through continuous improvement. For families with two boys, there are more challenges and problems. Parents should do their best to learn scientific parenting knowledge, create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere for their children, treat them equally, deal with them fairly, and have a long way to go. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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