How can parents protect their children's innocence and kindness?

time:2023-02-07 author:Emergency treatment
How can parents protect their children's innocence and kindness?

Children are naturally kind. I remember that when I was a child, I also liked small animals very much. In order to satisfy my love, I even kept a kitten at home. The kitten's pattern is very beautiful, a bit like a tiger, so I silently call him a tiger cat in my heart. But then the tiger cat ate the poisonous mouse and died. It was the first time in my life that I saw death and felt the powerlessness of life: it struggled and foamed at the mouth, but I was powerless. Ever since I buried my first close companion in my life, the tabby cat, with tears in my eyes, I have never kept a small animal. Because I can't stand the sudden loss of a living life before my eyes, and I can't guarantee that I can have enough time, energy, and ability to take care of this little life like a child. Later, I had a child of my own. My child also loves small animals, and he proposed to raise small animals more than once. I didn't deny it, I didn't agree, I just asked them to consider the following questions: 1. Do you have time to feed it on time and make it full? 2. Can you bathe it every day, clean its excrement at any time, and ensure the hygiene of it and the home? 3. Can you accompany it to vaccinate, or treat and take care of it in time whenever it gets sick? 4. Can you exercise and play with it every day to ensure its physical and mental health? I thought these 4 items were enough to make a child flinch. But she didn't expect that she would agree and swear that she could complete the basic tasks and do better. Well, since the two babies are so confident, let's try it out for ourselves. We agreed that before raising small animals, let's raise some plants that are easier to raise to see if they are up to the job. If I take good care of the plants, I'll keep my promise right away. If you can't even take care of your plants, don't make extra demands. As a result, we raised a Yuzhu. It is a small plant that usually does not need to be managed, and can live with occasional watering, and it is generally well maintained. Two weeks before the plant arrived home, the children were so excited that they wanted to watch it eight hundred times a day. After two weeks, the freshness wore off and the plants were forgotten. Taking care of them naturally became my responsibility. After that, as long as the children mentioned raising small animals, I would ask them, "Have you taken care of the little jade bamboo? How did you take care of it? How is it now?" After three consecutive questions, the children were speechless. In fact, the kindness of children is beyond doubt. But kindness is more than just thinking, it requires practical action. That is, if there is only language without practice, it cannot be called goodness. If the energy of kindness is not enough, don't provoke it, but you should cultivate yourself well. In fact, although kindness is a good quality, it is worthy of praise and inheritance, but kindness also needs to be moderated. Excessiveness is cowardly and lacking in opinion, and can only wait to be slaughtered by others. Take Lao Rongzhi and Fa Yingzi, two human demons. They look harmless to humans and animals, but they are actually extremely cruel. Cruelly and mercilessly killed a child who was only 3 years old and without personnel. If we were kind to such people, the consequences would be disastrous. Therefore, we must be kind, we must teach children to be kind, and we must take children to learn to distinguish right from wrong, and to know how to distinguish between good and bad. For kind people and things, we must release the bottom line of kindness. We should avoid people and things without conscience. For those who violate the law and are not good, they should decisively call the police and let the law punish them. I believe that everyone can agree with the above-mentioned two ideas of keeping away from bad people, or letting the law punish bad people severely. However, many friends may not understand that there must be a bottom line for kindness.

Then why should there be a bottom line to kindness?

Because the bottom line represents a sense of boundaries.

What is a sense of boundaries?

A netizen named Zhang Mohua answered in this way, the sense of boundary refers to in interpersonal relationships, knowing that oneself and other people or things are independent individuals, clarifying the scope of responsibility and rights of oneself and others, not only protecting Your own personal space is not violated, nor the personal space of others. To sum up, the sense of boundaries is to protect yourself while respecting others. This is the best kind of human being. In general, we need to be kind, and we need to teach our children to be kind, but we also need to know how to distinguish between good and evil. Go all out when you should be kind, and keep the red line of morality and law when you shouldn't be kind.
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