If you want to control the development of children's myopia, these methods are actually pits, don't be fooled anymore

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If you want to control the development of children's myopia, these methods are actually pits, don't be fooled anymore

In order to correct their children's eyesight, many parents have sought medical treatment everywhere, and bought a lot of "high-tech" means and products. As a result, the children's myopia has skyrocketed. Are those products that claim to have vision correction functions reliable?

Vision Corrector

Price: RMB 300~3000 Effect: Can't treat myopia, but can only temporarily improve eye fatigue. Market The above vision correction instruments usually include eye massage and eye training functions, and some vision correction instruments also have a hot compress function, which can adjust the oil secretion of the meibomian glands, thereby improving the state of the lacrimal glands. Therefore, many people feel that their eyes are very comfortable and their vision is very clear after using the vision correction device, so they think that this kind of correction device can really restore their vision to normal. In fact, this does not mean that the vision correction device has the effect of treating myopia, because uncorrected vision ≠ myopia degree. The degree of myopia reflects the refractive state of the eyeball, which is related to the thickness of the lens, while uncorrected vision is sometimes a subjective feeling and is related to a variety of factors. For example, after using the vision correction device, the tired eyes are relaxed because the eyes are massaged and heated, so the child may see clearly in a short time, but this is only a temporary effect, just like Drinking hot water when the aunt has stomach pain can only relieve the symptoms, but not fundamentally treat dysmenorrhea, because the vision correction device has no way to change the thickness of the lens. Therefore, pinning the hope of children's vision correction on these products, or even giving up letting children wear glasses, is not worth the loss.

Anti-blue light glasses

Price: 200-2000 yuan Effect: Block some blue light (in fact, ordinary sunglasses can also) Many people think that, If you look at the electronic screen for a long time, the eyes will be sore and dry because the electronic screen will produce harmful blue light. Actually, this is not the case. Compared with electronic screens, the intensity of blue light in sunlight is much stronger, but our eyes are not damaged by seeing sunlight every day, so the intensity of blue light emitted by electronic screens is far from enough to cause eye damage. The anti-blue light glasses on the market mainly reduce blue light hazards by blocking blue-violet light or reducing the brightness of the light, but experiments have proved that many designed anti-blue light glasses are no better than ordinary sunglasses. If transparent materials are used, generally only about 50% of blue light hazards can be blocked. Only the use of tinted lenses that filter blue-violet light in a targeted manner can achieve better results. However, this lens is yellow in color, which is very inconvenient to use, and also affects the visual development of children. More importantly, the brightness of mobile phones and computer screens is limited and cannot produce strong blue light hazards. Even if blue light blocking glasses are useful, there is no need to use them. So instead of wearing expensive blue-light blocking glasses, it's time to give your eyes a rest.

Eye protector/steam eye mask

Price: RMB 30~50; Effect: Can't treat myopia, at most relieve the lower eye fatigue. Eye patch or steam eye mask, mainly by contacting the skin on the surface of the eyeball, so as to play a soothing effect, without affecting the structure of the eyeball. Myopia is mainly because the eye axis is too long and the elasticity of the lens is insufficient. Eye protection stickers and steam eye masks only contact the skin on the surface of the eyeball. However, eye protection stickers and steam eye masks have a function, which is to temporarily keep the eyes away from the screen and books, and take a short break. In fact, simply closing your eyes and resting can achieve the same effect.

Low-concentration atropine

effect: it cannot treat myopia, but it can delay the progression of myopia. Atropine eye drops are the earliest clinical For mydriasis, it can paralyze the ciliary muscle and eliminate pseudo-myopia. Some studies have found that atropine can control the development of myopia, because it can delay the growth rate of the eyeball, but at the same time it will dilate the pupil of the eye, causing side effects such as sensitivity to light and blurred vision, affecting daily life and learning. In recent years, some scholars have found that low concentrations of atropine can not only reduce side effects, but also delay the development of myopia. However, due to the lack of large-scale research data, the long-term safety has not been verified, and there is no product officially approved for marketing in China. It is not recommended for parents to use it by themselves. As early as 2019, the country has issued a large number of regulations to regulate the propaganda of vision correction, clearly stating that under the current medical technology conditions, myopia cannot be "cured". Because the essence of myopia is that the structure of the eyeball has changed. Once it occurs, there is currently no way to make it return to normal. Most of the propaganda that claims to "treat myopia" is actually a lie. In daily life, if you want to prevent or delay your child's myopia, the most important thing is to let your eyes get enough rest, develop good eye habits, go to outdoor sports more, and protect your eyes from small things.
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