"My baby finally went to kindergarten, what's wrong with me taking a break!" The grievances of full-time mothers resonated

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"My baby finally went to kindergarten, what's wrong with me taking a break!" The grievances of full-time mothers resonated

Text|In the group of mothers that Cheats belonged to yesterday, a mother said something like this: After my child goes to kindergarten, I want to take a break and go to work after a period of rest, but I was accused of being lazy by everyone around me. The children were born with me, and the focus of my life in the past three years has been on the children, day and night. Whenever you go out with your child, someone will say that you can find a class when your child goes to kindergarten. Every time I hear it, I can only respond with a helpless smile. In their eyes, even if they finally took their children to kindergarten, they should hurry to earn money and not be idle for a moment. It’s okay for outsiders to say this. My mother-in-law didn’t help the child once when she was a child. After learning that I had chosen a kindergarten for my child, the phone immediately called and asked me to quickly find a job and pick up the child while working. I replied directly: "I plan to take a break before going to work." In this way, my mother-in-law told people that I was lazy and that my child was still at home after kindergarten. After reading this sentence, I couldn't help crying, I really understood the mother's mood too much. Bringing a baby at home, in the eyes of many people, is to eat and drink for free, and it is to enjoy happiness. When the baby finally goes to kindergarten, you should work seamlessly, otherwise they will think you are lazy. When many full-time mothers took care of their children day and night, they also made up their minds that I would go to work when the children went to kindergarten, but when that day came, they were all slapped in the face, and they became lazy people in the mouths of others. "My baby finally went to kindergarten, what's wrong with me taking a break!" The grievances of the stay-at-home mother resonated.

A few years of working at home with a baby have zero experience, skills are deteriorating, and suitable jobs are too hard to find

Most female students Childhood is the best age to work hard in the workplace, but many women are forced to leave the workplace once they have a baby and take the baby at home. Even if the child is brought to kindergarten, it is almost three years. In the past three years, the speed of workplace renewal is beyond imagination, and my mother has zero work experience at home these years, and her previous work skills are slowly degrading. Going out to look for a job is not comparable to those older sisters in their 40s and 50s who have work experience, but not to those young girls who are just entering the workplace. They are not tied to family chores and children and can devote themselves to work. Strong learning ability and high efficiency. Many mothers are also educated and have good jobs. But after having a baby, it's all over again. Good working mothers have no chance of winning in the competition, and some working mothers are not reconciled. Once a woman stops working for the sake of her child, it is too difficult to go out and find a suitable job.

The child still has no one to take care of, and he goes to work and takes the baby's mother alone.

Many people feel that the child is going to kindergarten , Mom has a lot of free time. If she doesn't go to work, she is lazy at home. But no one knows that the mother with no help behind her is herself doing the laundry and cooking, picking up and dropping off the child, and alone when the child is sick. Children in kindergarten need to be looked after except for a few hours in kindergarten. A mother who is helped by someone can go to work without any distractions, and don't have to worry about things at home. But many mothers not only have to go to work, but also manage everything at home, especially the kindergarten children who get sick every three days, and the mother can't do it alone. Thinking that the child will be liberated by going to kindergarten, the reality is that it is difficult to find a job, it is difficult to take care of the child, and the mother has no time or opportunity to breathe. [Topic discussion: Did you go to work after your child went to kindergarten? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological consultant. He understands parenting and psychology, and also pays attention to the mother's self-growth and family management, and strives to be a caring person for mothers. Welcome to [Parenting Cheats], you can find the answers here for everything you want to know about parenting care, growth and development, family education, and mental health!
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