The 48-year-old mother-in-law is pregnant with three children, and her daughter-in-law is angry at 8 months: If you want to give birth to me, you will divorce

time:2022-11-27 author:Diet
The 48-year-old mother-in-law is pregnant with three children, and her daughter-in-law is angry at 8 months: If you want to give birth to me, you will divorce

Wen|Ying Mama, a mother with a big belly in Shandong, complained on the Internet that her parents were short. She said that she was already 8 months pregnant, but she did not expect that her 48-year-old mother-in-law was also pregnant, and it was already three months. She told her mother-in-law not to have children, but her mother-in-law insisted that now the country has let go of the third child, and it is my freedom to have children or not. The daughter-in-law was so angry that she said to her mother-in-law, "If you insist on giving birth, I don't want to live with your son anymore. I want to divorce your son!" The mother-in-law still said strongly, you don't need to threaten me! Some netizens in the comment area said: Bring your own children, don't worry about whether your mother-in-law will give birth or not! Having said that, if the mother-in-law has no financial ability, then in the end, the child will have to be helped by the two older brothers in front! We see news from time to time, because my mother gave birth to a second child at an advanced age, and then she was too old to be able to support her, and eventually she had to appeal to the court and let her eldest child support her second child. It is true that now the country has released the third child, and it is possible to conceive and regenerate in the 40s, but there will be many follow-up problems!

Older age has a second child, a third child, unless there are "4 good", there will be many follow-up problems

Physical condition is good, more than 40 years old Being able to conceive a child naturally does not mean that her physical condition is very good. Some people have an average physical condition, but she has a fertile constitution and is able to give birth to a child. But if you have a baby in your 40s, the fetus needs to absorb a lot of nutrients through the mother's body, which is a kind of damage to the mother's body itself, so the mother's physique will be hurt due to pregnancy and become worse! If you want to have a baby in your 40s, you need to do a full-body physical examination in advance. If your physical condition does not allow it, try not to regenerate. ★Good mentality. If a 48-year-old mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law in their 20s are pregnant together, it is easy to be pointed at by the people around you. If you have a bad mentality, your heart will be very depressed. After the child is born, you take the child out, the child calls your mother, and the eyes of the people next to you may make you feel a little ashamed. And when the child goes to kindergarten, when the child goes to school, when the teacher calls your grandma, do you explain or not explain? Therefore, if the mentality is not good, it is best not to have a second or third child at an advanced age. ★She was 60 years old before the financial situation was good. Because of the death of her only daughter, she made up her mind to have a test tube baby in her grief, and she gave birth to a pair of twin daughters. Not long after her daughter was born, she began to travel to give lectures to the health care product company. When her daughter was about 10 years old, a reporter once interviewed Sheng Hailin. Sheng Hailin mentioned that she had saved about 7 million yuan for her child, and there was still money at home. The house is the hope that the children can live comfortably in the future. But if you don't have any savings or even have a small pension, and you have two or three children at an advanced age, the difficulties in the future are really predictable. ★Planning to have two or three children at an advanced age should be planned at least until the child is 18 or even 20 years old. Take a look at your physical condition and your economic strength, or you can consider buying various insurances for your children, such as education insurance Wait, when the child grows up, even if the parents are old, he will have the money to study by himself. Or you can discuss with the eldest and second eldest. If you can't take care of the younger children by yourself, the elder brothers and sisters will help take care of them. When giving birth to two or three children at an advanced age, you should not only consider your own situation, but also the situation of other people in the family, such as whether your husband agrees or not, and whether your husband is in good health. Because when I get old, I will be more than enough to take care of a child. Unless my husband is very supportive, the two of them will take care of each other. For example, 67-year-old Ms. Tian gave birth to a third daughter, Tianci. Her husband is also very supportive, and the two couples can also take care of their children well. You also have to consider the mood of the eldest and second child in front of you. If the eldest and second child resolutely disagree, if you are old and the younger has not grown up, you may have to go to the court to file a lawsuit. It's not fair to have two or three children. Therefore, there are still many issues to be considered in childbirth at an advanced age, and do not make decisions lightly. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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