Early autumn children's shoes are suitable and comfortable

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Early autumn children's shoes are suitable and comfortable

Now more and more parents pay attention to the baby's foot health, especially the choice of children's shoes. As the baby grows day by day, how can parents buy the right shoes for their baby? How to choose children's shoes in early autumn?

Measure foot length to stand

From time to time, parents report that they choose shoes according to the existing shoe size, but their children feel It was uncomfortable to wear, and I was not very happy to wear it. After asking, I found out that it was the shoes. Of course, you can’t choose this way when buying children’s shoes. Children are in the growth period, their feet grow fast, and the shoe size is updated very quickly. If you can't go to an offline store to try shoes, then every time you buy shoes, parents should measure the child's foot length. You can measure it with white paper and a ruler, or you can buy a foot measurer. It should also be noted that letting the child measure the foot length in a sitting position will lead to a large error in the measurement data. Be sure to let the child stand to measure the foot length, and the body should not be tilted. In addition, the feet are slightly swollen in the afternoon, so it is best to measure the child in the afternoon. If the child is more active and unwilling to cooperate, you can try to play a cartoon that he is interested in, or wet the footprints on white paper, and then measure the footprints.

When buying autumn and winter shoes, the shoe size should be slightly larger

I believe many parents know that when buying shoes for their children, they usually choose shoes Children's shoes whose inner length is 0.5 to 1 cm longer than their feet are appropriate. However, the autumn and winter seasons will be slightly different. When the child needs to wear thick socks, it is recommended that the inner length of the shoe is 1~1.5cm longer than the foot length, so that the child's feet will feel more comfortable. At the same time, parents need to pay attention not to wear shoes that are too large or too small for their children, otherwise it will easily affect the health of the children's feet. However, considering the length of the feet alone, it is sometimes impossible to buy children's shoes that fit the feet and are comfortable for children. It is also necessary to consider the child's foot width, instep height, arch width, heel slope and other issues. Therefore, if you want to choose children's shoes, you can take your children to try on Dr. Jiang's offline stores. Dr. Jiang’s offline stores are equipped with “3D Smart Foot Tester”. It is recommended that children aged 4 years and above with shoes size 29 test their feet before buying shoes. Taking foot data, comprehensively judge the development of the foot, and can also identify whether the child's foot is flat foot, high arched foot, or normal foot, and can also determine whether there is hallux valgus, foot valgus, etc. Then, the system will recommend insoles with different arch support and heel slope according to the child's foot condition to improve the child's comfort in wearing shoes. At the same time, Dr. Jiang specially designed children's shoes with "three maintenance feet" for children - a good choice for comfortable and healthy children's shoes. In addition to the insole with different arch support and heel inclination, Dr. Jiang also has different forefoot circumference designs to adapt to different foot shapes and provide enough space for the toes; and the stiffened heel cup can enhance stability, Effectively control the range of hindfoot valgus. With the help of Dr. Jiang's black technology, parents can choose suitable children's shoes for their babies more easily and quickly, which saves worry and trouble. Dr. Jiang is committed to spreading the concept of foot and spine health. Parents can also pay more attention and learn more about children's foot and spine health!
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