Rare in the world! The baby boy was born with "4 hands and 4 feet", the doctor: parasitic fetus, netizens: no maternity examination

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Rare in the world! The baby boy was born with "4 hands and 4 feet", the doctor: parasitic fetus, netizens: no maternity examination

Text|Jing Ma 01 A boy in Shenzhen was found to have 4 hands and 4 feet when he was born. The parents rushed the child to Shenzhen Children's Hospital. After seeing the doctor, the doctor said that the child is a parasitic fetus, has no head, no heart, but has hands and feet, external genitalia, and has urinary function. , is also very rare in the world, about 1/500,000. 02 "Parasitic fetus" is actually a type of fetal malformation. After the mother secretes an egg and fuses with one of the father's sperm, it will continue to divide, and may become two children in the process of division. If it is completely split, it will become two genders, twin sisters who look very similar, or twin brothers. However, if the division is not complete, it may become a "conjoined body", some of which are conjoined with the head, chest, and abdomen. This is called "equivalent conjoined body." For example, a child's head is connected, but has its own body, or a child's abdomen is connected, with two heads and separate feet. And there is also the "unequal conjoined child", which is actually a parasitic fetus. The parasitic fetus can usually be seen by taking a B-ultrasound. If the doctor sees that it is a parasitic fetus, the mother will generally advise the mother to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible. Therefore, this boy in Shenzhen may be born at full term because his mother did not go to the obstetric examination in time. Netizens in the comment area also mentioned that this mother definitely did not have a maternity examination, otherwise it would be impossible not to see it. Some netizens said: All pregnancies must be checked, and they must go to a regular hospital for them. It's okay, but if something happens, it will harm the child.

When a mother is pregnant, no matter how difficult it is at home, she must insist on doing 5 B-ultrasounds, for the sake of the baby and the mother

The first time B-ultrasound: About the 7th week of pregnancy, the main purpose is to know whether the implantation site of the fetus is in the uterus or outside the uterus. If it is outside the uterus, then the pregnancy should be terminated as soon as possible. #讀 Zero Zero Plan# And it is necessary to know whether the fetus is one or two, so that the mother can pay more attention to the postpartum check-up or nutrition. The second B-ultrasound: about 12 weeks of gestation, this B-ultrasound examination is mainly to determine the gestational age, and then to check the translucent layer of the fetal neck, that is, the NT examination, mainly to see whether the fetus has congenital malformations. The 3rd B-ultrasound: about 22 weeks of gestation, mainly to check the deformity of the fetus. This time, the B-ultrasound is usually performed with a three-dimensional color ultrasound to see if there are corresponding deformities in the face, limbs, brain, internal organs, organs, and heart. Therefore, if this Shenzhen boy has a large row of deformity examination at 22 weeks of pregnancy, he can usually find the problem. 4 hands and 4 feet can be seen on the B-ultrasound! This inspection generally needs to be booked in advance, and the time is better around 20 to 24 weeks. Because if it is too early, it may not be seen, and if it is too late, if he has a problem, it will be troublesome to miscarry, so the mother must go for the examination according to the appointment time. The 4th B-ultrasound: 30~32 weeks of small row deformity This B-ultrasound is mainly to screen for deformity again, look at the limbs, whether there is any deformity in the face, and to understand his growth and development. Through the biparietal diameter of the fetus, the length of the femur and other data to understand the development of the fetus, whether it matches the gestational age, it also depends on the condition of the amniotic fluid and whether the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck. The 5th B-ultrasound: determine the mode of delivery at 37 weeks of gestation. Generally, mothers will do another B-ultrasound at 37 weeks of gestation to confirm whether the fetal position is in the head position. It mainly depends on the growth and development of the fetus and checks the maturity of the placenta. degree, whether the umbilical cord wraps around the neck. If the amniotic fluid has become cloudy at this time, or the umbilical cord wraps around the neck more seriously, the doctor may recommend a caesarean section as soon as possible. Or the fetus is in the transverse position and cannot be delivered naturally, and the time for the caesarean section will be determined, and the caesarean section will come directly at that time, and if he has no major problems in all aspects, it will not be too big, and if the evaluation can be delivered naturally, the baby will wait for the natural delivery. launch. Of course, some children have not started until 40 weeks, and the doctor may recommend to do B-ultrasound again to understand the situation of the fetus in the stomach. But these 5 B-ultrasounds suggested that the mother should not fall, and do it every time, so as to avoid problems with the fetus, but the mother knew nothing about it, and when she was born, the parents and doctors were shocked. Topic: Have you done these 5 ultrasounds during pregnancy? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: Research found that the best childbearing age is not before the age of 30, and the children born to older mothers are smarter. What is the latest childbearing age for women? Doctor: If you are over this age, it is best not to give birth
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