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the forgotten smallpox

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the forgotten smallpox

When it comes to "monkeypox", smallpox cannot be ignored, because the viruses that cause it belong to the same family. People born in the 1980s may have only heard of smallpox in TV dramas, because the World Health Organization declared smallpox extinct in the world in 1980, and smallpox vaccines are no longer routinely vaccinated. Smallpox is a very strong infectious disease, which can be passed from person to person. In the era of poor sanitation, the mortality rate is high, and it will leave scars all over the body. The spread of the smallpox vaccine has made the infectious disease extinct, but there are laboratories around the world that preserve the virus, potentially using it to make bioweapons.

The etiology and transmission of smallpox

is caused by the smallpox virus, which can be spread through air and contact, The incubation period is around 7-19 days.

Symptoms of smallpox

begin with fever, muscle aches, headaches, extreme fatigue, severe back pain, and vomiting. Small red spots appear on the body after a few days and then form blisters or pustules, scarring after 8-9 days. Like any viral infection, it can also cause comorbidities in systemic organs leading to death.

Smallpox prevention

Get the smallpox vaccine! Booster vaccines may be effective for up to 20 years if vaccinated. Of course it is no longer routinely vaccinated because smallpox is extinct.

Treatment of smallpox

A new generation of smallpox drugs is Tecovirimat, which is also used as a treatment for monkeypox. Brincidofovir is also a new drug for the treatment of smallpox developed in recent years. Although smallpox has been eliminated, with the spread of monkeypox, smallpox has been revived, and the extinction of all infectious diseases may still require an effective vaccine.
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