Please restrain the love of "self-moving", it is a burden to the children, so that you can't escape the grievances

time:2022-12-05 author:Maternal-Child Nursing
Please restrain the love of "self-moving", it is a burden to the children, so that you can't escape the grievances

I remember reading an article when I was a child, and the general content was "Mom loves fish head". Through the detailed description that every time I eat fish at home, my mother always eats the fish head cleanly at the end, and the image description that my mother always lovingly explains her favorite fish head, and finally sings the greatness of mother's love, The food is left to the children, and it is more of a kind of "dedication" that makes people feel. However, with the changes of the times, children are no longer the children of the past, and we have grown from children to parents, and the "self-motivated" maternal love is being questioned by more and more people. A few days ago, I saw a small video. The one who posted the video was a mother. She bought some ingredients and cooked with her heart, while she couldn't help but complain: "Life is stressful these days, so I bought these delicious food and gave them to my children. I'm reluctant to eat it, so I'll just eat some soup." Below the video is an all-in-one message: Please don't touch yourself; please don't put pressure on your children; eating together can make children happier than eating alone... More More and more children who were suppressed by "dedicated maternal love" also cried out: Please eat and live like us! As a parent, I would also like to invite such parents who are immersed in self-motivation and dedication to change their ineffective practice quickly, because self-motivated love is a burden to children, and it is impossible for them to escape grievances. Some parents think that it is for the children to leave the good things to the children, the delicious food for the children to eat, and the easy-to-use things for the children to use. Love. In fact, this kind of behavior is doting on children, and it doesn't help children's growth. When they gradually become aware of it, they will either be selfish or ruthless. The love of parents for their children should be caring and guiding. Cultivate the quality of sharing and humility in children from an early age, so that children can have others in their hearts, be considerate and care about their family members; You must know that "having others in your heart" is one of the important conditions for a child to transform from a "natural person" to a "social person", and it is also possible to cultivate good children with high emotional intelligence, high IQ, and everyone's praise.

1. Parents themselves should honor their parents

The effect of "teaching by example" is far better than "words". Therefore, parents should set an example for their children to respect their elders in their behavior. Parents should have a harmonious and beautiful relationship with the elderly at home, spend more time with the elderly, beat their backs, rub their legs, cook, chat, and take the initiative to help the elderly solve their problems... Confucius said that the key to honoring the elderly lies in "sex Difficulty", even if it is to take care of food, clothing, housing and transportation, but always raise eyebrows or speak harshly to the elderly, in the young hearts of children, the seeds of "evil" will still be planted. Therefore, being considerate to the elders, respecting the elders, and maintaining a pleasant appearance and a good mood are the attitude of parents towards the elderly, and the key to guiding children through their own words and deeds, and impressing children to learn "filial piety".

2. Create opportunities for children to honor themselves

Let children "move", experience and try for themselves, so that children can remember them fresh. Therefore, creating opportunities for children to honor themselves is also a requirement for parents to persist. Don't feel that the small body needs more care. You must know that after the energy of the child is stimulated, it can generate infinite potential. For example, family gatherings, as long as they are delicious and fun, insist that children honor their ancestors first, then their parents, then their brothers and sisters, and finally themselves. If you don’t live with your grandparents, take your children home to visit the elderly regularly, or video chat with the elderly from time to time, making it a habit for children. Let the children participate in the housework as much as they can, and share the trivial, happy and sad things in the family with the children in time. Over time, the child's self-awareness of national strength will gradually fade, and grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters will gradually have a place in his heart, and through long-term and continuous emotional experience, the child will have conscious and stable behavior. Makarenko, an outstanding educator in the former Soviet Union, pointed out that education is a process of development of various habits, phenomena and concepts, from the most common, simple concepts of life produced by children to complex concepts of citizens' honor to the motherland . Children's sense of responsibility, gratitude to parents, family, etc., expands over time, expands to love and care for people, and expands to all the jobs that enable the citizens of our country to live happily . It can be seen that in order to cultivate talents who are useful to the society, we must start with children, start with small things, start with being able to share, start with honoring parents, learn to have others in our hearts, and form a good outlook on life and a perfect personality.
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