The mother holds her daughter, and the son can only eat cold buns on the side. It may be more difficult than the second child to have both children

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The mother holds her daughter, and the son can only eat cold buns on the side. It may be more difficult than the second child to have both children

According to statistics, couples only have two children, and the probability of having both children is only about 25%. Since the opening of the two-child and three-child policy, the word "two-child" has appeared more and more frequently, and many couples have finally realized their "good" dream. In the eyes of most people, having both children and children seems to be the most perfect. Having a son and a daughter to make up a good word is a blessing that others cannot envy. It is only after raising children that you realize that a son and a daughter also have sufferings that outsiders don’t know about.

Bao mother has both children and children, but cannot achieve a bowl of water.

The second child mother posted her belt on the Internet The baby's daily life. At night, she hugged her little daughter to coax her to sleep and didn't have time to take care of her son, and then the son could only sit on the bed with a cold bun to eat. Bao mother looked at her son's figure very sad, and asked him softly if he was hungry? The son asked back, why didn't I train me this time when I was sitting on the bed eating? It can be seen that the mother usually disciplines the child very strictly, but the boy would rather take the risk of being criticized and eat while sitting next to his mother. Although he didn't let his mother hug him, he could see that he still needed his mother to accompany him. He was afraid of affecting his sister's sleep, so he could only choose to sit beside his mother obediently and not speak. Having two children at home, even twins, can be a challenge for parents. It's a girl who seems perfect, but it's a little difficult to raise. Sugar Mom has seen many couples with both children, but she envy families with two daughters or two sons. The reason is very helpless.

What difficulties do families with two children often face? Families with both children and parents face more than one problem. The sugar mother integrates everyone's private messages and the performance of her two children, and summarizes the following major difficulties. 1) It is more difficult to be fair if children are different in gender. Children care about fairness the most, but the preferences and needs of boys and girls are even more different. As a result, when parents buy snacks, toys and other items, the two children always feel that The other's is better. If two children are the same gender, buy similar items and avoid many unnecessary fights. 2) A family with two children is more expensive. No matter how good the family conditions are, you may have the habit of keeping things for your children. If the two children are the same gender, many clothes and supplies are left for the younger ones. If the two children are of different genders, almost everything will be repurchased, which will invisibly increase a lot of expenses. 3) Regarding the issue of marriage, the biggest injustice in a family with two children may be when the child is ready to get married. For example, parents spend more money to buy a house for their sons and marry their daughters-in-law, but dowry their daughters much less than their sons. After the son gets married, he may take his daughter-in-law home to live, but the daughter goes to live with her husband's house after marriage, and the room originally at her mother's house is occupied.

Every family has a scripture that is difficult to read. No matter whether you have children or not, you should pay attention to the following things

In general, The number and gender of children do not completely determine the happiness of the family, but mainly depends on the education of the parents. First, without comparing two children, what is the gender mix regardless of how old the two children are? Now in the process of growing up, they will gradually show their own characteristics and the rhythm of growth. Parents need to discover the bright spots in them and cultivate them according to the different characteristics of their children, without comparing two children, they can also make progress. Secondly, no one should let anyone who is not a boy, must let a girl, and not a sister must let a younger brother. The two children who made a mistake should be criticized and corrected, and he should not be defended for any reason. Otherwise, the child who made the mistake will become more and more unscrupulous, and when it comes to the child who hurts, there will be a resentment in his heart. It not only affects the relationship between siblings, but also alienates the parent-child relationship.

Don't hold eccentric thoughts and use "both children" as an excuse to have a second child

There are many couples who have both children The excuse to have a second child is actually the idea of ​​valuing sons over girls or girls over boys from the bottom of my heart, but it's just that I don't want to admit it. If couples want to have a second child with this kind of thinking, they will be unfair before the child is born. And once the second child is born, the gender does not meet his expectations, and his treatment may be worse than that of his elder brothers and sisters, which is especially unfair to him. If you want to have a perfect family with both children, in addition to having children at the right time and paying attention to the education after the child is born, the thoughts of the couple when they want to have children are also very important. Candy Mama's heart: The child cannot choose whether he is born or not, and will depend on his parents for many years after birth. It is difficult to raise a child, and it is even more difficult to raise two children. Having both children is not the only requirement for having a baby. The physical conditions of both spouses and the family’s economic situation must be taken into account. Blindly pursuing both children and children is irresponsible for oneself and the child. [Today's topic] Do you think a family must be perfect with both children and children?
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