It turns out that only by speaking in a low voice can you raise a truly obedient baby

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It turns out that only by speaking in a low voice can you raise a truly obedient baby

In the face of crying children, yelling has become the most convenient way of discipline for many parents. But we don't know how terrifying the way we yell, in the eyes of children, just like Lai Peixia said in "Super Orator": "Your mouth is full of love, but your face is hideous." Therefore, to love children, parents need to speak to their children in a low voice. So how does one become a good parent who can whisper?

First, the concept is correct, speaking in a low voice is not weak and incompetent

In the process of getting along with children, there will inevitably be conflicts and anxiety between parents and children. At this time Parents will respond instinctively, raise their voices unconsciously, and yell at their children. Maybe the speaker is not intentional, but the listener is intentional. Renowned psychologist Mona Schur believes that if parents are disciplined by yelling frequently, children are prone to psychological and verbal aggression. This point is indeed similar to the parenting views of many people who have come here. They think: "If you sow melons, you will get melons, and if you sow beans, you will get beans. The way you treat your child, the child will treat you the same way, and learn to treat others like you." Therefore, parents should learn to speak to their children in a low voice. On the one hand, whispering to a child will make the child feel fully respected and loved, and make the child believe that he is unconditionally accepted by his parents. On the other hand, speaking in a low voice can set a good example for your child and teach your child how to deal with conflict and maintain relationships in a peaceful way. Children who learn to speak in a low voice and can live in peace with others will also be the lucky ones in the society to eat and go far.

Second, act now and be your child's first teacher

The best time to act is ten years ago, or now. Now that you have realized that speaking in a low voice is the foundation of loving children, only by taking immediate action can children be bathed in the spring breeze of love for the first time. Mo Yan, the Nobel Prize winner for literature, has mentioned on many occasions that his mother is his best teacher after he became famous. In the decades he lived with his mother, no matter how wrong he made, his mother never blamed him loudly, but his mother's silent love deeply nourished his heart. There was one thing he regretted the most that is still fresh in his memory. Due to the special difficulties at home at the time, his mother took Mo Yan to the market to sell vegetables grown by himself. Perhaps because of lack of money, Mo Yan accidentally charged an uncle an extra 1 cent. After learning about this, the mother did not scold him loudly, but just came over and touched his head, and said softly, "What you have done makes me so embarrassed." Although his mother only spoke softly, Mo Yan realized his mistake, learned integrity and self-esteem, and made him feel his mother's love. As the saying goes: there is no reason to speak loudly. When a child has a disagreement with a parent, as the child's first teacher, whispering to the child will not only not lower the parent's attitude, but will inspire the child's own cognitive awakening and let the child feel pure care. So start whispering to your child right now!

Three, unity of knowledge and action, being a good parent who speaks in a low voice

Loving children is always the top priority of parents. In order for children to feel the love of their parents, parents need to practice deliberately and master the scientific way of speaking. Just like whispering, although speaking is instinctive and parents realize the importance of whispering, children are ever-changing. How to internalize whispering into a habit and become a good parent of whispering? That is regular review, deliberate practice, and unity of knowledge and action. In the book "Rebellion is not the fault of the child", the author gives parents a few ways to speak to their children in a low voice, which can be practiced more often:
  • Come to your child calmly, first cause the his attention.
  • Look directly into the child's eyes, pause for a moment before you speak, and squat down if necessary.
  • If you think it won't frighten your child, put your hand lightly on your child's shoulder.
  • Speak your request in a soft but firm voice, simply and clearly, and leave.
In this way, being a good parent with a low voice can actually be trained scientifically. All parents need to do is pay high attention, deliberately practice, reflect and correct, and continue to maintain the good habit of whispering over and over again. It won't take long, I believe that parents will feel the changes brought about by whispering. It seems that problems that could only be solved with violence before can now be easily resolved like a thousand pounds. Children and parents are no longer opposites, but close friends. Talking is like a "double-edged sword". Some parents use its good side to carve their children into the best shape; while some parents make good use of its bad side, it becomes a weapon to hurt their children. Whispering is the caring and warm side of language. If you truly love your child, then no matter when, where, or in any situation, please lean down and speak to your child in a low voice!
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