Cancel 5 types of national college entrance examination bonus points! The double reduction is carried out to the end, and the training institutions are complaining

time:2022-12-02 author:Baby bones
Cancel 5 types of national college entrance examination bonus points! The double reduction is carried out to the end, and the training institutions are complaining

Text | At the press conference held by the Ministry of Education, the relevant person in charge introduced that five categories of national college entrance examinations, such as sports special students, middle school Olympiads, science and technology competitions, provincial outstanding students, and outstanding deeds in ideology and morality, should be cancelled. Subproject! And we will gradually cancel the 95 types of local bonus projects! Following the "double reduction" last year, the Ministry of Education has made another big deal! #Ministry of Education cancels five types of college entrance examination bonus projects# "Double reduction" reduces children's homework burden and off-campus training burden! Therefore, many off-campus institutions have been cancelled, and even New Oriental has been transformed! #5categories But there are still a lot of interest-based training institutions, such as cultivating sports or Olympic competitions, and various types of science and technology, because these college entrance examinations used to have extra points. But now it is also clear that these national bonus projects will be cancelled, and training institutions are starting to rush again! Because the biggest selling point of their previous admissions is that they can give their children extra points in the college entrance examination!

Why are these bonus points removed? These reasons are too real.

★The fraud is serious. It is said that among the more than 1,000 college candidates in Liaoning Benxi High School in 2014, there were as many as 87 "second-level athletes", accounting for nearly 10% of the total number of candidates, because sports students can add 10 points. There are even some schools that don't even have swimming pools, and there are swimmers! ★I hope it will be fairer. Some children's talents and talents, and more parents' efforts, are all made with money. It is hoped that under a fair education, children will be more fair, so all kinds of bonus points are cancelled.

For parents, "double deduction" plus cancellation of extra points should pay more attention to the education of children in these aspects

The first aspect : Children’s physical education has less homework and less time to go to training classes. You should take your children to exercise more, and exercise outdoors for an hour every day. It is of great help to improve your child’s immunity and promote the growth of children’s bones. . So when you have time, take your child to exercise outdoors more, not only can let the child absorb the fresh air, but also can express the depressed mood in the child's heart. Why were children in rural areas often beaten and scolded in the past, but less likely to have psychological problems? Because after the child was scolded by his parents at home, he rushed out of the house to play hide-and-seek with his friends, or played pebbles, which required physical activities. After the game, he sweated, and the depressed mood in his heart disappeared. Reduce children's psychological problems. The second aspect: take more children out to see the world The headmistress of Harvard University once said in her speech that if you want your children to have higher knowledge and achievements in the future, you must take them to unfamiliar places more often. Many children's daily activities are moving between two points and one line at school and at home, and parents should take their children to see the world more often and take their children to play in unfamiliar places. Only in this way can children see more scenery, can let children have a broader vision, and can prevent children from working behind closed doors. The third aspect: let children learn to do housework. Related research has found that children who do housework since childhood have lower crime rates and higher achievement in adulthood. Therefore, parents should not think that children only need to study or participate in any interests, but should let children do some housework within their ability, so that children can know the hardships and difficulties of their parents, and also let children learn to be independent. Moreover, doing housework can also help children learn to plan and help improve their ability to plan. Fourth aspect: Cultivating children's real interests Cancellation of extra points does not mean that children are not allowed to learn related interests. For example, if children like to draw, they can let them learn a lesson, which not only allows children to cultivate their sentiments, but also Can increase the beauty of children. For children, learning something they like is actually very beneficial to their physical and mental health. Therefore, to cancel the extra points of the college entrance examination, parents should cultivate their children's independent ability, cultivate their real interests, and make their children physically strong and mentally healthy. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: If you miss the best childbearing age, don’t give birth? Study: Older mothers are more likely to have smart babies
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