How long is the interval between second and third child? Not only about the boss, but also about the age of the parents

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How long is the interval between second and third child? Not only about the boss, but also about the age of the parents

Wen|A 42-year-old friend of Ying's mother said some time ago that she was going to have a third child. I asked her if you can hurry up to have a third child. She said that our second child is not yet one year old. Two years will be better! I said that you have to consider it comprehensively. You are now an advanced mother, and your reproductive capacity has fallen off a cliff. You still need to manage the interval between the second births. At that time, it will be difficult for you to give birth. # Yaozero Zero Plan# She said that if you can’t give birth, then you can do a test tube. I said that your uterine function is declining, and it’s hard to get a bed after you do a test tube, and it can only be a waste of money. After hearing my words, she hurried to the hospital for consultation. Later, the doctor advised her to prepare for pregnancy as soon as possible. Indeed, the World Health Organization recommends that the interval between two pregnancies should preferably be greater than two years and less than five years.

Why is it recommended to have a second or third child at a two-year interval after giving birth? The reason is very realistic

Reason one: The data show that if the interval is too short, the risk of mother and child will be higher. Reason 2: It is recommended to breastfeed until the child is two years old. The World Health Organization recommends that the child should be exclusively breastfed, and breastfeed until the child is about two years old before weaning naturally. During breastfeeding, mothers need to provide nutrients to the milk. If you are pregnant at this time, it is easy to cause uneven distribution of nutrients and affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, it is recommended to wean at the age of two before getting pregnant. Reason 3: The mother needs time to adjust after giving birth and breastfeeding. After giving birth to the child, the mother is confinement, which does not mean that the body will fully recover. In addition, the need for breastfeeding will affect the mother's own nutrition and sleep, and it will take some time for the child to adjust his physical state after weaning. In this way, the next child can be conceived in a better physical condition. Reason 4: The two children are about two years apart before they become suitable playmates. The children are about two years apart. The older one can play with the younger one. The older one can basically eat and dress independently, and can help look after his younger brother. It is also easier to take care of. But if the time interval is too short, taking care of two little ones at the same time will make the mother exhausted. You can even get pregnant until the child is three years old and go to kindergarten, which will be better. After the child goes to kindergarten, the mother will have more time, and can go to the obstetric examination alone without pulling the child. Moreover, after the age of three, children will have their own playmates when they go to kindergarten. If both parents are in their 20s, it is better to have a second child and a third child at an interval of about three years. But now many people still want to go to graduate school after graduating from college. After graduation, they are 24 and 25 years old. After working for a few years, they are almost 30 years old. The age of marriage is relatively late, so the age of childbirth will be much later. When the eldest child was born, he was already 30 years old, and the second child was 33 years old. If he wanted to have a third child, he would have missed the optimal reproductive age, so the time interval had to be adjusted.

So how long does it take to regenerate between two and three?

If the mother gets married around the age of 22, then a three-year interval is very suitable. The eldest goes to kindergarten to conceive the second child, and the second goes to kindergarten and then conceives the third, and the mother will only give birth to the third. Around 30 years old. But if the mother gets married at the age of 30 and wants to have three children, the interval should be shortened, and the interval should be about a year. After all, the mother's fertility declines with advanced age, and pregnancy complications are prone to occur during pregnancy, and the risk of Down syndrome in the fetus will also increase. Of course, it is not only related to the age of the mother, but also the age of the father. Some people have found that if the father is over 40 years old to give birth, then the child will have autism and the risk of ADHD will also increase. So how long is the interval between two and three births? Not only depends on the time interval with the boss, but also depends on the age of the parents. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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