I was ridiculed by my classmates for being dark skinned, and the teacher didn't like me, what should I do?

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I was ridiculed by my classmates for being dark skinned, and the teacher didn't like me, what should I do?

It's not the top line, but in fact, the behavior of being maliciously nicknamed and mercilessly ridiculed in the school, and causing harm to the hearts of the parties, should also be classified as campus bullying.

What is school bullying?

The official standard answer, campus bullying refers to one or more deliberate or malicious acts of bullying or insulting one party (individual or group) between students inside and outside the campus through physical, language and network means, causing the other party to be bullied. Events (individual or group) of physical and psychological injury, property damage, or mental damage, etc. Nicknames and being laughed at may be unintentional or intentional, but in any case, if it causes harm to the person involved, it is school bullying.

What should we do about school bullying?

1. Tell the teacher

that school bullying happens on campus, so it is more logical to find a teacher as soon as possible. However, if the teacher is reliable, then ask the teacher for help, but if the teacher is not even a leader or even a participant in campus bullying, then you must not count on the teacher.

2. Help parents

Many children are in various considerations, and they only report good news to their family members and not bad news. In fact, you don't have to be so sensible as a child, and you don't have to be afraid that your family will criticize you. On the contrary, when you encounter difficulties that you cannot overcome, most parents are the safe haven and support for their children. At this time, if you are unable to solve the problem, you should tell your parents the truth. Heard a real case. The top few in his class have fought for honors for the class many times, but he is told by the teacher that he looks dark and will put some trumped-up "crimes" on the children. The child was too young to have the courage to communicate with the teacher or argue with the teacher, so the child told his mother about his inner distress. My mother wanted to have a good communication with the teacher, but the strong teacher scolded the parents all over the place regardless of whether there was anyone around, and kept accusing the children of being bad and bad. Through the teacher's attitude and words and deeds, the mother can judge that the child cannot be respected and fair to the teacher, and if it is not resolved immediately, the child will definitely suffer more grievances. So the mother calmly said to the tearful child: "The main task of a student is to study. You will only be responsible for studying in the future, and you will not be involved in other things." Copying newspapers, you don’t have to tan yourself in the sun in order to run first in the sports meeting, and you don’t have to do a lot of class work in order to help the teacher relieve the burden. This way, you will be more relaxed, and you will not be hurt by doing things. "The teacher saw that the attitude of the parents was neither humble nor arrogant, and was well-founded. He also thought that there was still a need for such a good seedling in the class who could bring honor to the class and contribute to his own promotion and salary increase, so he felt strongly. The anger instantly turned into a smile, and then he kept praising the child. Since then, the teacher has never picked on the children again. Frankly speaking, everyone should respect the teacher, but if there is a teacher who makes trouble unreasonably or even takes the lead in bullying the child, the parents should not be afraid or harm the child together with the teacher, but should face it directly and be like the mother in the story. While communicating calmly, identify the weakness of this type of teacher, and then win with one move.

Third, Strong Self

I personally believe that self-strength includes mental strength, physical strength, and strength.

Where mental strength is important.

Faced with the same thing, mentally strong people may choose to laugh it off or defuse embarrassment with self-mockery. In the face of this kind of person, everyone may be infected by him, secretly fall in love with him, or feel that it is really boring that this person can't be provoked, so they don't pay attention to him. But people who are sensitive and vulnerable at heart may be hurt for a long time because of a word or expression of others. People with good deeds will naturally tease you when they see that you are so easy to bully.

Physical strength is equally important.

We carefully observe that most of the targets of school bullying and even social bullying are sensitive, weak or weak. And those who are strong and powerful, imposing, or even small but full of spirit, almost no one dares to bully them. Because even if such a person is bullied, he will fight back bravely until the bully never dares to bully him again. Therefore, if you want to avoid being bullied, you must exercise more, eat more nutritious food, make yourself strong, and at the same time know how to fight back (the purpose of fighting back is to show your attitude, so as to deter the bully, and to fight back. To avoid being hurt, rather than hurting others, so be careful!)

Strength must be strong

The strength of students is mainly reflected in learning, communication and talent, etc. No matter which aspect is brilliant, it can win everyone's pursuit and respect, but it may also attract jealousy and hatred. So we have to show great strength but also keep a low profile. Being outstanding is to improve your ability, and being low-key is a quality and an armor to protect yourself. In short, as a student, don’t be afraid or weak when encountering bullying. While fighting back bravely, you should also strengthen your inner and outer appearance, and at the same time learn to seek effective help.
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