After Lin Zhiying was discharged from the hospital, she celebrated her son's birthday in a low-key manner. Compared with Li Xiang's family, it was too shabby and exposed her different views on education.

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After Lin Zhiying was discharged from the hospital, she celebrated her son's birthday in a low-key manner. Compared with Li Xiang's family, it was too shabby and exposed her different views on education.

For Chinese parents, nurturing children is a major event. Whether the children in the family can flourish in the future depends on the parent's education method. Some parents believe that "raising" their children is the best way to educate them. As long as they have enough financial capacity and provide a good educational environment for their children, so that they can learn more knowledge, their children will have great achievements in the future. However, some parents will think that it is not a bad thing to "raise poor" children. Children know how to work hard from an early age, and they will be motivated enough when they grow up. They will restrain themselves in all aspects. Parents are more at ease. Like ordinary parents, many celebrities also pay attention to raising their children from the poor and the rich. The most typical examples are Lin Zhiying and Li Xiang.

Lin Zhiying is too shabby to celebrate her son's birthday, exposing her true education concept

Speaking of male star Lin Zhiying, everyone must be familiar with this person , Looking back on the popular male stars in the 70s, most of them have disappeared now. And Lin Zhiying is different. As a post-70s male star, although Lin Zhiying is very old, he has a good audience. After getting married and having children, Lin Zhiying changed her identity to become a dad. As early as 2013, she took her son to the variety show "Where Are You Going, Dad". After that, Lin Zhiying rarely showed up. It was not until a while ago that Lin Zhiying was reported by the media that she had a car accident with her son, and then she reappeared in the public eye. After the car accident, fortunately, Lin Zhiying and her son were not in serious trouble. On the evening of September 15, Lin Zhiying also posted on Weibo to celebrate the birthday of her 13-year-old son Kimi. Lin Zhiying also sent blessings on Weibo for this: "Dear Kimi is 13 years old. I still remember where Dad went. You are only three and a half years old. I wish you health, safe and happy growth." And accompanied by four photos, After seeing the photos posted by Lin Zhiying, many netizens felt that Lin Zhiying was too low-key. For his son's birthday, he only prepared a simple cake. It is not like other stars, the children at home will hold a grand birthday party and give all kinds of big-name gifts on their birthdays. For this reason, some netizens think that Lin Zhiying is too shabby to celebrate his son's birthday. What is the difference between this and ordinary people? But if we think about it from a different angle, you will find that such behavior is a good way of education. It seems that Lin Zhiying is simply celebrating her child's birthday, but in fact it also exposes Lin Zhiying's consumption concept and the most real education concept. After all, parents are their children's first teachers, and their words and deeds will have a great impact on their children. As a celebrity parent, Li Xiang's way of educating his children is different.

Li Xiang invited Hunan Satellite TV's "Tiantian Brothers" to celebrate Wang Shiling's birthday, not losing to top celebrities

Li Xiang was accepted by most people Well, not because she is a famous host, but because Li Xiang's consumption concept is too heroic. Some media have revealed that the price of Li Xiang's daily clothes has reached the level of a suite. However, this is nothing. Li Xiang wears a watch casually in his daily life, which is worth about 10 million. I usually go out to work and drive a car casually, which is also a Rolls-Royce worth 5 million. For ordinary people, such a consumption concept is simply unthinkable. How does Li Xiang, who spends such exaggerated money, treat his daughter? When Wang Shiling was four years old, in order to celebrate her daughter's birthday, Li Xiang invited Tiantian Brothers, a famous host group of Hunan Satellite TV. You must know that there is a famous host Wang Han in this group. It's nothing to be able to invite a famous host for her daughter's birthday. At the event, Brother Tiantian prepared a big cake for her daughter and also gave some valuable gifts. Seeing the birthday of Li Xiang's daughter and comparing the birthday of Lin Zhiying's son, you will find that, as celebrity parents, the education methods of the two are completely opposite. Li Xiang's education method is obviously rich and nourishing, and he pursues fame and fortune. And Lin Zhiying's education method is a typical poverty-stricken method, and he pursues ordinary and stable. If you carefully observe the daily life of Li Xiang's daughter, you will find that Li Xiang has invested too much money in her daughter. Ordinary children's living expenses are only 1,000 yuan, and 14-year-old Wang Shiling costs tens of thousands of yuan for a piece of clothing. Li Xiang is rich and too high-profile. Not only is he willing to spend money on himself, but also on his daughter. Wang Shiling is now 14 years old. At such an age, it is an important stage of education. For most ordinary parents, if their children have reached the age of 14, they will strictly educate their children and be restrained enough in spending money. After all, it is not easy for parents to make money. However, Li Xiang's education method is different. He will not urge children to spend less money, but can do whatever they want in terms of dressing. Wang Shiling's daily wear, casual short sleeves, the price has reached 24,000 yuan, and a seemingly inconspicuous bag has also reached 41,000 yuan. This kind of consumption concept is surprising. After all, children with poor conditions at home have no chance to wear such expensive fashion. If you want to compare the economic conditions of Li Xiang and Lin Zhiying, the two can be said to be indistinguishable. After all, they are both powerful stars. But Lin Zhiying usually educates children, it seems to be more low-key, completely opposite to Li Xiang's approach.

Although Lin Zhiying is "poor to raise" children, she pays more attention to cultivating children's abilities in all aspects

In daily life, Lin Zhiying is a very A competent father, if you look through Lin Zhiying's social account, you will find that Lin Zhiying and her children have accomplished a lot of things together. I believe many people know that in addition to being a male star, Lin Zhiying has another identity, that is, a racing driver. Compared with material life, Lin Zhiying pursues spiritual enjoyment more. It seems like a trivial matter when I practice racing cars, and I don’t forget to take my child with me, but it is actually cultivating the child’s athletic ability. In addition, Lin Zhiying will also pay more attention to cultivating other abilities of children. In her spare time, Lin Zhiying will also take children to do puzzles. For young children, they need to develop observation, concentration, and problem-solving skills from an early age, and these jigsaw puzzles can satisfy them. Parents take their children to do jigsaw puzzles, and the whole process will also exercise the children's intelligence and the children's tolerance for setbacks. This kind of education method is very meaningful, but the cost is very low. Even if you are an ordinary parent, you can do this, and from this we conclude that educating children is not necessarily rich. Candy's mother said in her heart: For Li Xiang, raising children needs to be "rich", bringing children to buy expensive clothes to wear, appearing in some high-end places, and even paying high tuition fees to train children to study abroad, these are not problems. But for ordinary parents, these things have become a big problem. Whether to educate children in a poor way or in a rich way depends on our own real economic level. Being rich is not necessarily a problem, and being poor is not necessarily the wrong direction. As a parent, as long as you find the right education method, your child's future will be better. [Today's topic] Which one do you think is more worthy of promotion, the poor and the rich?
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