In another 30 years, what will be the difference between the children of "one-child" and "second-child" families? Reality is sad

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In another 30 years, what will be the difference between the children of "one-child" and "second-child" families? Reality is sad

Although the country has opened up the second or third child, there are not many young people who really respond to the policy. The reasons are complex and there are various factors. Some are worried about economic problems, some have different ideas, and some are busy with work, etc. Wait. So, what is the difference between a family with a second child and a family without a second child?

What is the difference between a two-child family and a one-child family? Look at the real comparison

Children from only-child families have more "happy" childhoods. Xiao Cui is an only child, and Xiao Cui's parents also feel that "it is good to have only one child", so after Xiao Cui is born, he is completely I no longer have the idea of ​​continuing to have a second child. Since there is only one child of Xiao Cui, Xiao Cui's parents take good care of Xiao Cui. When Xiao Cui was just born, his parents scrambled to take care of Xiao Cui, and did not choose to entrust Xiao Cui to the elderly, because Xiao Cui's parents felt that only taking care of their children by themselves was the safest way to give children the right With the guidance and education, children can grow up healthily and safely. In fact, just as Xiao Cui's parents imagined, Xiao Cui has lived in a very ideal environment since he was a child. He has no worries about food and clothing, and is surrounded by his parents' love. There are parents to pick up and drop off, any time you need a parent, the parent will come by your side. Therefore, Xiao Cui's childhood was really happy. ●Childhood of a child from a family with many children is "smoke filled with gunpowder". Xiao Qi is a child of a family with many children. He has an older brother, and because there is an older brother in the family, Xiao Qi's childhood is completely different from that of Xiao Cui. Xiao Qi usually has a lot of things, but they are not his own, but his brother "plays the rest", such as some of his clothes, which are actually worn by his brother, and some of his toys that his brother has played with before, etc. . In other words, Xiao Qi's childhood was full of "second-hand items". Therefore, Xiaoqi has always hoped to have his own "first-hand goods", but because the family has two children, the economy is still relatively tight. Based on all the principles of saving, Xiaoqi's wish has not been realized smoothly. Of course, the parents didn't always let Xiao Qi use the things that his brother used. After Xiao Qi established a strong subjective consciousness, the parents also tried their best to give the two children equal treatment. This also greatly increased the financial burden of the family. It is precisely because of this that Xiao Qi always feels that there are many things he wants that he cannot buy. As a result, there is often a phenomenon of snatch between the two brothers. In general, Xiao Qi's childhood was full of "smoke of gunpowder".

In another 30 years, what will be the difference between children in "one-child" and "two-child" families? The reality is very heart-wrenching

▶After 30 years, the pressure of the only child is even greater. ①Without siblings and no one to help, everyone may experience difficulties in career and life. Especially in career, sometimes it is really difficult to have no one to help. And Xiao Cui suffered a lot in life and work because he was alone. For example, the old family sees that their family is the only child, so they don't respect the little Cui family so much. Another example is that my colleagues think that Xiao Cui is alone and don’t value Xiao Cui very much. Moreover, every time Xiao Cui encounters difficulties, no one except his parents is willing to help him, which also leads to Xiao Cui’s The work has not been improved for a long time, and the living environment has not improved. ②There are old people and young people, and Xiao Cui, who has no time to be a 30-year-old, already has a child of his own. At this time, his parents can still help him take care of the child, and Xiao Cui also feels a little relaxed. However, when the old man was sick, Xiao Cui really felt his embarrassment. He had to work to make money, take care of the elderly, and take care of the children, which almost made Xiao Cui busy. This is still when only the elderly are sick. If the elderly are sick together with their children and loved ones, the kind of life scene is simply unimaginable. Therefore, Xiao Cui is always very busy at home, and he is very busy. ③ Lack of freedom in life, unable to travel far because his parents are old and his son is young. Although he is accompanied by his wife, Xiao Cui still does not dare to relax and cannot travel far to realize his dream. After all, if he fails, then this family will be severely impacted. Therefore, for the sake of this family, Xiao Cui can only keep his dreams in his heart, and regard Quan as a hope to support his life. ▶After 30 years, the development of many children is better Unlike Xiao Cui, Xiao Qi, who lived a "messy" childhood, has a more comfortable life 30 years later. ①Life is difficult, brothers and sisters are together. Although Xiaoqi was bullied by his elder brother when he was a child, when he grew up, the situation was different. When Xiaoqi graduated from university, Xiaoqi's brother had been working for many years, so Xiaoqi learned a lot of workplace knowledge from his brother and found a very ideal job with the help of his brother. When encountering difficulties at work, my brother will also lend a hand to help. Therefore, Xiao Qi's career is very smooth. In life, Xiaoqi's brother also has some delicious food, new things, etc., and he will share it with Xiaoqi, and Xiaoqi will also share it with his brother. The two families get along very well, and the neighbors see Xiaoqi's family. Ding Wangsheng usually "looks high" at Xiao Qi. ②Child-rearing and old-age care, relaxed and harmonious When the old man is sick, Xiao Qi can also take care of the old man alternately with his elder brother, and will not delay his life too much, and sometimes his child is sick and he is not free, he can also ask his elder brother to take care of him , it can be said that the "old and young" issues that people are worried about are not at all difficult for Xiaoqi. ③Freedom to live and dare to dream. Because there are two brothers in the family, Xiaoqi has the courage to go out and venture out. After all, even if he fell into trouble outside and did not realize his dream, he still has his brother to support him at home, and he still has Respite time and opportunity. Therefore, children in multi-child families have more opportunities and easier to realize their dreams.

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There is a reason why the traditional customs of the Chinese nation have a long history. Just like the phrase "people prosper", it contains profound philosophy and an unchangeable fact. In reality, it is indeed "many people make things easier". [Interactive Topic] Do you think a multi-child family is better, or a single-child family better? (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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